Saturday, June 21, 2008

Red River Trail

Photo by Andif, from her recent hiking trip with Jim.
DO enlarge by clicking the photo. You'll be glad you did.
Happy Sunday Trails to everybody.


Nancy P said...

I'm still concentrating on my book, and I'm still not feeling all that great, so I'm not trying to put together much in the way of written posts. Thank God for Andif, the Blog Photog!

I saw the Indiana Jones movie today (it's still Saturday as I write this). My friend and I both thought it was dumb, but fun. The plot made no sense at all to either of us, but it had fun chase and action scenes and the actors/actresses were charming. I can see why reviewers panned it, but ya know what? Some "bad" movies can still be fun. I hope they make another one.

boran2 said...

That's a gorgeous photo.

I was hoping to see the movie but madame and the b2 boy saw it without me. Oh well, wait a couple of months and I can rent it.

It was a busy day here with gutter cleaning amongst other things. I just love climbing up two stories on a ladder. (Not.)

AndiF said...

Morning Nancy and b2.

I'd almost go to see Karen Allen. I've always thought it was a shame that such an excellent actress didn't have a great film career. Then again, I can just watch Starman a few more times

If we're photoblogging, I guess another photo is in order.

The moss glows on Silvermine Arch. [LINK]

Nancy P said...

I loved Karen Allen in this one, Andi, and as dumb as it is, you really might want to see it just to see her--although she doesn't come into it for quite a while. She seemed to be having such a great time. And I, too, wish there'd been roles for her as she got older.

Love that photo, too. Thanks.

Nancy P said...

Boran2, be careful up there! So this means your're a "second-story man"? I'm trying to remember what that old phrase meant. I think it had something to do with burglars?

Jen said...

Beautiful images, Andi, I can almost smell all the green.

I hope you feel better soonest, Nancy.

::waves and grins at Boran2::

FARfetched said...

Be careful up there, Boran!!! I don't suppose you could sit on the roof with a leaf blower & clean out the gutters that way, could you? Still a bit hazardous, but maybe not so much as on a ladder.

Well, Pål (that's how his name's spelled, "Paul" is close enough for pronunciation) is on his way home tomorrow. I've enjoyed having him around… then again, he's extremely quiet. It's been fun watching him cringe with DD comes at him with one of her flying tackle hugs. ;-)

AndiF said...

Good to know, Nancy but I can wait till this movie is on one of the movie stations. Actually, I can almost always wait till any movie is on one of the movie stations.

Hiya b2 and Jen and thanks.

Jen, green is definitely a gorgeous theme there. I expect that autumn is pretty spectacular too.

Maria Lima said...

Nancy - sending you lots of "feel better" vibes!!

Haven't seen any movies recently, other than those you can rent/purchase on iTunes. Such a social animal...not. ::g::

My essay revisions are done and awaiting my beta reader's comments. Then I'm sending it off to the editor.

Pinkeye is WAY better. Thank goodness!

Going to spend the rest of the day reading, methinks.

Maryb said...

Taking a break from washing my windows post-tuckpointing (uck) to say HI to everyone.

Hope you feel better Nancy. I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm still thinking I will, just for a diversion.

Hi andi, Jen and b2(you be careful on that ladder). A wave from a distance to the pink eyed Maria. Glad it's better but it sounds terrible.

Nancy P said...

Hi, Maryb, Maria, and Far.

Margaret Maron said...

Is it my imagination or do I see a couple of marijuana plants amid that beautiful green?


Nancy P said...

Why, Miss Margaret, however would you know?? (Bats eyelashes)