Thursday, November 1, 2007

Finally fall?

Hey, good lookin's! I was going to post one of Andi's pretty pictures this morning, but Blogger's having uploading difficulties. So imagine a tall tree turning autumn orange. Or imagine frost on the punkin', 'cause that's what we've got this morning.

Is anything frosting your pumpkin today?


Nancy P said...

I seem to be remarkably annoyance free this morning, glory hallelujia. Nothing is frosting my pumpkin so far. I didn't even gain ten pounds from indulging in my once-yearly gobble of Fritos and dip last night.

Life is good, though nippy in the Kansas zone.

FARfetched said...

It's November & FAR Manor hasn't seen frost yet. (There was some close by though.) I'm working at home today, so there's no commute annoyance anyway.

I was able to post a picture last night. (It goes with the latest episode of FAR Future, which will go live this evening.)

Nancy P said...

I'm so glad the next episode of FAR Future is in the near future.

Nancy P said...

I have friends who are vacationing in the Bahamas. Yikes. Got this email from them yesterday:

Hey from eleuthera. Noel is on the way and we'er out of power so we're in downtown governor's harbour using the library internet and off to get ice and more water. More later!

I just googled Eleuthera, which turns out to be a long, thin island 50 miles east of Nassau. It's only a mile wide in places. Eek.

FARfetched said...

Wow, are we the only ones up this morning? (The Boy is still in bed too.) I have plenty of strong coffee for when they come in.

It seems to me that taking fall vacations in the Caribbean is sort of risky business anyway. I suppose it adds a little adventure to the trip, if you enjoy such things. (Mrs. Fetched doesn't, she was in LEAVE NOW mode when we stayed in Lakeland a few years back and a tropical storm was on the way.)

Ah well, back to the grind. I got my rejection letter from Asimov's the other day, more info is at TFM....

Nancy P said...

Ach. Rejections are a bitch. They never stop being painful. Like you, I am surprised that it came so fast. That is some efficient operation!

Fortunately, you're one of us crazies who can't stop writing no matter what anybody else says or thinks. We're the sort who end up getting published, Far. Stubborn, we are. Published, we get.

I'm eager to read your next installment.

Conda said...

I'm up! I'm awake! I think! But working hard on my day jobs of editing and teaching exercise classes, which is frosting my pumpkins--I'd rather be writing!

And my condolences on the rejection, Far. Did you ever read Asimov's own take on a rejection he received late in his life?! He didn't like it. This after publishing almost 200 pieces!

FARfetched said...

Yeah, it's a bummer, but I would have had a hard time getting my head through a door if they'd taken the first fiction thing I'd ever sent anywhere! (I had several technical articles published in computer magazines back in college.)

I swung by Humpus Bumpus last night & ordered Kelly's books; they should arrive early next week (or if the stars align properly, tomorrow or Saturday). There, that ought to wake Kelly up. :-)

I’ll make one more editing pass over the FFuture installment this evening then post it. Glad to hear people are looking forward to it! I won't keep you waiting *much* longer.

FARfetched said...

Oh hi, Conda! I don't think I read about that, but I read enough of how he described himself to see where he would be a bit miffed.

In a way, I think it would be harder for a more established writer — "WTF, is this so bad that not even the name recognition could sell it?"

Conda said...

Too right, Far. Asimov wasn't only established--he was famous and his magazine had been around for years! So an editor returned his article because it needed work!

But Asimov wrote a funny article about the rejection--and sold that.

Nancy P said...

Asimov wrote a funny article about the rejection--and sold that.

lol! Consummate pro.

Morning, Conda. What kind of exercise do you teach, and to whom?

Kelly McCullough said...

Good morning all. Still digging here, but the critical outdoor fall tasks are done, which was the biggie. I hate putting in storm windows.

Scottish Breakfast tea this morning–The Tea Source says: A fabulous blend of Ceylon and Assam. It possesses all the malty heartiness of an Assam tea with a bright, crisp, and very clean taste reminiscent of fine Ceylon teas. I like this blend almost as much as the Empire Keemun.

Off to take care of more of the to-do list and maybe get some writing done. Hope everyone has a lovely day.

Far, I stopped by your blog and left a note. Keep up the submissions. It's how you get into the game, and you can't win if you don't play. Every rejection means you've played another hand and You Rock!

Nancy P said...

Hey, Kelly. I wish we could physically push our pals over the divide between submitting and published!

Cathy C said...

Nancy, I'm happy to share my autumn leaves. The photo on my blog/website ( was taken a few years ago just down my street at my favorite time of year.

This morning was almost balmy here in MA, especially compared to earlier this week. A few mornings were in the 30's, and our 5:00 am walk required hats, gloves and way too many layers.

Sorry about your rejection, Far. Best of luck with the next.

FARfetched said...

Nancy: wouldn't it be pull? You'd have to come back over to the submitting side to push us! :-)

Cathy, thanks. I'll get there.

Kelly McCullough said...

I definitely have moments where I feel that being able to push or pull people across that line would be a wonderful thing. I also wish I could control a little more for luck.

One person who frequently comes to mind in that context is a friend whose work I adore (he's published a lot of short stories but nothing with a major house by way of novels). In particular I've read and critiqued one of his novels and it's a splendid piece of contemporary fantasy set in the Aztec mythos. But he has had absolutely the worst agent luck I've ever seen. One bad one, one decent one who couldn't make it work, and one fantastic one who had a major meltdown at exactly the wrong moment. He's a fabulous writer, thoroughly professional, and he works twice as hard as I do, but his luck is terrible.

boran2 said...

Hi all. I've got a fall photo over at my place, sort of.

Halloween was fun, we walked for quite a distance. Bags of candy ensued.

Nancy P said...

Beautiful photo, Cathy C!

And as I said on your blog, boran, yours looks like we ought to be able to read our futures in it.

far, lol! Yeah, I guess that's why they call it "pull."

Night y'all. See you manana.