Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday on the Blog With You

I have an idea for Sundays, and I think I'll just go ahead and do it and we'll see if it's worth pursuing every week. What if I made my Sunday post essentially a community bulletin board for anybody who wants/needs to announce something, or maybe just share some news?

What made me think of this is that I know two members of the mystery writing community who have health problems and who could use some good thoughts/prayers. Maybe you, too, have somebody for whom you'd like to request good wishes. Or maybe there's a birth, or a promotion, or you want to test-run some kind of idea. Or just say hi once a week to let us know you're around, even if you can't really stop to talk during the rest of the week. Or maybe you want to de-lurk and introduce yourself. Or put in a plug for your own blog. Or link to something cool. Or ask about how to do something. Or sell a boat. No, wait, I've got this confused with ebay. :)

My idea is that then we can count on being able to catch up on People News every Sunday when nobody really wants to have to think very hard. Okay, "nobody" would be me. You should feel free to think as hard as you like, whenever you want to. I promise to be impressed, especially on Sundays.

Btw, don't forget--if you knew--that Man Eegee has a permanent bulletin board on his site. Anybody can leave a personal message there for anybody you're trying to reach. It's called the Eegee Board, and you'll see it down toward the bottom on the left-hand side of his site. Click on the "ouija board" and you'll see how it works.

Okay! So now I'll get the thumbtacks. . .pound, pound. . .and I'll put up our Sunday Bulletin Board.


Nancy P said...

For you mystery readers and writers who may be around. . .

Good thoughts for Bill Crider and his wife Judy who has been diagnosed with lymphoma. (I don't know what type.)

Good thoughts, too, for Susan Smily and for Honoria Finklestein,her writing partner and primary caregiver. Susan's got infectious breast cancer.

Catharine said...

(good thoughts .... good thoughts)

And,please, good thoughts/prayers to Maggie (my sister's sister-in-law) who was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

She's my sister's 3rd sister-in-law to be diagnosed with cancer. Neither of the other two made it.


Nancy P said...

Oh, my, 3 sisters in law with it? Good thoughts go out.

I need to correct my spelling of Honora's name. I tend to sneak an "i" in there.

olivia said...

Adding my good thoughts and positive vibes to the list ...

Catharine said...

Olivia! I just saw you over at FF's place!! I love this...


Kelly McCullough said...


Just found you here via Jen's blog. Good thoughts on way.

Nancy P said...

Hi, kelly!

Welcome, and thanks for linking your thoughts to the well-wisher's chain.

Nancy P said...

Kelly, your group site looks like a terrific place for writers. I'll get it linked soon, if that's okey-dokey with you.

And you, too, hank phillippe ryan.

Right now, however, I'm off to do the deed. Write, that is.

Kelly McCullough said...

That'd be fabulous, Nancy (that seems strange after calling you Kansas for so long-kind of like calling Indy, Jen). We're trying to create a good touchpoint and information source for writers, and it's a great time waster when we've got deadlines.

FARfetched said...

Prayers have gone out for the above.

The Boy, my son, could use prayers/good thoughts for wisdom and guidance. My fear that he would go right back to substance abuse as soon as he slipped the leash may be justified.

Happier stuff: my mother-in-law and I made five or six pints of blackberry jelly this afternoon, then used the squishy bits for another eight pints of jam. That should get us through the winter!

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

You know what you've created here, Nancy..what Kurt Vonnegut called ( think it's spelled properly) a karass. It's kind of--a team of people that was a team before they knew they were a team...because they were going something good together. Even though they didn't know it.

It's something like that. But that's what it feels like.

Nancy P said...

Hank, what a lovely thing to say!

I looked up "karass," and found this definition as part of the religion that he made up:

A karass is a "team [of people] that do[es] God's Will without ever discovering what they are doing". [ 1 ] Humanity is organized into many such teams. One can try to discover "the limits of [one's] karass and the nature of the work God Almighty has had it do ... but such investigations are bound to be incomplete."

I can live with that. :) And I suspect a person can feel free to substitute their own favorite Mystery Word for "God Almighty." (I accidentally typed "Good Almighty.")

Nancy P said...

far, it's good to know that the limits of our karass include making blackberry jam, and that there's even a man who apparently likes to do so with his mother-in-law.

Most of us know what it's like to worry about a beloved kid. GT. (A new acronym: Good Thoughts.)

Catharine said...

Ah, a place for good thoughts

Nancy, this has been a very nice idea.

Hank, I've added your book to my shopping cart on Amazon. I'm just waiting until I get enough things in the bundle to get free shipping.

And more from Kurt Vonnegut (by way of Wikipedia:

foma "Harmless lies" (e.g., "Prosperity is just around the corner"). Bokonon describes his own religion as foma, created for the purpose of bringing comfort to the people of Bokonon's island. The people of San Lorenzo live under a poverty-stricken Third World dictatorship, but thanks to the comforting untruths of Bokonon's foma, they are better equipped to face reality (following Vonnegut's early theories about the true usefulness of religion).

granfalloon A false karass. People who identify themselves by state or country of origin or in other various ways to form a group. There is much granfalloonery in the world. To quote the book, "If you wish to study a granfalloon, just remove the skin of a toy balloon."

{{FF}} The Boy is in my prayers today. And also that you and Mrs Fetched get through this stressful time without ill effect.


Catharine said...


"like calling Indy, Jen"

What? What? REALLY?

Did everyone know this but me?


Nancy P said...

I didn't know, either! Not until I kinda figured it out today.

Family Man said...

Sending good thoughts.

Yep Indy is Jen. :)

Kelly McCullough said...

Hi Katiebird, (waves)

Not only is Indy, Jen, but it's old home at the Froggy Bottom over at her blog at the moment here with most of my favorite posters. If you go over and leave a hello that'll make the list that much closer to complete.

If someone can get CabinGirl, Omir, GDW, and RF69 to say something as well, I'll be a kitten in catnip. BTW, barring editorial opposition, the Froggy Bottom will be making a literary appearance in the 4th webMage.

Jen said...

Heh, if I'd realized I was in stealth mode I'd have outed myself. I forget sometimes that I'm not very recognizable on the internet.

Fwiw, CabinGirl says she lurks at my place but can't post because of some grudge Blogger apparently has against her. She's there in spirit. :)

It will be so much fun to see a version of the Cafe in Kelly's future book!

Nancy P said...

jen, it took me for EVER to put the clues together. And I call myself a mystery writer?? I'm so glad it's you. I missed Indy.