Sunday, September 16, 2007

It feels like a book

It's so satisfying when writing that hasn't come easily finally falls into place, ka-chink ka-chink ka-chink. That's what happened yesterday. Over about 12 hours, I rewrote the 26 pages of part one, turning them into 36, so I guess I added some stuff, and polished the rest of it. (It has a tornado that, in my mind, looks like the one to the right.) When you're not even aware of how many pages you're adding, that's when the work's going smoothly. The whole week's going to be like this if I'm lucky, and the week after this, and the week after that, and probably the one after that. I'm not disappearing from the blog, though. I need this contact with actual humans who, I'm pretty sure, exist in real life. You do, don't you? :)

I'll drop in and out today, but mostly I have to be gone into the land of make-believe. I'm wearing my red shoes, though, so I can always click them and get back here.

May your writing blow you away.


Nancy P said...

G'morning. I woke up knowing what I need to work on next. Thank you, writing gods.

Last night when I took breaks I watched bits of the Emmys. Some of it was entertaining, other parts not so much. My very fav fashion last night was the beautiful shiny pink shirt worn by the actor who plays Locke on "Lost."

Yes, I am shallow.

Kelly McCullough said...

Congrats on the word flow. The only thing even a little bit like it is surfing or boogie-boarding a big wave. Hope you have a long clean ride.

Nancy P said...

Ah, Kelly, I like that analogy and believe it, even though I've never done either of those things.

Surf's up for both of us these days.

AndiF said...

mostly I have to be gone into the land of make-believe

Perfect lead-in for the Monday picture post because sometimes the woods look like an illustration from a book of fairy tales.

Kelly McCullough said...

Andi, that's an incredible shot. It almost looks painted.

FARfetched said...

Yup, we exist. Reality is stranger than fiction, you know.

I managed to get down only a few hundred words over the weekend, but it's a few hundred more toward completion. It's coming in fits & starts, probably because I'm trying to pick up what I put down so long ago & the mental kudzu has overgrown it. I'll get it torn loose eventually.

But for now, it's back to the documentation grind.

Nancy P said...

Andi, that really is fairy-tailish. Gnomes hide behind the trees. Thank you!

Far, I love this: trying to pick up what I put down so long ago & the mental kudzu has overgrown it

Nancy P said...

Anybody here? It's so quiet around our blog village today. Beth's on the road. Family man hasn't been around for awhile. Katiebird's busy. Iowa Victory Gardener put up a new post, though, after being busy and away for a long time.

Me, I got some pages off to my editor today and I think I know what I need to do tomorrow.

boran2 said...

Hello all. Nancy, that sounds like a great deal of progress. May your entire week be so productive.

Nancy P said...

Thank you, boran2. And same to ya. :)

Kelly McCullough said...

Hi again,

I've been writing all day (1,800 words) and am doing a little set up for my class now before bed. With the class and two books running I expect I'll be on the quiet side for at least the next week or two while I get into stride.

Anonymous said...

I'm here! I'm here! Just in Pensacola instead of Englewood. Glad the village is puttering along, creating beautiful pictures (both with words AND images). Will take pictures tomorrow - I-75 is VERY BORING - picture trucks and tarmac and kudzu (love your mental kudzu, FAR!). Had a great evening with my friend.

Congrats on your writing accomplishments, folks!!

We had a tornado touch down 1/2 hour south of me last night - my first tornado warning. I stood in the middle of the house away from windows, watching the weather maps on TV, holding my cell phone, feeling helpless, waiting for the storms to pass. VERY scary. No storm cellars in Florida!

Have a great evening - I'll be back soon! :-)

katiebird said...

ka-chink ka-chink ka-chink, indeed.

I actually accomplished something big yesterday! Which almost makes it worthwhile that I TOTALLY missed everyone here.

I'm off to try finding the magic again (first at the gym and then at work.) But, I PROMISE to come back after work. Will anyone be there?

Hi to everyone who was here yesterday: Nancy, Kelly, Andif, FAR, Boran2 & Beth!! Argg! I wish I could work and blog at the same time.