Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Friday to You

Hi, everybody. I thought I was going to do five days worth of stuff on "Letting Go," but I'm all outta. So I'm lettin' go of letting go. At least, for now. It's one of my fav topics--and experiences--so I can guarantee it'll come back around. But listen, in the meantime, whenever you have a strange and miraculous story to tell, come sit by me. :)

You should go take a look at knucklehead's brand new blog (see the blog links to the right). I guarantee that over time you will see spectacular photos, especially of animals, and you will read some amusing and/or interesting stuff. Ask him to show you a Jimi Hendrix fish, and tell him I sent you.

Today I get to help take a pal to lunch for her birthday, and visit the brand new wing of the Nelson-Atkins art museum for the first time.

See you in the comments, with coffee. What are you having?


Family Man said...

Good morning Nancy.

Letting go of letting go? That sound even more slackerly than me. :)

Did ya'll ever decide on a fridge yesterday?

It sounds great seeing the new wing and a B'day lunch. I wish we had some good museums close by, but a five hour drive is just a little too much for a day at the museum.

Kelly McCullough said...


My caffeine is in cold form this morning. It's summer so Laura isn't getting up and making wonderous tea before she staggers off to teach physics to the college kids every morning--sigh.

Nancy P said...

Hi, fm. I spied you over at knucklehead's new place. It's going to be spectacular, isn't it?

We got a fridge! Your basic white, like the little black dress.

The new museum wing is pretty spectacular, esp. at night when it glows. I'd give you a photo link but I'm not sufficiently awake to try to remember how.

Nancy P said...

Kelly, life is hard when spouses sleep in. :)

Are you still in waiting mode on every front?

Btw, I just picked up the scifi novel, Light, by M. John Harrison. Am I gonna like it?

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Nancy and everyone! I think I need a double dose of caffeine today after staying up too late in blogland last night. Speaking of museums, we're terrible about taking advantage of our local art museum, which is so close to where we live ... unless there's a special event to lure us out, we rarely go there. All the riches right at our doorstep and we gaze at them from afar...

At least it's finally Friday! I'm worn out and ready for a good long nap already!

Kelly McCullough said...

Don't know about the Harrison, I haven't read any of his stuff. The field's gotten too big for me to keep track of it the way I used to.

Still waiting, though I've gotten one set of feedback from a first reader and it was exactly what you want to hear--this is great fun, I've flagged all the typos and you could maybe expand these two little bits over here. I should have responses back from a half dozen more folks tomorrow.

Reviews I won't see for at least a couple of weeks, and I'm still not sure where to start the next book--mostly because I've got two projects I'm interested in and I need to chat with my editor about whether the deadline move up for book 3 is going to carry over to book 4. If it does I've got 12 months and have to be careful about starting work on the spec project. The other way, I've got 14 and getting two book in won't be a hassle.

Right now all the writing problems are good problems, but that doesn't make them take any less work.

Nancy P said...

IVG, our art museum gallery today was so much fun. Seeing art is kinda like going to the mountains in that it gives me perspective on stuff. And the new wing is an architectural amazement, a work of art on its own.

Nancy P said...

Kelly, good "problems," yes, but I appreciate the amount of work you're talking about!

Great news about your first reader's response. More like that!

boran2 said...

I'm having orange juice having finished my morning coffee many hours ago. Yep, knucklehead has a nice place. You too, nancy p. ;-)

Catharine said...

I can't post images here, but does this photo look familiar?

Nancy P said...

boran2! So nice to see you!

Thanks for dropping by. You're boran1 with me. :)

Nancy P said...

lol, Cathy/katiebird!

For anybody who wonders who that dapper fellow in her photo is, it's a statue made by the artist Duane Hanson, and it has been at our art museum in Kansas City for eons. He's dressed like a museum guard and the unwary assume he's real and ask him the way to the restrooms.

Nancy P said...

I just saw the movie, "Once." So sweet.

Catharine said...

(and the girl is me)

Once was good, then? Now, that's a weird sentence.

Nancy P said...

That *is* a weird sentence.

The first time I clicked on your photo link, the only thing I saw was the head of the statue. You weren't in it.

I loved the new wing of the gallery. The architecture inside truly is awesome. You gotta keep looking UP.

What are you and Mister up to this weekend?

Nancy P said...

It was weird around here with both Greenminute and farfetched gone. And you were gone all day. But I wasn't here much, either.

knucklehead's new blog is original and interesting! He keeps adding neat stuff.

Catharine said...

I love the new gallery. The space is wonderful. And with all the room they've brought out some really interesting things from storage.

I don't have anything exciting planned. I need to find some stationary. It's amazingly hard to find.

Crane sells some online. But, it's pretty expensive. So, I'm going to see if I can find something locally first.

I know that picture is huge and takes forever to load....

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Feel good movie alert I thought I'd just drop off here in case anyone needs a good weekend movie...

Heard from Olivia and she just got Amélie from a few years back... French film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet w/the lovely Audrey Tautou. If you haven't seen it and need a real pick up, check it out.

I'm also still pushing Almodóvar's most recent (Oscar nom for Penelope Cruz) one which I plan on watching again: Volver.

Yeah, both of them are excellent and subtitled, which I hope doesn't bother any of the readers around here! Still thinking over that review I want to write about Prairie Home Companion ... should probably just watch it again and write, eh?
Have a great weekend everyone!