Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Bulletin Board


Nancy P said...

Let's see. . .Olivia's got relatives staying with her, family man does, too, I think, Beth's in EST now, Sally's on Cape Cod visiting her toddler grandson, katiebird's expecting Mister to get home this evening. Me, I'm sitting in a clean house with no excuse not to write all day. What's the news with youse?

Maybe Andi will link us to a photo today. BIG FAT HINT.

Nancy P said...

Just a few of the nteresting things I learned and/or enjoyed in the blog village represented on my blog roll this past week:

At Iowa Victory Gardener's blog, I learned that not only do I not want to fertilize nasturtiums, but morning glories don't want fertilizer, either. In both cases, fertilizer produces foliage and no flowers.

At knucklehead's blog I learned about a blind shrimp that goes about with a fish. The shrimp keeps one of its antenna close to the fish which sends it a signal when danger approaches. The shrimp then burrows down to safety, which dislodges little critters which the fish gets to eat. And, they're cute.

At Jen's place I learned things about gender politics and found a link to an interesting discussion about the difference between racism and prejudice.

At Man Eegee's blog, I was reminded that each of those immigration statistics is a human being.

At Nanette's blog, I learned she is rethinking and redesigning her newsy blog home.

At katiebird's blog, I was reminded to keep moving and keep drinking water, which in the 100 degree heat we're going to be having for several days, are reminders I NEED.

At boran2's blog I got to learn how he begins to turn a photo into a painting.

At Beth's blog, I got to travel through beautiful countryside with her.

I'll finish off the list a little later.

Nancy P said...

lol, just me, reading the paper and talking to myself. . .

I'll be damned!! Olivia? Andi? Did you know this? According to an article in this morning's Kansas City Star, groundhogs climb trees!!! And eat bark way up high. They *may* be trying to get to some moisture, but whatever their reason--bark, yum--they probably won't kill a tree the way a beaver can.

NOW I see why they're also called woodchuck. (or marmot)

Nancy P said...

At family man's blog, I learned that the Perseid meteor shower is TOMORROW NIGHT! And he reminded me of my favorite comet, Hale-Bopp.


Kelly McCullough said...

It's my birthday. I'm 40. Oh, and the meteor shower will be tonight as well, I get one every year for my birthday, woot.

I looked over "Candy's" post and I'm thinking not spam, though it's a bit of a tough call. I'd say a lack of familiarty with the usual protocols rather than malign intent.

Still no laptop.

Nancy P said...

Happy birthday, Kelly!


Jen said...

Happy Milestone Birthday, {{Kelly}}!

Kidspeak said...

The katydid's are going mad here, I'm listening to a Terry Pratchett novel, and trying to get a mountain of laundry done.

I need to be sitting in a clean house, but I lack the motivation - katydid's always make me feel like summer is going to last forever, so I can feel free to be lazy.
(I did outgrow that feeling at some point, but I wish I hadn't!)

Nancy P said...

Hi, kidspeak. I know what you mean about katydids. They are the sound of summer to me, too. I have friends who aren't originally from here who just hate them. It makes them feel claustrophic, like a wall of sound. To me, it's katydids, lightning bugs, potato salad, and hot dogs.

FARfetched said...

Happy b-day, Kelly! You share a birthday with the husband of one of my other blog-buddies!

I took Mrs. Fetched's mom to the hospital today (she racked her knee, that was deterioriating over the last few months, a good one on Thursday). I'll be writing about that shortly. She's home with her knee wrapped up. Hell, I could have done that much myself. Or more likely, Mrs. Fetched could have.

Kidspeak: to me, the Voice of Summer was always Ernie Harwell calling the play-by-play for the Tigers. I've never found anything to truly replace that.

Chicken houses are still the bane of my existence. I've come to dread August, primarily because of chicken houses.

Nancy P said...

Hi, far. If I think about the bane of your existence and 100 degree heat in the same moment, I have to either faint or throw up. No offense. :)

Nancy P said...

Now where was I in the blogroll?

Olivia! At her place I learned that the inner bits of a black-eyed Susan look like chocolate cake. She didn't tell us how they taste.

At farfetched's blog we learned how to change a light bulb, snicker.

At Hank's place they did a fascinating experiment that gives you a chance to try to guess the gender of a writer just by reading his/her words.

And I learned to send new writers over to Kelly's blog, because there's wonderful guidance on the basic mechanics of submitting manuscripts.

boran2 said...

Howdy all. It was hot as hell here today, so much for the good weather.

Happy birthday, kelly!

At nancy p's blog I learned that there is still unity amongst those that I assumed to be gone from blogging. Kudos, nancy.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Happy 40th, Kelly!! I hope you found a great way to celebrate being another day older...

Made it to upstate NY in one piece. I had dinner with my first love, and his wife and kids. I met them at the lake cabin where we lived during our last 1.5 years together - sat in the living room where I ended our 7-year relationship - it was a bittersweet day. We reminisced about old times...I told his kids funny stories about their dad...and he and I talked about our break-up, and relationship since that day 19 years ago. Even though we're both happy with our lives, and know we did the right thing, we can't help but wonder "what if." So I'm a little melancholy, but proud of us for staying friends - for 26 years!

Hope everyone had a good weekend - I only have a 5-hour drive tomorrow to my sister's house. Yippee! Should be able to participate in the village a little more this week, before I begin the final push to Florida.

Goodnight from EDT!!

Kelly McCullough said...

Thanks for all the happys, folks! Had a great day. A couple of good meals, a birthday party for a friend who is 6 hours younger than I, watching Neil Gaiman's Stardust and fast 7 mile bike ride.

FARfetched said...

Blog flog alert!

Virgomusic, the blog-buddy who's husband is also celebrating a birthday today, has launched a "30-day project" — one composition (either piano or MIDI) a day for the next 30 days. Check it out, bookmark her if you're inclined, give the lady an audience!

katiebird said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Kelly!

And Hi, Nancy, Jen, kidspeak, FARfetched, Beth (waving) & Boran2! I hope everyone has a nice Sunday. I took the day off -- except for cleaning the house! (mister and the kids made it back safe and sound so I'm a particularly happy Bird today)

I'll try to make it back later, but I just wanted to say a quick hello this morning!