Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bluuue skies, smilin' at you. . .

Nothin' but blue skies, doobedoo.

Photo by a photographer who stands tall: Andif.


Nancy P said...

Happy dance. And then to bed.

(I wonder where I've been? Wherever it was, there were cupcakes.)

AndiF said...

I might not exactly stand tall but I think tall. Works for me (except when I go buy jeans).

Morning all.

Psst Nancy, you've got icing on your chin.

Family Man said...

Morning Nancy and Andi.

Andi I thought you were at least 10 feet tall. And Nancy did you bring cupcakes for everyone. :)

Anonymous said...

climb i yelled to my brother

he had swapped Nancys cupcakes for unleavened bread for her coffee dunking contests with her friends

i wanted to touch the sky above the hard winter ground bareness where the cold burns the nose and the view goes to Canada from Missouri

climb i yelled again he was small but strong i was long and lean

the far apart branches upward stretch into the azure sky looking for a redeeming god or just a place where the sun shined on its majestic spread

cant he cried


I lowered myself and bridged the gap between branches he climbed over and up and we ate cupcakes laughing in a bough with filtered sunshine on our faces

he is forever eight under the tree that grew too tall for my brothers wingspan and he could not fly

i am forever growing older

I wait to climb again with him

-cormac mccarthy

Kimberly Frost said...

I love the blue of Andi's sky. Haven't seen a sky that color in days, maybe weeks, because it's gray and drizzly weather here.

Cormac's recollections of climbing and time spent with a younger brother are very evocative. Reminds me that Sunday mornings while I'm still fuzzy from sleep and only a couple swallows into my green tea are a perfect time to call my own brothers.

Thanks for a lovely opening to the morning, everyone, and have a wonderful day.

Nancy P said...

::dabs at chin::

My friends' son and daughter-in-law brought over the cupcakes, and I noticed one had no icing. I looked over at the adorable d-i-l. She grinned. Her husband laughed, and said, "I told her she'd get caught."
"It's for people who don't want icing on their cupcake," she claimed.
There were still tiny dabs of icing on the top. "Next time," I said, "destroy all of the evidence."

Nancy P said...

Anonymous, whoever you are, I love everything you've written so far.

Nancy P said...

Family Man, oops. Well, there is that one with no icing. :p

Nancy P said...

Kimberly, brothers. . .are they good things to have? I've heard yes, I've heard no. :)

Rick Bylina said...

Someone say cupcakes? Chocolate, I hope.

Nancy P said...

Chocolate for you, Rick, although I want to recommend the Red Velvet ones with the vanilla cream icing.

FARfetched said...

Mornin' folks!

I'll let you guys fight over my cupcake; we're having a "fellowship meal" after church today.

Mrs. Fetched's mom found someone to install the fireplace insert for us; he's going to do it next weekend. I'll try to get pictures if I'm not helping.

I'm also enjoying the Cormac McCarthy quotes. Remind me to save a cinnamon roll for Anon next time. ;-)


Maria Lima said...

Morning, all!

No cupcakes here, but plenty of sunshine (finally).

I spent yesterday being all geekish - backing up my iTunes library. Took 18 dual layer DVDs and nearly 12 hours.

Today, I am spending in quiet contemplation.

::sips tea::

maryb said...

Has the gourmet cupcake craze hit your area? We now have two stores with fancy schmancy cupcakes selling at over $3.00 each. They are large (and good).

Maria - good idea to back up your itunes. I didn't last year and my hard drive crashed. Fortunately I was able to figure out how to get them off my ipod but it was a pain and I lost all my playlists.

I want to confirm that Andi is taller than her body. And I am shorter than my body. We decided that months ago.

FaR - fellowship and food go together like cupcakes and icing. Have fun.

g'morning to everyone else.

AndiF said...

cormac mccarthy, let me second Nancy on your fine writing. I enjoy taking and sharing these photos but having someone respond as you have has brought me a new kind of pleasure. Thank you.

AndiF said...

Mary, that's why we're so good at seeing eye-to-eye. ;)

And to whom it may concern, Torchwood's premiere was great and my love James Marsters is boundless.

Maria Lima said...

Andi said: my love James Marsters is boundless.

I must wholeheartedly second this and will add that I adore Ianto 2.0 - the snarkier, hotter version.

Torchwood for the win!

AndiF said...

Maria, I can't wait to see if Ianto and Jack have that hot date.

Torchwood for the win!

Well, at least till Doctor Who is back. ;)

maryb said...

Wait, James Marsters is in a series? What is Torchwood. (I assume it is on cable?)

AndiF said...

Mary, Torchwood is on BBC America so no James for you -- at least until it comes out on DVD (season 1 is available). It doesn't look like he's going to be a regular character but they've certainly made it possible for him to return.

Nancy P said...

Hi, far. Good luck with the installation, maybe, this week.

Maria, that is an impressive bit of geekery.

Which reminds me, I just saw the prez candidates' bumper stickers analyzed by "font" experts. Talk about your geekery-wonkery. If anybody's interested:

Nancy P said...

Maryb, we have a wee cute cupcake emporium down in the River Market area. It's called "Babycakes." I am sooo glad I don't live close by.

Nancy P said...

James Marsters! I don't get that show, but a friend does and she's taping for me. I can't wait to see it.

Kimberly Frost said...


Brothers are great things to have. :)