Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Quiz

In your life. . .

Worst job?

Best job?

Worst boss?

Best boss?

Worst vacation?

Best vacation?

Don't work too hard
answering any of these. :)


Nancy P said...

My first and worst jobs and worst boss are rolled up together. I worked at a magazine where the publisher yelled all the time.

My best boss was a guy who wasn't afraid of anybody and who'd fight for what he believed in, and what he believed in was us, his employees. Great boss.

Worst vacation--once in Mexico City. Best--the ones I took when I was freezing in KC, and I could travel to a warm place and melt.

GreenMinute said...

This is too easy, Nancy. :-)

Worst boss: Me.

I'm also a pretty crappy employee.

AndiF said...

Worst job: working in the family store. Long hours doing something I hated for lousy (as in "no") pay. Worst of the worst -- the July Tent Sale. The combined smell of hot canvas and hot people will stay with me forever.

Worst boss: who cares; he's long gone back to Australia (poor Australia).

Worst vacation: breaking my leg while hiking in Muley Twist (yeah I know, how could I be so obvious) Canyon.

I never do bests. Too hard too decide and too much fun trying to.

Monday picture posting fresh from this morning's walk: Sunlight works its way into view.

Nancy P said...

lol, green. I know what you mean. I'm my own best and worst boss, too. Actually, I think you'd be a fun and thoughtful boss.

Nancy P said...

Nice, Andy. I like the way it makes me feel as if I've been on a long hike and I'm about to break out into a sunny open space. Or else, fall off a cliff. :)

You broke your leg on a hike???? Were you with J? How'd he get you out of there?

AndiF said...

Yep I was with Jim. Of course, we didn't know it was broken when it happened because it wasn't an obvious break (spiral fracture of the tibia, hairline fracture of the fibula).

I laced up my boot really tight, got a stick to lean on, and we very slowly (3 hours to go 2 miles) made our way back. To get out of the canyon, I sat down with my back to the canyon wall and scooted up on my butt (fortunately, this was the shallow end of the canyon so I only had about 300 feet to go up). I count this as my awfully big adventure so that I'll never need another one. ;)

Nancy P said...

Whew! I'm going to count it as my Vicarious Awfully Big Adventure so I don't ever have to do one, either. :)

olivia said...

Me too ... eek. How'd you break it A?

Nancy -- what made it your worst?

Nancy P said...

Hi, O!
It was my boss's yelling and the way he treated people.

The job I was worst at was waitressing. Oh, man, do I respect the pros who wait tables.

Beth said...

I became a secretarial-type person as a summer job in college because I KNEW I'd dump food and hot coffee on the laps of my customers if I tried to be a waitress.

Worst job (and worst boss) - my first full-time one - my boss would close the door and SCREAM at me for 20-30 min at a shot. I was 22, and too stupid to realize that this wasn't appropriate Boss behavior. I lasted three months...

Best job (and best boss) - sailing around the world with Semester at Sea...and getting paid for it (not a lot, but still)!

Hmmm - many would claim that my LIFE is a vacation...

Too funny, green - and Andif, what an adventure. Painful, but a good story.

olivia said...

Oops ... didn't specify Nancy -- what made it your worst vacation? :)

Hi Beth! Good to read that you've arrived and are settling in.

katiebird said...

Relatives. All Relatives ALL weekend. (cough) (choke)

And I've got a terrible cold.

All I wanted to do was patio blog and play with you!


Beth said...

Hi O! Thanks for the good wishes. I'm slow on the uptake - are you in/near Ottawa? I went to college at St. Lawrence in upstate NY, and wandered up to Ottawa every month for a taste of big city life. I grew up in London, Madrid, Tokyo, and Milan, so went through major culture shock moving to Canton, NY (population 5,000). I loved Ottawa, especially skating on the canal! (If you're not in Ottawa, then never mind. :-))

Sorry you're sick, kb - hope the relatives at least did the cooking and cleaning up, and let you rest and take care of yourself!!

katiebird said...

Hi Beth (Oh -- Are you settled?)

Mister does just about everything. So I only have to be interesting. In this case, pathetically interesting.

Beth said...

