Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Gone Writin'

And talkin'.

I'm plunging into some binge writing days, part of which will include taking a train to St. Louis on Friday, back on Sunday. The talkin' part will be the writing seminar I'll do for a Sisters In Crime seminar Saturday.

I know most of you guys have your own blogs, not to mention the rest of our village to hang around in, so I won't even feel guilty about closing up Nancy's Coffee Shoppe for a bit. I'll leave the self-refreshing pot out front, with lots o' clean mugs, though.

I'll miss you! Have a great week and w/e, and I'll see you early Monday!


olivia said...

Have fun and happy writing!

Family Man said...

What Olivia said!

boran2 said...

Sure, I go away for 2 weeks and the place closes in my absence. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Missing you, Nancy! Hope you're having a great weekend in St. Louis - can't wait to hear about it.

Happy weekend, everyone! And a slackerly one to you, fam...

Family Man said...

OK Nancy we've gotten past the "It's nice she has some time away" to "OK this is long enough, when is she getting back." :)

Beth I was just over at your place and the new place and beach look wonderful. I don't know if it's possible, but I've been over slacking this week. Nothing but sleep. Oh and watch out for those thunderstorms.

Anonymous said...

What fam said!

Nope, overslacking is impossible. You're just making up for those of us who are under our slacking quota. Which wouldn't be me - I watched football all day yesterday - and will again today. Does that count?

Thanks for the kind words - glad you stopped by!

Nancy P said...

Thanks, guys! lol, b2 and fm

I'm back,and I'll put up a new post manana. I have no idea what I'm going to talk about, since my brain is still in that-other-kind-of-writing gear. I'll probably drop brilliant bon mots such as Me like trains, you likee trains too?

I hope you guys had a gresat w/e.

Now to go clean off the travel dust.