Friday, January 25, 2008

You can't see me, right?

Photo by Andif from her very own window.


AndiF said...

That was the 3rd picture I took. It looked up as soon as I took the first picture -- which pretty much happens every time I take pictures of the deer from the house.

I don't know what makes them aware of me -- I can't believe it's the little sound of the shutter; maybe it's subtle changes in the light as I move.

Happy Saturday all.

Anonymous said...

i can see you suffering from the affects of overpopulation through the sights of my rifle

it is my ancesters fault

in 1900 the census in Missouri showed no deer in the state

you were gone you returned bounced back became a tall rabbit chewing almost indiscriminately through my nonharvestal beautious plants that have no nutrional value

i now must achieve balance and eat my vegetables through your meat

click bang

-cormac mccarthy

Jen said...

Andi, maybe you're thinking too tall and freaking them out. ;p

After living in Alaska & Miami as a kid I just can't acclimate to seeing deer outside, I always expect to have a close encounter with a gator or a moose.

AndiF said...

But, but I am tall! Didn't you notice?

I've several encounters with moose when we've been hiking -- very nerve-racking. I think I'm glad it's just deer around here.

boran2 said...

Nice photo, Andi. It's been a while since I've had deer that close to my house. I'll bet that the requisite orange-vested maniac is hiding behind that large tree.

FARfetched said...

Nice one, Andi. I'm surprised The Pack lets them hang around long enough for you to pick up your camera, let alone get a shot, though.

Anon, that was pretty funny! I remember a UNIX fortune cookie that described a cow as a machine that turned grass into something edible.

Waving to Jen & Boran… watch out for those moose!

AndiF said...

Thanks b2 and far.

Far, the dogs are really indifferent to the deer and the deer pretty much ignore them -- all sides have realized that chasing is a pointless exercise -- (oh yeah, what will I do with one, if I ever actually catch it?)

katiebird said...

Here's a pre-coffee wave from a girl who somehow managed to sleep all the way to 9 o'clock!

>>> I'll be back.

FARfetched said...

Lucky you, KB, sleeping until 9 (funny, TheBlast.FM was playing KJ-52's "Wake Up" just now). I had to drag my arse out of bed at 6:45 (on a weekend! sacrilege!) to take Daughter Dearest to her SAT venue.

They chose this place waaaay off the beaten path. One of her friends, who happened to be the first person we saw upon arriving, told us its a rehab school for rich families (she said some of Aerosmith's spawn have been there… Liv Tyler, yum *ahem*). And just think, at 12:30 I get to go back & get her.

maryb said...

My Aunt B used to always nod toward her husband and then say to the little kids: "Uncle Lou killed Bambi's mother."

He's amazingly good natured about it.

Good morning from sunny (!!!!) St. Louis. Cold. But sunny. I've been out running errands already. It's amazing how much energy I can have if the sun is out. Now it's on to laundry.

waving to everyone!

Family Man said...

Great picture Andi. The biggest thing with deer around here are dodging them on the highway. During hunting season down here, you have to keep an eye out anytime you drive somewhere.

It's cold, wet and overcast here. Ah yes, another wonderful day.

maryb said...

aaaargh. I went to the basement to do laundry and came back and the sun is gone. sigh.

Conda said...

Lots of deer where I live--the suburb is built right in their winter path (yeah, I know, it sucks) and they use the main road as their main road. Most of the time it doesn't cause problems as we've all learned to drive slow at night on icy roads and watch out. And those of us who don't learn, often don't have a car anymore (and there's one less deer, sigh).

AndiF said...

Conda, yep. Everybody who lives in our county knows to always be ready for a deer to jump out. Unfortunately, we are also a tourist destination so although we are one of the least populated counties in the state, we have the highest number of deer-car accidents.

And hello to the other recent arrivals -- kb, Mary, and FM.

Sorry about the sun, Mary. We don't have any today but lately we've been having these sunny days with intensely blue skies.

maryb said...

I got this link from Matt Yglesias

Booksthatmake youdumb

who says quite rightly that the methodology is dubious. But I was still fascinated. They picked a group of colleges, took the 10 most popular books (from Facebook) at those colleges and correlated them to the average SAT/ACT scores for that college. It really means nothing but for some reason I'm fascinated by the chart and the books listed and how they are categorized by color.

So I thought I'd share. I don't think I would have categorized "Little Women" as chick lit. Although I can see where it appeals more to girls.

katiebird said...

That's interesting Mary. I only took the ACT and after 35 years don't have a clear memory of my scores. And I'm not sure what it all means anyway.

maryb said...

Well I think the (stupid) premise is that students at schools that have higher average SAT/ACT scores read different books (smarter?) books than students at schools with lower average SAT/ACT scores. That whole premise seems kind of dumb to me. But for some reason the chart fascinates me.

I don't think I would have labeled Lolita as erotica.

Rick Bylina said...

"Dude. Did that deer just wink at me?"

Sets bottle aside. Goes back to writing.