Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday Bulletin Board



Nancy P said...

My news: I'll be gone from Friday through Sunday next week. Goin' to give a writing workshop in St. Louis. So Thursday will be my last post until Monday.

T'sup for today?

I'm meeting friends for bfast, then WRITING. Last night a lot of the book clicked into place fo rme.

Oh! Gotta go look. The hummingbirds are here.

FARfetched said...

Sounds like you had a good last night!

I might be scarce come Friday as well; we'll be bailing out of FAR Manor for a week of vacation. At least I will; Daughter Dearest will spend the weekend with us then go back to school, and Mrs. Fetched will likely find some excuse to get back to the chickens after a few days.

Today, I'll be helping get the chicken houses ready for the next bunch. I'm also writing down a couple of the sub-plot lines for FAR Future so I don't forget 'em. :-P

katiebird said...

I'm hoping to spend most of the day on the patio.

But it depends on the temperature.

Nancy, I'm glad your writing is going well.

Hi FAR, I'm looking forward to the next installment of FAR Future.

Nancy P said...

Happy plotting and sitting, far and kb!

The hbirds are really flitting about this cool morning, and they're really close. They let me sit on the patio and talk to them.

GreenMinute said...

Hummingbirds are messengers, Nancy.

A priest, a rabbi, a Baptist preacher walk into a bar.

The bartender leans forward and says, "Is this some kind of a joke?"

Nancy P said...

Snort! "Is this some kind of a joke?"

If they're messengers, it must be a long message, cause there are a bunch o' them.

Oh! Oh! New wild life delight right NOW. There's pampas grass, or something, outside our place--a tall row of it. Once a season, it gets to the right ripeness (I guess) and the sparrows ride it up and down. I just saw two of them land on a stalk, weighting it down and riding it while it bounced. Last year I saw the stems full of sparrows, all at their own private amusement ride.

Beth said...

I'm unpacking, folks! My new landlord (Jean) called this morning and said I could move in today instead of tomorrow, so I've been unloading the car, unpacking suitcases and boxes, moving furniture...nesting, in general. I'll post pictures on my blog once I get it all set up.

Her son and daughter live in the other half of the duplex and they have wireless internet, so Jean said I was free to use whatever signal filtered through the wall. So I'm wired!

I'll check in later - I'm having too much fun getting settled! Good writing, relaxing, and watching wildlife to everyone.

Nancy P said...

Great news, Beth! Enjoy!

Family Man said...

Good afternoon all.

George woke me up at 11:30 pm to go out last night, and I didn't get back to sleep until mid-morning. My timing is all thrown off.

Nancy I hope all the writing falls into place again today.

FAR I'm looking forward to the next installment.

KB enjoy the patio.

Green very funny. :)

Beth happy to hear you've got a place, and wireless too. Woo Hoo.

Nancy P said...

Hi, fm, and thanks for the good writing wishes. It was a great writing day, whew. More tomorrow, I'm pretty sure.

I hope George won't wake you up an inmpossible hour tonight.