Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I've got a ticket to write

Okay, I'm opening up this second post, because the one below is getting a little crowded, but feel free to keep checking into that one, too. I will, as well.

I think I see how this is going to work: as incentive to keep me writing my book.

Obviously, judging from this first day, I'm having waaay too much fun, so starting tomorrow I'm going to post a message, then go to work for a couple of hours. ONLY after those two hours will I let myself check back in here again. Rinse and repeat throughout the day and evening, if there are visitors.

Thank you, all of you, so very much for saying hi today. Come back often!!

Writers are isolated, lonely, pitiful creatures, you know, and we crave good company. :)

But for now, I'm off to a hot dog and hamburger picnic for the 4th. In the rain.

Cheers to all. See you later, old friends and new!

UPDATE: Thursday morning. Let's continue using this post for a while longer, then I'll start a new one for the day.


Catharine said...

(enviously) Where exactly in all this rain could she go for a picnic?

Nancy P said...

In the clubhouse at my mom's condo complex. Bratwurst and all the fixin's. Yum.

Now I'm going to read a new book, Ghostwalk, by somebody I've never read before, Rebecca Stott.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Nancy, you're on the blogroll chez moi now... thanks for adding me to yours! Wish we were getting your rain to cool things down here now. Sounds like your dinner was a fun one and enjoy the new book.

Nancy P said...

Thanks, IVG! Dinner was delish and so is the new book.

BTW, I wish I did photos so I could show you my cleomes. Eight of them in a row, and they're glorious.

Catharine said...

Hi Nancy & IVG -- I've added your blogs to a new blogroll on my site.


Maria said...

Nancy!! Welcome to the blogworld.

I've added you to my blog reader, so I can see your 'words of wisdom' as you post. ::g::

Thanks for the heads up, btw. :)

Jen said...

Writers are isolated, lonely, pitiful creatures, you know, and we crave good company. :)

Erm, some of us like our isolation. ::yells at neighborhood kids to get off my damn lawn:: ;p

Nancy P said...

maria and jen!!! welcome!!!

If Maria tells me it's okay, I'll tell you about her.

And jen, well, what I know about jen is just that she is verrry funny. If she has published a book, she hasn't said so yet. :)

Nancy P said...

Oh, and good morning!

The novel I started reading last night--Ghostwalk, by Rebecca Stott--is so good that it kept me up late, and I haven't finished it yet. It's a brilliant combo of superb scholarship, ghost story, love story, history, supernatural, and gorgeous writing. Imagine a blend of Isaac Newton, quantum physics, murder, ghosts, and obsession. . .yum.

More, later.

Catharine said...

Sounds GREAT Nancy. I just put a hold on it at the library. But, they don't have it in yet & there are 2 people ahead of me (how dare they?)

It sounds like just the thing I was looking for.


Jen said...

Pfft, I barely get my blog published and I can do that off deadline, sans industry crap, and not having to answer to a single person about whether it was needlessly cruel to have offed that character everyone else but me liked. I seriously doubt I'll ever publish any of my novels; I just write because I love how it feels.

I'm delighted that you've started a blog, too, I've missed chatting with you.

Nancy P said...

Quick note before I start writing. . .

Cathy. . .I'll lend you my copy this week.

jen. . .can you give me a link to your blog? Also. . .what you said about your writing is synchronistic and spooky, and I'll tell you why when I write my post for today.

Nanette said...

Hi Nancy, yay for you, I'm so glad to see this here! I can just imagine how fun this is going to be, and I can't wait to see what plans you have for it.

If you have plans, that is. And there is no reason at all why you should, of course, because of that best laid thing, but still.

Hi katie and everyone! rain? sigh... it's going to be 109 here today. It is time to go into hibernation for the summer.

Nancy P said...


I'm so happy to see you here. You improve any place by happening into it. :)

(I'll add Human Beans to my role today.)


Jen said...

jen. . .can you give me a link to your blog?

You've had it all along, dear Kansas, you just click your heels together three...wait, that's not it. ::rummages through brain files:: Ah, here we go, click my name at the top of any comment and you'll get my profile, and at the bottom of the profile there is a link to my blog. Or I could make it even easier. My blog.

Maria said...

If Maria tells me it's okay, I'll tell you about her

Feel free.

I'm easy...or soemthing. ;-)

Nancy P said...

Maria, you have been outed in the current post as a creature of the night. :)