Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Bulletin Board



Nancy P said...

I don't have gnus. But (as I told over at Far's blog the other day)one night last week we did have three bucks in our back yard. Two young ones, one with a bigger rack. That same night I encountered two does on my walk. We stared at each other from a short distance, then a third deer of indeterminate gender came up, made a loud wheeze of alarm, and they turned white tale and loped away.

Anonymous said...

Three bucks at one time? That has to be a record! You're lucky to have wildlife so close, Nancy.

Glad you had a good porch-writing day yesterday.

Rick says nice things about VoSP on his blog today, if you haven't seen it yet.

Happy Fall, everyone!

Nancy P said...

Happy Fall to you, too, Beth. It's a funny thing to say to somebody in Florida.

We're going to 90 today, so a last (?) blast of summer before the temp drops tomorrow.

FARfetched said...

Hm. [checks weather]. Oh, "only" 85 for the high here. Looks like great motorcycling weather for much of the week ahead; I might have to take the liner back out of my jacket....

I saw some of the fall wildflowers starting to bloom out on my walk yesterday. If I get time, I'll bring a camera & get some shots. One was striking, even though the blooms were thin, for its near crimson coloring.

FARfetched said...

Oh, and I finally got Beth added to my blogroll (and RSS feed). I'm kind of slow about that sometimes.

Nancy P said...

I was wrong about the 90. We're going "only" to 87. Well, that's a relief.

Wildflower photos, yes!

I'm off to The Writing Porch soon. See you writer-types and reader-types there.

katiebird said...

Somehow I've got to spend all day working (for work, work) AND errands (for home, work) I'm not quite sure how I'll pull this off. But, I might as well start by unloading the dishwasher.

Hmmm. And maybe posting at E4T??

Good Morning, Nancy, Beth & FAR -- Nancy said something about 87 degrees. But, it's only 75 at my house.

The only wild animal is the rage-filled dog of my sons barking wildly on the driveway at every fluttering leaf.

Nancy P said...

G'morning, kb. Sounds as if you need a few more hours in the day?
Here's something that used to work with my crazed-barking dachshund: find a tin can, dump some coins in it, and then rattle it like crazy when the dog barks.

Strange silence.
More strange, thoughtful silence.
No bark til next time.

Works sometimes.

Nancy P said...

Of course, then the neighbors want to shoot the tin can. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Far, thanks for adding me - I'm flattered. Now I need someone to teach me about RSS feeds - that one's new to me.

It's 85 in SW Florida - calling for a high of 89. But the "wind chill" (I think they need to tweak their list to reflect, um, heat index instead?) is 93, and it's not even noon. Guess "fall" has different definitions everywhere, huh?

Wildflowers would be lovely!

Good luck, kb!

Rick Bylina said...

I drove home two nights ago from another in-laws house with several out-of-town, in-law octogenarian guests in the car arguing over denture powder. Oy vey! I couldn't pull down my driveway because 9-12 deer felt they weren't done eating the bushes. The car slowly rolled in their direction.

"Deer," I shouted.

"Ah, your so sweet," the female Octo said.

"You hitting on my wife?" the eldest one countered. He doesn't wear hearing aids, but should.

"You beat your wife," the hearing impaired one said to the eldest.


"Know what?" the female Octo said.

"Deer," the hearing impaired one said, tyring to exit the still slowing rolling car. Fortunately, I had turned on the child proof locks.

"I love you, too." the female said.

"You hitting on my wife?"

I stopped the car and unlocked the doors, my patience had leaked away. All the deer, except the 8 point buck had scattered. He snorted, as I opened the door.

The silent Octo got out of the car and stared at the buck. "Wow. It's been a long while since I've had deer. What a buck."

Not sure what the eldest Octo thought he heard, but he popped the silent one hard. (Hard being subjective.) Dentures flew out of his mouth into the dirt. The deer snorted again and ran off to join his harem.

They made up faster than they can change channels for reruns of MacLock. As we entered, the arguing started over which denture powder is best for getting out dirt stains. I'm sure the deer are still laughing.

I have two days left with them.


Family Man said...

Good morning everyone. Just squeezing under the wire for morning here.

We're supposed to get up to 90 today and rain is expected. It's only 80 at the moment though.

George, Cat and Tom are the only ones around here. That is unless you count the snakes down by the pond, of which I try to stay away from.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday.

Nancy P said...

Rick, Lol!! God, how is the rest of the world going to stand it when millions of boomers all start losing their hearing? I say "their" because I missed it by one year. We'll go out to eat, and all over the restaurant you'll hear a chorus of "Huh?" "What?" "You hitting on my wife?"

Nancy P said...

G'Sunday, Fam Man. Please give George, Cat, and Tom a pat on the head for me.

Nancy P said...

Far, you've reminded me that I need to update my blogroll with some of our regulars who aren't on it yet. I'll do that this week!

boran2 said...

Hello all. No gnus is good gnus.

Exhausted I am.

FARfetched said...

Hey Beth. The RSS thing is basically a way to keep track of new posts to sites that get updated regularly (like blogs, of course). You can download a "newsreader" program to manage it, or use whatever capabilities your browser has — Safari has a built-in feed reader; Firefox has a plugin to do the job.

The feed is your blog URL, followed by "/atom.xml" — so you could copy into your feed-reader and it will let you know when I put up a new post. I currently track 33 blogs this way… or the computer does it for me, which is much preferred. ;-)

Nancy P said...

Hey, B2, you're supposed to be exhausted at the end of the week, not the beginning of it! I hope you get some good sleep.

I never knew much about RSS feeds, either, far, so thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Far, that helps a lot! I'll have to play with it. Somedays I miss posts b/c I don't get through my blog roll daily.

Now if all blogs had a way to track when new comments are added -like FM and kb's.

This crazy blog world we live in!

Nancy P said...

Since it's already Monday for some of you, I think I'll put up Monday's post.

Waving at you from the tail end of Sunday. . .

Good night, sweet bloggers!


FARfetched said...

Nancy, I'm not seeing the Monday post at the moment?

Beth, there's a way to add comments to the feed in Blogger — but each of us has to go in & turn it on in our own blogs (see Site Feed Settings).