Wednesday, November 14, 2007

(Not) Gone again

Photo by Andif

UPDATE: The following is fiction. I'm here, after all. :)
G'morning, everybody! I have to disappear again today, so just pretend I'm out of town, okay? I may be "out of town" for another day or so, too. Y'all make yourselves at home, and try not to attract the cops, okay?

Although, that would make a good story. . .


Nancy P said...

What was that line from Cider House Rules?

"Good night, sweet princes of industry."

Or something like that. It was nice when Michael Caine said it to the orphans.


AndiF said...

Why Nancy, how gendered and capitalist of you. ;P

Gee, I just get back and you leave. I feel so bereft -- especially since I was planning to make you jealous because I was in St. Louis and got to go to dinner with MaryB.

Have a good trip.

I guess since the old road sent me off on trip, we'll let it both bring me back and take you away.

AndiF said...

Whoops. My eyes are fully open now and I realize you aren't really gone. So have a good non-trip. :)

FARfetched said...

Woot, I'm getting in early!

Thanks to everyone, currently here and not-here, for the kind comments on the scene yesterday. I hand-wrote about 7 more pages (5x7 notepad) during lunch yesterday, so there's that much more to it now. I'm getting a pretty good idea of how it's going to go; I just need to fill in lots & lots of details along the way.

Andi, I'd like to ride off into that particular sunset!

Thunderstorms in the area delayed last night's planned post of FAR Future — look for it tonight. I'm not going to complain about the rain, except to say MORE MORE MORE!

Jen said...

Good night you Princes of Maine, you Kings of New England.

I thought it was sweet.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Nancy,

I have just finished The Virgin of Small Plains which I have had on my shelf waiting to read for almost a year. I should have been writing a chapter of my PhD but your book took over.I somehow guessed it was the Judge that was involved but it kept me wondering right to the end. Must geet back to work now.

Nancy P said...

Far, you're on a creative roll!

Jen, thanks for the real quote. I thought it was sweet, too. So tender.

Elizabeth, I probably should be sorry for keeping you away from your PhD. work, but I'm not. :) Hello and welcome.

Nancy P said...

Andi, as I blithely post another of your gorgeous pictures, it occurs to me that it might be nice if I mentioned now and then how grateful I am to be able to do this.

We have our own in-house photographer. Very nice. :) If you ever open your own blog, I'll be pissed. KIDDING, I think.

Kelly McCullough said...

Howdy all (waves). I'm going to have to be mostly running silent today as well. I did post a note in the last thread about Far's splendid vignette and seeing if the internal editor might be up for a seminar.


Empire Keemun this morning, the finest of teas.

boran2 said...

Hi all. Nancy, happy writing again, assuming that's what's keeping you "away". May your page count be large. I'm off to compose a summary of my job duties, ugh.

Kimberly Frost said...

Good morning, Nancy & everyone.

Andi - Great picture as usual! Everything here in Houston is green because it's still so warm, but I love seeing the colors change so hope we'll get a shift soon.

I love that line from Cider House too. That was such a wonderful movie. It's interesting that he's so effective at turning his novels into screenplays. (He did The World According to Garp, too, I believe) John Irving is so talented.

Have a good & productive day everyone. :)

AndiF said...

Nancy, not to worry as I have no desire to blog. Besides, I wouldn't want to remove the "Official Photographer to Award-Winning Author" entry from my resume. ;)

FARfetched said...

Thanks, Kelly. I'll be reading some of your stuff shortly. I've got to get through something by some dude named "Gibson" first. :-) (Pattern Recognition if you're curious, or not.)

Boran, I had to do a monthly report this morning, too. Now to one of the most "fun" aspects of this job: working on multiple versions of the same documentation set. Thank God for CVS, I'd never keep this stuff straight without source control.

Nancy P said...

lol, Andi! I live to serve.

Hey, boran and far, those of us with no reports to write salute you and offer beer later.

Kimberly--glad to see you about the village again!

Kelly, of course the Interal Editor will be the judge of that. :)

Conda said...

Good for you, Nancy, to disappear. Alas, it'd be best if I followed your lead. I've fallen behind...but the blogging world is a siren's song!

Nancy P said...

Conda, if you literally followed my lead today, it would be a winding path. I started at home, couldn't seem to get writing there. Moved to Starbucks (with a birthday gift certificate, thank you, Tina). Fueled by a triple expresso, got writing done there. Fast writing, lol. When two customers took out their cell phones and my cup was empty, I moved on.

I'm now at my fav library, on the second floor up in the trees. I feel more writing coming on. And when it stops this time, where will I go next?

Conda, you still with me? :)

Jerri said...

I've been lurking here for a week or two now. Today I couldn't resist commenting. I hope you guys don't mind.

Andi--your photography is always gorgeous, but today's image went straight to my soul. I've been fretting a lot lately about which way to turn. And here is a path outlined with light. It's like confirmation that a way exists. Thanks for the reminder.

And thanks for the blog, Nancy.

Nancy P said...

Jerri, welcome! We have to make sure Andi sees this, so she knows she inspired you to de-lurk.

The photo in your profile is beautiful, too. (We're nearly neighbors. I'm in Merriam.)

You have inspired me to know what I want to post about tomorrow.

AndiF said...

Jerri, I'm really humbled (which is definitely not my normal state) by knowing that my photo could have meant so much to you. And I'm delighted as well -- I get so much joy and nourishment from being out in the woods; it's wonderful to think that I can share it.

Jerri said...

We met last year in Eureka Springs, AK, Nancy. I was so happy to meet a writer from KC, as I had moved here recently and didn't know how to find a writing community. I bought SEVEN STEPS at the library event and devoured it.

I've meant to write for a long time, but have been a little intimidated.

Anyway, I'm glad to have spoken up and appreciate how welcoming you and Andi have been. A gift like yours is meant to be shared, Andi.

Nancy P said...

Jerri, I remember meeting you! Didn't we exchange email addresses? I misplaced yours, and was sorry about that. I'm so glad we're in contact again. I think we were going to have lunch. We should do that. :)

If you ever want to email me directly, it's nanpickard @

Jerri said...

Thanks for the e-mail, Nancy. I'd love to get together. Like you, I'm not really here right now. I'm actually writing wildly to meet a deadline for tomorrow.

I'll get in touch tomorrow.

Nancy P said...

Write on. :)

Rick Bylina said...

Breathless, I stood in a small clearing in the woods. I'd been running for only ten minutes, but it felt like hours. My heart beat, piston-thumping. It hurt. My lungs ached. My head swooned. I felt alone, but the shadows of death lingered on the fringes of everything in the fading twilight of a late autumn day. But, in the descending sun's brilliance leaching through the dullness of leaves not ready for a final burst of color, there on the tips of the leaves, between the twigs and branches, in the stillness, their in the upperleft most framework of the clearing I could see dust motes of angels in the twilight of my life. I collapsed to the ground. I smiled in spite of the pain. I accepted my fate as the tiger entered the clearing opposite me, teethbared, red tongue panting from his effort to match my pace though I don't think it was as much of an effort as mine. He ambled toward me, and I sensed that he understood my acceptance as well as his own in this world. I shot once, and the poacher fell to the ground in front of the tiger, and the tiger pulled him quietly into the darkness along with the angels. I closed my eyes.
Y'all have a nice day.

-rick said...
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FARfetched said...

Nice twist at the end there, Rick!