Friday, November 30, 2007


The reason this Missouri University mascot looks like a deer in the headlights is that even he can't believe we're #1 in the nation. At the moment. Possibly until tonight. Tonight we play Oklahoma for the Big 12 Championship. If we beat that team that already beat us once this season we'll go to the national championship bowl game! That sounds unbelievable to you? It sounds unbelievable to us, too.

As a NYT columnist wrote this week:

Imagine Albania playing for the World Cup title in soccer, or an amateur golfer approaching the final hole with the United States Open at stake. Think of Adam Sandler as a nominee for best actor at the Academy Awards. . .Over the past four decades, Missouri football has sent reporters thumbing through their thesauruses to find new ways to describe the Tigers’ football futility.

We're not even insulted. We understand. We're in shock, too.

Please root for the undertiger tonight!! We're such undertigers that a friend of mine has changed her cheer to, "Go, Tiggers!"

Go, Tiggers!


AndiF said...

If only it were something interesting to watch, like volleyball or diving. But "Yay, Tigers" and "Woo hoo, Tiggers, too".

Ah well, to make up for my indifference, here's a bonus picture post: early morning at the farm down in the valley below us.

katiebird said...


Oh, Yes! Go. Tigers.

There. Is THAT OK? I'm soooo happy for you. (shuffling off)

Nancy P said...

We just can't get no respect. :)

Ah, katiebird, lol, this ws insensitive of me. I should take it down so true Kansas fans won't feel bad. I should do that. That would be the nice, kind thing to do. I really should do that.

Mmm, I think I'll read the sports pages first.

Nancy P said...

Lovely photo, Andi. Looks almost as cold as it is here, though. said...

I didn't dream football. I didn't dream trees. But if I did it would be the trees at Andif's farm.
And if I did it would be Missouri football, I suppose.

I have dreams where people give me writing. These dreams drive me crazy because when I wake up I feel as if I were supposed to have been paying attention.

A dream from years ago that I recall was T.S. Eliot walking out of the ocean to show me something written on a piece of paper. I don't like dreams where people walk out of the ocean. But at least I remembered what was written on the piece of paper.

Last night I dreamed John Prine was in town, singing on a hill.
Before he went on, he asked me to buy him a pack of cigarettes, a sandwich, and a Sprite. He said to bring it to him, if I would, and to "sit up here with me."

Well, you know dreams. There was a long line at the concession stand which quickly turned into a crowded restuarant in Nashville, Tennessee. It didn't matter because Prine was already sitting at one of the booths and was getting ready to leave.

"I'm late," he said. As he left, he handed me some pink paper he'd been writing on. It was paper that had been torn from somwthing else and it was folded every whcih way.

As I unfolded it, I could see it was song lyrics. It kept unfolding. Must have been a hundred songs. Some written sideways. Some written upside down. I had to keep turning the paper to try to read it and it just kept unfoldding. There were doodles too.

Now that I am awake, I think that must have been some real crummy service in that cafe to get so much written on a piece of pink paper.

Nancy, is your dream interpreter handy?

Nancy P said...

Wow, Ghost.
She said perceptively.

What did T.S. say?

You have a Muse that's a committee of famous writers.

Nancy P said...

I had a night of weird dreams, too, including one where I thought a boyfriend was dead, but in the morning he was alive. He didn't notice I had cut his hair.

The interpretation is obvious, snerk: it's all about MU football that I thought was dead, but which surprisingly came to life. It doesn't know that I didn't care.

Family Man said...

Morning Nancy and everyone.

I'll be flipping channels to see the score, that is unless they have a tiddlywinks tournament on the sports channel. Then again, bowling or my favorite, pool tournaments might pull me away.

I'll be cheering for ya.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, you know I'll be glued to the set, chewing my nails, screaming at every interception and touchdown. I ruined my vocal chords when I was younger, hollering at games. Hence my voiceless state now whenver I get sick, tired, etc.

So maybe I'll be croaking instead of screaming. But I always root for the underdog. And remember that Boise State beat OU last year, so Mizzou has a great chance. Even the experts are divided.

Go Tigggggers!

Enjoy your boring ol' evenings NOT watching football, everyone else. :-)

John Prine, huh, ghost? Where was Bonnie?

And andi, you can even make cold look beautiful.

Nancy P said...

I knew I could count on you, Beth!

Family Man, you can rouse yourself from your hammock just long enough to say, "Go, Tiggerssszzzzz. . ." said...


He didn't notice I had cut his hair.

Let's rethink this one a little bit. :-)

Anonymous said...

Shades of Samson and Delilah?

Nancy P said...

lol! Yes. . .

Have you ever heard the song "Sampson" by Regina Spektor? I just love it. ". . .Sampson went back to bed, not much hair left on his head. . ."

Kimberly Frost said...

One can never rule out the possibility of a big cat rising to any challenge.

Kimber, resident Leo

Nancy P said...

Virgo smiling.

Kelly McCullough said...

Leos unite behind our tiger compatriots.

Nancy P said...

I always knew I liked Leos best.

Anonymous said...

And Pisces, right? You meant to say Leos AND Pisces!

FARfetched said...

I guess you can say you won't "mizz" it!

I didn't have any dreams that I remember, but I had this strange thought that kept me awake for a while. Take an Atari logo & remove the middle bar, so you have what looks like a rounded funnel, wide end down. Next to it, I saw:

Womb of Creation
Womb of Chaos
Mouth of Heaven

I'll blame it on Kelly, since I was well into Cybermancer before turning out the light. Kelly, I don't know how you managed to chew that huge chunk you bit off, but you chewed it alright. But I gotta ask: is "Ahllan" a tribute to David Ahl (who founded Creative Computing magazine)?

Nancy P said...

Oh, my yes, Pisces!! Sweet, dear little fishies! Tiggers love fishes. Wait. Not to eat! No, they love to eat Oklahoma Sooners.

Nancy P said...

far, you are having Big Thoughts today. Rooting for the Tiggers makes everything profound and meaningful. And orange.

Anonymous said...

(Pisces looking around nervously, wishing she was a Taurus)

Nancy P said...

Orange. Rooting for the Tiggers is healthy for you. Lots of Vitamin C.

Nancy P said...

Tigger tigger
burning bright
in the gridiron
of the night. .

You're safe, Little Fish. Said the sly Tiger, looking up through his lashes. Just so long as you remember whose side you're on. Heh heh.

Kimberly Frost said...


And yes, Leos love all the other signs of the Zodiac!

Jen said...

Frightened fishes can come hide in my crab shell anytime -- ain't nobody gets in there that I don't want in there. ;p (Well, that's not entirely true. The goats and the scorpions have proven themselves to be tricksy.)

GO [insert your fave] TEAM! heh.

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey Far,

Nope, I was just looking for something that sounded pretty at the time. If I had it all to do over, knowing it was going to turn into a series I'd have been more careful with my naming scheme. There aren't any that I'm unhappy about, but I could have done better.

boran2 said...

Go tigers! (Or tiggers) That mascot of yours does look a bit, umm, overwhelmed.

Nancy P said...

Boran2, "overwhelmed" is exactly what they were. Sheesh. The nerve of the other team to be so good.