Yep, settled as of this afternoon. I still have a couple of tiny details to handle, but am basically moved in and comfy. I just put pictures on my blog, so you can see where I'll be spending the next few months. I'll bring my real camera to the beach tomorrow, since my camera phone has been failing me...or at least the internet sites that I usually send my pictures to.

Sounds like your mister is quite a catch - and I doubt you're pathetic!! Just sick. :-)) And lucky!

Nancy P said...

Beth, it's terrific! I just went over to your blog and peeked in the windows. So attractive and CLEAN and new-looking. May it inspire your writing!

O, it was the company I was keeping, plus the air pollution that was so bad we literally couldn't see the buildings across the street.

katiebird, poor baby!

Beth, last winter Olivia had photos of those frozen canals, on her blog.

GreenMinute said...

Welcome home, Beth!

No need, Beth, to wonder what kind of person would put a Dunkin Donuts near Curves. Me.

It's such a wonderful idea, I'm thinking someonw should check out all the Curves and see if any is missing a 24-hour donut shop on the block.

Next up, lingerie shops across from Amish churches.

The End Zone has Texas Hold 'Em tourneys? Sign me up!

Katiebird, do feel better soon.

Andif, I'm always looking at your photos and then forgetting to tell you how fun they are! Thanks for all the pics!

P.S. I think the butt-scoot could become a fad. Get a copyright on it.

Nancy P said...

I just got reservations on Amtrak for my trip to and fro St. Louis this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it. The last time I took that trip I had a blissful time working on a book.

Andif and kb, I wish I were there long enough to see MaryB.

Evenin', Green.

GreenMinute said...


Nancy, I'm wondering...

What was your protagonist's worst job?

olivia said...

Thanks Nancy ... :)

Beth -- just popped over too. Lovely space! And yep, as Nancy pointed out I'm in Ottawa.

olivia said...

Oh, and hi katieb! Sorry to hear/read you had a less than stellar w/e.

Nancy P said...

Green-- worstest job for my protagonists? Well, I personally would not want to be a true crime writer, which Marie Lightfoot is in that series.

Your protags?

Nancy P said...

Oh, and Beth? I DID dump hot clam chowder on a customer. He was sooo gracious. I was sooo bad at that job. I couldn't even keep my apron clean.

GreenMinute said...

LOL and Everywhere all over, Nancy!

Your protags?


Guess I better find out.

Bitch. :-)

Nancy P said...

Green. Snort!

Beth said...

N, couldn't keep your apron clean - LOL! And green, you are SOO bad. Dounts and lingerie. Can you teach me how to play Texas Hold 'Em? People seemed pretty enthralled. One of the women there had won $25,000 the evening before, but in Tampa, I believe.

Your train ride sounds wonderful, Nancy. Much more relaxing than driving. And a lot safer writing when riding a train instead of driving...

Thanks, O. We're all over the map, aren't we?

FARfetched said...

Worst boss: it just occurred to me that her initials are the same as KB's. Poor KB… well, I know they aren't the same person. That was the only contract job that got me seriously considering walking away. The agency had to talk me off the ledge a couple of times during that 9-month (supposed to be 6 but the paperwork got stalled) gig. I warned everyone I could to stay away from there.

Best boss? His name escapes me at the moment, and he had some negatives (not exactly the most upright character), but he was absolutely uncompromising about getting our department what he saw we needed to get our work done.

Vacations don't have a "worst" or "best" tag for me. Any time I can escape the grind is the best of times.

Oh… I poked into Beth's blog, and the place indeed looks great.

Nancy P said...

far, your best boss. . ."he was absolutely uncompromising about getting our department what he saw we needed to get our work done."

Sounds like my best boss who went to the wall for our department. Do I detect a key ingredient in Best Bossdom?

So. . .extrapolating wildly, if a person is her/his own boss, s/he ought to go to the wall for. . .herself., and be absolutely uncompromising about getting what (she) needs to do the job.


boran2 said...

Worst job: working at a summer camp.

Beth said...

Interesting and insightful, Nancy. Now if we could just convince ourselves to be that true to...ourselves. (I'm just finishing your "Seven Steps," and this falls right into those ideas.)

It's still dark in Florida at 6:30am - mornings start late around here!