Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Bulletin Board

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Nancy P said...


If you weren't around yesterday, you can still play the 10 Mysteries Game here or in the previous post.

Kimberly Frost said...

Good morning, Nancy!

I had lots of big mysteries yesterday, so today's mystery is small.

I wonder: Is it really helpful to have the latest gadgets when trying to get them to do one of their super-duper functions takes so much time that one simply gives up?

My new cell phone has a bewildering number of functions and pull-down menus. It takes photos and plays music and for all I know cracks safes and explodes things James Bond style.

Unfortunately it takes forever (that's ten minutes in tech years) to find the right menu to do anything new. Sometimes I look at it, sitting in the palm of my hand, and think: "Phone, you are the 11th Wonder of the World." Sometimes I look at it and think...I miss my old phone.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone. :)

Nancy P said...

Hi, Kimberly. Sigh, I know what you mean. Seems to me somebody could make a fortune franchising a business that does nothing but teach people how to work the new gadgets. And god knows they'd never run out of things to teach. That's how I got over my fear of computers way back when--by attending an Introduction to Computers Course at the local Junior College. I want regular courses like that, on all the gizmos.

GreenMinute said...

Answers for Kimberly*:

1. Who built the pyramids?

Has to be Paul Lynde, having occupied the original center square for so long. Some scientists credit Betty White because her answers were so often randy.

2. On Jesus Christ -was the body moved or did he rise up?

Rose up. Otherwise heaven would be a hole in the ground.

3. Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried?

Many small pieces of Hoffa have been found at the centers of Tootsie-Roll Pops. Stay away from the purple ones.

4. Was there a lone shooter or not on that terrible day in Dallas when JFK died?

Surely. The book-and-movie deal would be just too huge for a second shooter not to have come forward by now.

5. Where does the compulsion to write really come from?

It's a genetic defect, a small scrap of bone high in the spine that keeps the brain from reminding your heart not to do stupid stuff. Others with this defect are often found with severe blisters and no eyebrows from moving logs in a burning fireplace and using gasoline to start charcoal grills.

*Of course, I could be wrong.

GreenMinute said...


Peter Marshall: Paul, can you get an elephant drunk?

Paul Lynde: Yes, but he still won't go up to your apartment.

Nancy P said...

Green, it's awfully early for you to be so funny. What's in YOUR coffee?

I'm off to a Sunday morning movie matinee and popcorn for breakfast. It's that "small scrap of bone" again, lol.

Anonymous said...

Packing up to leave my sister's and head to Florida - final leg of the journey. Quick side trip to San Diego - then will finally be settled in Florida. And back as a regular in the village, instead of a late-night lurker.

Mysteries - definitely the Jimmy Hoffa one. Why no one recognizes Clark Kent as Superman. Why talented people destroy themselves - John Belushi, John Candy, River Phoenix. Why we lose jewels like Gilda Radner and Christoper and Dana Reeve, and serial killers live forever.

Getting too morose for a Sunday morning. Why Jimmy Buffett isn't president. Margaritaville would be the national anthem, and we'd all wear grass skirts and coconut bras for Friday casual day.

I like green's answers! Will definitely avoid the purple ones...

Enjoy your Sundays, everyone. I'm jealous of Nancy's popcorn for breakfast!

katiebird said...

Hi everyone! I've hardly been online at all. I spent the weekend matting and framing photos for an exhibition tomorrow.

Even with good equipment (we bought a Logan Mat Cutter) it's still time consuming and exhausting.

But, it's done. Now I just have to hope it's not raining while we move the pictures.

Here's a mystery, why does it rain or snow any time I have to move a picture?

Nancy P said...

Hi, Beth! Safe journeys and side trips to you!

Katiebird, this will be an exhibit of YOUR photography, right? Let me know the when, where, and for how long!

katiebird said...

Hi Nancy, Yes it is my photography. But, it's really no big deal. Just a few things.

Nancy P said...

Hey! I beg to differ, kb. "No big deal?" "Just a few things?" It's YOUR OWN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT!!!! I don't care if it's in the lady's bathroom, lol. It's really nice to go public with your best work, no matter if it's one photo or 50. Stand tall, be proud! Don't do what I do and fail to stop and appreciate the moment. It's a NICE moment. It took talent and work and a willingness to put yourself out there, however modest it feels to you.