Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Bulletin Board



Nancy P said...

Me, I got no news. I am following the news, though, about those fires in Greece.

What's catching your attention in the Sunday news?

Rick Bylina said...

Hmmm...Rejection counter up to 428. That's the bad news, but no Gnus; however, I saw an osterich yesterday on a farm up the street to go with the guy's peacocks. I haven't seen any newts, but I have bluetail lizards and scaly green ones that do push-ups when you get too close to them.

Oh news! Well, some space stuff that I wrote about on my blog caught my attention. I'm furious that Lindsey Lohan got off so easy. She's so non-repentive. Next time she chases someone with a 4,000 pound vehicle, maybe she'll kill someone so they can give her a week in jail. Sheesh!

P.S. Pat has just let the cat out of the bag to Abby. Good stuff, slow reader.


Nancy P said...

Hi, rick. Sympathies on the damned rejections. lol on your animal farm gnus.

Last night I was trying to get news on the Greek fires (I have no personal connection, I'm just a horrified/fascinated onlooker)and all they wanted to tell me was about Lindsey or Nicole. Sheesh, indeed.

I'm off to Costco! Can I pick up anything for anybody?

Family Man said...

No new here today. We did get about an hour of rain yesterday, but we need a full week of it to get things back in order.

Since it rained yesterday I got out of mowing, and since it's Sunday you don't crank up lawnmower around here, so another weekend of no lawn work. :)

Did you ever make it to Costco?

katiebird said...

Hey, Nancy -- I LOVE CostCo. Have fun.

I like the bread, cheese, meat and frozen cheese. And fruit. And looking at the candy & nuts. And the hot dogs....

Family Man said...

Never mind. You answered the question while I was typing.

Jen said...

I don't think there's any rational reason why it should, but this hole of nothing in the universe that is approximately a billion light years across really freaks me out. I hope someone else has happy cute puppy news or something because I'm feeling slightly Bart Simpsonesque about it -- "Can't sleep, The Nothing will eat me; can't sleep, The Nothing will eat me." :D

(second link is not dial-up friendly)

Rick Bylina said...

If you're going to Costco, can you get me some "little debbies"? I don't think that eating a bunch of them matters much, we're all going to disappear into the empty place in the universe.

Maybe the universe is really like a big donut, and we've just found the mother of all donut holes.

"Donuts. Aaaaaaa. Drool." - Homer

Nancy P said...

Hi, fm, kb, and jen.

Jen, Rick has found the puppy. The Donut Hole of the Universe. Of course! Good work, Rick. Here, have a li'l Debbie. Hell, I've been to Costco, have 24 of 'em.

Jen, don't you just "love" what the scientist said about that hole. . ."What we've found is not normal,"

I'll say. But it has powdered sugar.

Family Man said...

I do love those "Connections" sometimes.

I saw Jen feeling a slight Bart Simpsonesque, went to the youtube and saw an old Simpsons called The Raven. Got me to thinking of Alan Parson, and looked up their song The Raven. Haven't heard it for awhile and listening to it for the second time now.

Love those connections! :)

GreenMinute said...

Little Debbies...

Which Little Debbies????

Spent the Saturday afternoon night, and most of today at a higher altitude, with the dogs well launched into a creek. Sat mostly in a plastic chair propped up near an ancient apple tree, listening to water come down the mountain. The old tree had fallen over a few decades ago and had grown anew from an entirely sideways trunk.

I wondered if the other apple trees made fun of it. No matter. They're all gone now. I'd been gifted with a 15-year-old singlemalt scotch for my birthday and had left it a home. I thought about that a lot.

But I heard a wonderful story...

GreenMinute said...

A cousin the in the country.

Relatives of friends had a Saturday evening dinner on their deck. Looking west from their perch you can watch the sunset over a distant mountain ridge that is pretty close to heaven.

I struggle for brevity. A married couple, a 12-year-old son, a 14yo daughter, two dogs, three cats, living in a renovated farm home high on a ridge tucked up in the Smoky Mountains.

A town cousin, with a 10yo son from a failed marrige, was speaking. She told us that Austin, her son, had said after their last visit, that the old trailer behind the barn was full of a wide variety of awful little bugs.

The kid had screwed up. None of the younguns were allowed to go anywhere near the abandoned trailer. It was trictly off-limits. She was laughing as she said this, though, facing me, but telling the mother of the 12yo who lives there.

This mom said "Well, Denise, I guess we never know where those boys go when they slip away from here."

As she said this, her 12yo Justin was pedaling a bicycle across the side yard, coming out of a trail by the tree line. He had a shovel over his shoulder, the shovel blade propped forward over the handlebars.

The 10yo was 20 or 30 yards behind, pedaling furiously to keep up. No one saw them going by in the background of the two mother's conversation but me.

I didn't say anything.

FARfetched said...

Green, that was a LOL!!!

Not much news here. After a stormy Friday, we had a very pleasant Sunday; I got a batch of beer started (hooray!) and got a nap in (double hooray!). I'm not sure I want to go looking for news, it might harsh my mellow. :-P

So there's a big ol' hole in the universe. I'm not surprised. I guess that's where chicken houses come from....

Nancy P said...

What a delicious story, green!