Sunday, August 5, 2007

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Nancy P said...

Did you see the postcard that Beth sent late last night? It's at the very end of last night's thread. She's in Seattle and having a great time from the sound of it.


Me, I'm going to the new Bourne movie with friends this morning. It's gonna be a Bourne morn.

Happy Sunday to one and all.

Nancy P said...

News to me. . .

Did you know this? I sure didn't. Over a Jen's blog, because of the space launch coming up and an eerie fact about it, she's remembering where she was when the Challenger blew up.

In 1985, teacher Barbara Morgan was chosen as McAuliffe's backup. The grade school teacher from Idaho is now 55, has been fully trained as a member of our astronaut corps, and she's leaving the planet next week on the space shuttle Endeavour.

If you'd like to talk about it, you'll find Jen's link on my blogroll.

Nancy P said...

Two new teevee shows start tonight, and both are well-reviewed.

One is a 4-parter on BBC. "Jekyll," is a modern-day Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" rendition. WaPo calls it "odd and oddly addictive."

On TNT, "The Company" starts tonight. It's a Cold War series that Wapo calls "spicy."

There are too many good things to watch on Sunday! Why do they do they clump like this?

Sorry, I don't have times.

Family Man said...

Morning Nancy.

Yep I saw Beth's postcard and Jen's post.

I've like the last two Bourne movies, and I'd be interested in hearing what you thought of this one.

Nancy P said...

I really like the Bourne movies, too, fm. I'm also excited to be eating popcorn in the morning. :)

CORRECTION; That review quote about "The Company" was from the NYT. And the Jekyll show is on BBC America, which we don't get, dammit.

katiebird said...

Good Morning everyone. Nancy, thanks for the heads-up on the shows tonight. I'll be alone tonight and looking for good TV, I'm sure.

Good Morning FamilyMan & Nancy!

Nancy P said...

kb, there are also a couple of new Lifetime shows you might like. I love Side order of Life, and I may end up liking State of Mind. I also watch The 4400 on USA.

And, no, I don't have a life. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for waving, folks! And the heads-up re Jen's blog.

Did you see me waving back?

Off to Safeco...will check in tonight and see what I've missed! :-)

olivia said...


katiebird said...

Hi Everyone....
The family's gone. I think I'll console myself by going out and buying a novel. Or two. And maybe stop at Hollywood at Home (video store)

But, I'll be back in about an hour.

Nancy P said...

Howdy, Olivia!!

Kb, I hope you can luxuriate in the peace and quiet and read your l'il heart out.

I'm back from the moofie! Loved it and the popcorn.

FARfetched said...

Been hitting the bricks this afternoon, literally. A previous owner had dumped them at the edge of the woods, and I got interested in digging them up & seeing how many there were. I found 150 whole ones (some chipped), and about a fourth that in pieces. My current crazy idea is to use some combination of that brick & native stone to build a patio. Perhaps the center will be brick, surrounded by stone. Or vice versa.

It was in the 90s when I started, but dropped quite a bit with a storm that has threatened, but so far not delivered, rain. For the last hour or so. It's supposed to be in the low 90s through most of the week. The A/C in my car lasted all of three days (died Friday), and I still haven't received the plate for the new bike, so I'll be riding the Virago to work. I got it out & rode to church this morning to reacquaint myself with it.

Hoping Beth continues to have a good time in Seattle....

Family Man said...

Hey Nancy.

I saw over at IVG's blog that you were asking about CRAPE Myrtle trees. We have one on each side of the house. You see them of all different colors around here. I do know they grow fast.

Glad you enjoyed the movie.

Nancy P said...

farfetched, if you do the patio I hope we get before and after photos. And bummer about your car AC.

family man, what color are your CRAPE myrtles? Are they blooming right now? I love the idea of them because they're supposed to bloom for such a long time, like 100 days or more.

katiebird said...

I'm back! with books. So now it's just me and Buddy. Nick's dog.

I looked up CRAPE Myrtle trees -- they are pretty.

Family Man said...

Nancy they're white CRAPE myrtles. I was looking out the window the other day and the wind picked up. It started blowing the white petals from the tree and it reminded me of snowing. Hah, that's about as close as I'll get to snow. :)

FAR, sorry to hear about the AC.

KB hope you enjoy the books.

katiebird said...

Hi FamilyMan -- I'm sure I will, they're very fluffy.

Family Man said...

KB I've never heard a book described as fluffy. So in turn if a fluffy book is good, is a scratchy book not good?

katiebird said...

OOps, Sorry FamilyMan! Fluffy Books = mindless brain candy

FARfetched said...

Eh, I've done w/o air conditioning in my commutemobile for going on four summers now. It was nice to have it while it lasted.

We went to pick up some groceries this evening. On a whim, I went by the (well-stocked) kitchen/cookware section to see if there was such a thing as a 1-quart crockpot. Close enough: 1.5 quart. The manufacturer calls it a "Dipmaster" and assures us that it's great for parties. The local Kroger has 'em on sale for $10 through Sep 15 or so; I'm going to grab one next paycheck.

But I have somthing different planned for it: it's going to work with me, where I can toss in whatever in the morning & have something nice for lunch. This ought to expand my cookbook quite a bit, if I don't get lynched by hungry co-workers driven mad by the smell (I've gotten some of that from my microwave concoctions).

Odd about crape/crepe myrtle… Google turns up hits for both if you type it with an "e."

boran2 said...

Checking in late. I've tried planting crepe myrtles here to no avail. The up side of global warming is that I may actually be able to finally have one. Make mine purple.

olivia said...

What a neat idea FAR!