Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Virgin of Pizza

That funny pink masterpiece above is a "dessert pizza" inspired by something my heroine and her friends ate in my last novel, The Virgin of Small Plains. It was created by Robyn Knox for a bookclub meeting at High Crimes mystery bookstore in Boulder, Colorado.

The ingredients:

Crust - sugar cookie dough

Tomato Sauce - red colored cream cheese frosting

Pepperonis - rolled out Starburst candies

Tomato Slices - raspberry jellied fruit slices

Black Olives - black jelly bean slices

Green Olives - green jelly bean slices

Anchovies - Swedish gummy fish

Green Pepper Slices - green colored sugar cookie doughCheese - grated white chocolate

Red Pepper Flakes - crushed red hots

Thank you, Robyn!

Bit o' blog business to announce here:

I'll be in Manhattan, Ks. this weekend, in Wichita, Ks. the next weekend, and in New England the weekend after that. Sooo, I'll be closing up shop for a few days now and then until this traveling is over.

But we're definitely open for business today, so I'll meet you in the comments for coffee, tea, and whatever else is on your menu today.


Nancy P said...

Didn't I tell you? The bad part of doing long-distance phone chats with book clubs is that I don't get to eat the desserts.

Family Man said...

Hi Nancy.

Ya had to post that picture tonight, didn't ya. :)

I usually like to have something sweet to eat before I go to bed, but tonight we have nothing in the house that fits that description. I guess I could go to the kitchen and have 3 or 4 tablespoons of sugar, but it wouldn't be the same. I either need that pizza or some ice cream. Arrrggggg! :D

AndiF said...

That is the most unappetizing pizza* I've ever seen. I think to counterbalance it, you should have a picture of one of kb's Mister-made pizzas.

* cute and clever apparently are not sufficient to entice my senses.

Jen said...

Happy & safe traveling to you, Nancy. Don't forget your toothbrush, and don't pee in your boots! xoxo

FARfetched said...

Yeah, dessert pizza! Luv me some carbs.

Have a safe trip, we'll trash the place, I mean, keep the place warm for ya!

Nancy P said...

G'morning family man, andif, jen, and farfetched, and a hearty good morning LOL to all of you. I would say more, none of it intelligible, except that I haven't had coffee yet.

Rick Bylina said...

Considering the importance of the weather, that is, blizzards in your novel, why isn't that pizza covered with a dusting of powdered sugar? It's got everything else. :-)


Jan Brogan said...

I'm listening to the Virgin of Small Plains in my car, and I can't tell you how many errands I'm making up so I can get BACK in the Car. I know you've heard this a zillion times, but I'm going to gamble that you never get sick of it. WHAT A MASTERPIECE!

Nancy P said...

Oh, Jan, thank you! I haven't had the courage to do more than listen to the first couple of minutes of that recording. I know that's weird. :)

Jan Brogan said...

Well, I am very auditory. And extremely fussy. In fact, I blow off a lot of books that I would probably like in written form because I can't stand the narration. And this narration is awesome! (but not as awesome as the writing).
I just wish I had a really long road trip, alone.

Kelly McCullough said...

Hi, just a wave in passing. I'm off to teach today and with all the promotional stuff I put too much off till the last minute, so it was cold tea and crunchy oatmeal for me this morning grabbed between bouts of arguing with the printer. See y'all tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hope all of your travels are good ones, Nancy! We'll miss you, but will be here when you return.

And now I'm off to find something sweet...

katiebird said...

Hi EVERYONE! I'm Back!

I'll see if I can hunt up one of mister's pizza's. I think Andi had the right idea!

Nancy P said...

Waving back at everybody. I'll see you Monday

boran2 said...

Late for the party. Nancy, if you happen to glance at this, I had one of those rare dreams last night where I was being chased. I believe that it was a dog. Prompted by that discussion, no doubt.