Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sunday Bulletin Board


Nancy P said...

Spring forward, fall back.


See you later. Or sooner. I forget.

Nancy P said...

Oh, and may I just say, on one side of our state line we have, at my son's school:

KU 76 (!), Nebraska 39

And on the other side of our state line, at my school:

MU 55, Colorado 10.

You college football fans? Beth? You couldn't possibly be more surprised than we are this season!

katiebird said...

They kept announcing the score during the conference today. When "they" (Bill Roy) announced 45 to 10 (?) -- he yelled & it's still the first half!

Pretty exciting.

I didn't hear about your other team. said...

I'm jealous, Nancy. In North Carolina, we only have basketball. But there is a hope. An appropriately appointed committee is working on a way to play football on an oval track with race cars.

Maria Lima said...

Good morning, all!! Here in my last day at World Fantasy, frazzled, tired and so very glad I came.

I've met loads of lovely people, gotten to hang out with old and new friends alike. WFC, evidently has more pro to fan ratio, and it's been fabulous getting to talk shop with all the writers.

Going home later today, and hopefully, will have enough energy to post a con report on my own blog.

Have a great Sunday!

Family Man said...

Morning Nancy and everyone.

Alabama lost to LSU yesterday. It's a sad day in Bamaville. I've still got to find out if our local University won its homecoming game yesterday.

Other than that, had a heck of a wake up this morning and forgot to get coffee yesterday. I think I'm going to try to sleep until tomorrow morning and see if Monday is better. said...

Famiy Man!

had a heck of a wake up this morning and forgot to get coffee yesterday. I think I'm going to try to sleep until tomorrow morning and see if Monday is better.

OMG! Old grounds recovered from the trash may be used to some effect. Pantyhose may be used as a makeshift filter. Ask permission before removing from housemate. said...

Actually, Family Man, you have given us a great idea!

Book Idea from Nancy's Blog #17-A:

Emergency Residential Coffee Delivery. Picture the ice-cream truck. Gourmet coffee, of course.

Forget those guys that show up at constructin sites, I'm talking home delivery. And, oh, book idea:
Coffee Delivery Wars?


Your protag delivers coffee to a man who just killed his wife (or whoever else) who ran out of pantyhose.

Need a title, tho. Any ideas???

Family Man said...

Hi Ghost.

How about Common Grounds or The Coffee Can Murders? said...


"Common Grounds!

LOL LOL LOL Too Good! Too Good! Too Good!

And you came up with this without coffee???

Nancy P said...

Morning, kb,ml,gf,fm! I'm scurrying about, so I'll talk to you later.

Happy Sunday, all.

FARfetched said...

Hey all, I'm doing the scurry thing too. Back later, hopefully.

Conda said...

Nancy, Far, why is it that the time change always gets me, too, in a flurry scurry? Aren't we supposed to have a bonus hour today? Where is it?

And Nancy, to answer your question of several posts ago (where went the time? I ask again) I teach stretch and tone classes. I get paid to get healthy, what a deal.

Anonymous said...

Hi folks! It is indeed a strange college football year. As a friend said, no one wants to run the table. I was on the USF bandwagon, but they've fallen off. Then BC looked sad last night...I'm glad no one pays me to predict who's going to end up playing in the bowls...but it's all good. I didn't get to see much football yesterday OR today, sigh. Priorities.

Home tomorrow, and back to normal for a few days. Then off to NH to see my sis for a few days. But I'll be online and working. Til then, happy Sunday, all!

FARfetched said...

Where did that hour go? We all slept in, of course! Silly question. :-)

I made pesto and an herb pizza crust dough, so naturally now we're going out to eat. So you guys get virtual pizza with fresh pesto tonight!

The herbs are all looking pretty darn good for the first week of November. Of course, parsley loves cool weather and it hasn't frosted yet so the basil is happy. The oregano is spreading, and I thought the mint died but see several shoots coming up. Now that I cleaned up in front of the dresser, I can put a couple of the big basil pots by the window.

boran2 said...

Hay Far, that sounds pretty good. Save some for me, I'm on my way over.

Nancy P said...

Hi, boran2, farfetched, beth, and conda.

I hope everybody's had a nice a Sunday as I have been lucky to have. I just saw the movie, "Into the Wild," and I don't think I"ll ever forget it. I think it's a work of art. It's the only movie I've ever seen where my heart ached from beginning to end, probably because it's about a 23-year-old guy, and that's my son's age. It gets five stars from me.

Cathy C said...

It's almost 10:00 pm here in the northeast and I'm still looking for that extra hour. I could use it. The N.E. Crime Bake Conference is this coming weekend. I'm a co-chair, and we're trying to make sure all loose ends are tied.

Also, I turn 50 on Thursday, so all that cake will definitely slow me down :o)

Far, the pizza sounds yummy.

FARfetched said...

Happy early b-day, Cathy! My #50 is next year, plus just short of three weeks, so I can kind of relate.

Anonymous said...

I read Into the Wild a couple of years ago, when I was reading all of Krakauer's work. One of his better stories, although you have to wonder about the kid. I haven't seen the movie, so am not sure how close it sticks to the book.

Pizza sounds great, far!

Happy Birthday early, Cathy!

It's Monday night, isn't it? I'll be with it by tomorrow.

boran2 said...

Fascinating about all the soon to be 50 year olds. I was 50 last month. (Yes, I became a daddy at a rather advanced age.)