Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mimosa Monday

Okay, *now* she's really retired, because this is her first Monday in mumble, mumble years that she doesn't have to go in to work at the library.

Cheers to Ms. Katiebird and to all of you who are already retired and all who only dream of it.

And if you think orange juice ruins a good glass of champagne, you may have yours straight. Or vice versa, except there's no vice in that. :)



AndiF said...

Huzzah for katiebird's first and each following day of retirement!

For the Monday Picture Post, it's a short smaller amount of time but still marking a very noticeable change.

Friday morning [LINK]
Friday afternoon [LINK]

Nancy P said...

Ooo, nice pics, Andi. I don't recall that you've shown us many storm pics. Me likee. Goes with the title of the book I'm finishing (yes! I am!), The Scent of Rain and Lightning.

Maybe I'll find out about my puter today.

Maria Lima said...

Cheers and bottoms up to KB's first real day of retirement!!

Nifty pics, Andi. We've been doing the thunderstorm thing every day for the past week or so. I hear we have more on the horizon.

Yay for a short work week ahead for those of us that must still go into the office. :)

katiebird said...

Mimosa? -- Gimme a beer, God Damn it! giggling)

Those Mimosas look very refreshing! Thank you, Nancy. (and thanks for the coffee & treat yesterday too -- that was fun)

Andi & Maria -- This is an exciting day. I'm so glad we're sharing it. Thank you for your kind wishes.

Mister has big plans for my accomplishments. Today? Clearing brush from the back yard....

Kelly McCullough said...

Cheers! And formal congrats to Katiebird. Any plans for the day? Or are you simply going to revel in not having to have plans for the day?

I'll be much more in and out this week, as my mum-in-law will be arriving tomorrow afternoon and staying with us for about a week, and the weekend will be swallowed up by an SF convention where I get to go and pretend I know what I'm talking about on the art and craft of F&SF.


Nancy P said...

Morning, Maria. Yay, for short work weeks!

The Young Retiree Arises! But sheesh, clearing brush? Tell that man. . .oh, heck, actually I think clearing brush beats rush hour any day. :)

Kelly, we'll be glad to see you when you peek in!

I just stepped on a bee in my bare feet. Sorry bee. Itches, mostly.

Jen said...

Mimosa? -- Gimme a beer, God Damn it! giggling)

I'll take that extra mimosa off your hands. ::hands KB a beer bong::

More seriously, a very happy first Monday of retirement, Katiebird. May each day of it be better than the last.

Nancy P said...

beer bong

Now it's a party.

Hi, Jen. Do you know I just discovered the song, "Just Breathe," by Anna Nalik. I love it. I guess it was huge a year or so ago and I totally missed it.

katiebird said...

I'm batting around trying to figure out some health insurance issues....

(better wait for that beer)

Jen said...

It is a pretty song. I don't listen to a lot of pop radio anymore (except for oldies stations in the shower, heh) but I'm pretty sure I first heard that song on my fave trashy soap, Grey's Anatomy.

Nancy P said...

You did hear it on Grey's, Jen. That's the You Tubey clip I'm running right now to hear the song.

Kb, I suspect insurance stuff always goes better with beer. :)

Kimberly Frost said...

Congratulations, Katiebird!

I will enjoy having mimosas with everyone. What a great way to start the day. :)

AndiF said...

Nancy, I don't do too many storm pics because the storm clouds have to be pretty thoughtful in positioning themselves in the few breaks in the trees for me to get a picture.

And I like that title.

FARfetched said...

KB wants beer? No prob! (plunks down a case of homebrew)

Had a weekend flu bug of some sort; I'm feeling better now but figured I'd best stay out of work in case I relapsed in the afternoon. So far so good. I slept a *lot* yesterday, so I was up & out of bed by 7:30… but Mrs. Fetched? 10:30! She never sleeps that late!

I'm gonna grab a lawn chair & sit out in the sun for a little while. I figure a little natural light will do me some good.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I've been absent - busy weekend. All good, but no computer time. Happy First Day of the Rest of Your Life, KB!!!! Hope all had a great weekend - sorry about the flu, far. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up tomorrow with everyone -

::dashing out the door, waving and slugging down a mimosa::

Family Man said...

Happy retirement day KB!

I'll have a Mimosa, beer and a Bloody Mary ready for you. You just name what you want and I'll be glad to virtually mix it for ya. :)

Hope everyone's day has been going good.

Maryb said...

Sorry I'm late to your party kb. Happy Retirement Day! I hope you stayed in your pajamas as long as possible as part of the celebration.

Anonymous said...

Aw, geesh, I have to work late on Katiebird's party day and miss all the fun. And after the day I've had, a mimosa sounds wunderbar!

Congrats, kb! Hope you were able to get the brush cleared. I hear that's what W will be doing on his first day of retirement, too. Not that you have anything else in common! lol

Nice pix, Andif.

Intrigued by the title of your book, Nancy. Sending good vibes your way to strengthen you to finish! I hope you and Beth are able to get your computers fixed soon.

Glad Far's feeling better. Fm, could you mix a little sumthin' up for me?

katiebird said...

I think EVERYONE has been here to today -- it feels almost like the Old Cafe!

It's been a crazy day what with appointments with a doctor, mister's birthday (his mother thinks it should be her birthday since she's the one who had him) and phone calls and . . . no brush clearing.

Now I really AM ready for a beer. FAR? Do you have any left?

boran2 said...

I'll have one of each, straight up and mimosa style. (If there's any left!) Congratulations KB now that you are truly retired!

katiebird said...

I can't remember who I've told but, I had a biopsy a week or so ago and I just got the results.

I'm fine - no sign of cancer or pre-cancer.


Nancy P said...

Great day, great news, kb!! I'm so happy to hear that you're healthy!

You, too, far!

Hi, everybody. I worked at two different libraries today to make up for kb not working at one. :p Now I'm too pooped to 'puter around much.

Gonna go write tomorrow's post, then Take To Mah Bed With a Book. See you in the morning.

FARfetched said...

Woohoo for no cancer on top of retiring! Yup, still have a few bottles of homebrew here… pssshht

Just posted a new FAR Future episode… #40. Approaching the halfway point, I think.

katiebird said...

Ah, FAR -- A beer right now would be perfect!

Wouldn't that have been horrible? To get BAD news today?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had good news re: your biopsy. Just one more thing to celebrate today, kb!

katiebird said...

Thanks, Anonymous!

You sure are cute. What's your name?

Anonymous said...

Hey, kb,
Nancy let us try on different names the other day. I tried Starbuck but found I couldn't handle the mantle. lol

So, my other choice was Angelina. Maybe I'll try that one on for size.