Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Bulletin Board

Got News?


Nancy P said...

Slow news day, meaning I'm slow.

Hi, everybody.

Far, great lunch word count!

Beth, the possibility of the column sounds exciting, and the fact that it was offered to you makes it even better.

Rick, Margaret may not have seen your request for the "writer's place." I'll see if I can snag her and get that info.

Family Man, if you're reading this, I hope you and FMom are on the mend from the virus.

Rick Bylina said...

Nancy...Margaret sent it. Thanks.

A column of Beths! Now, that would be exciting!!

Thai consumed, grass cut, leaves raked, laundry done, goldfish pond depooped, first batch of relatives have landed, got my first Christmas gift (free-standing oven roaster), cried with Forrest Gump a bit last night before hitting the pillow, drank a blueberry wheat beer (next time it will be a Molson or Corona), found a job to apply for, and cleaned the office.

This week: relatives and turkeys (2 twenty pounders with homemade stuffing and my world famous gravy). I know what I'm doing on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday I burp my way into the mall early and buy some more grown-up clothes. Some where in between, I have to rearrange one of my novels. I think I have an incite into why at least one isn't getting past the gate-keepers.

I wonder if Andif is going to post another picture. They're so inspirational...oops, there goes the ding on the dryer. Later.

The only rule: writers write. Everything else is a guideline.

Mystery Dawg said...

How about the return of PLOT WITH GUNS in 2008?

Nancy P said...

Hey, Mystery Dawg, thanks for that news and the link. There may well be writers around here who would be interested in submitting stories.

Much appreciated!

Nancy P said...

FOOTBALL. I'm gonna burst if I don't say something about football. They're calling it Armeggedon at Arrowhead--the MU/KU game next week. By tomorrow's rankings unbeaten KU will be #2, and MU will surely be at least #4. I lived half of my life in Mo., half of it in Ks. I went to MU; my son went to KU. I don't know who to root for!!

He says tickets are going for $1600 on EBay. I'm just as glad not to get to go, cause it could get ugly. Game's not until 7 p.m., beer will be served at the stadium, plus students and alums will have been tailgating for hours.

I just hope both teams play really well so they both look good. After MU beat K-State yesterday, K-State fans were shouting at them to beat KU. No love lost there.

FOOTBALL! I only care about winning teams. :)

You may return to your regular scheduling now.

Conda said...

Good grief, Rick! I want to come over to your house for Thanksgiving (especially for the gravy, I love gravy).

I got a twitch of news. I sold a short story to Necrotic Tissue (yes, some of my short stories are horror) this week. Woohoo! And a great reminder that I am a writer, first and foremost, it is my true passion.

Nancy P said...

If I hadn't just had gravy, myself, I'd be joining you at Rick's Place, Conda.

Conda, congrats!! That's great news, but oh my, what a name for a magazine! lol. I MUST see that one. Please let us know when your story appears, okay?

I'm off to Sally's. Later.

dada said...
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dada said...

oops...that was me; busted links...preview is my friend: ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

dada said:

well it's not tuesday: all you can eat spaghetti night at the gondolier, [tuesday btw] but, the omniscient FSM's noodly goodness is on the mainline...finally.

to find a congregation and worship service near you, click


Jen said...

Big congrats, Conda! ::applause::

FARfetched said...

Hooray for Conda!!!!! And Beth too, with a column? Cool!!!!

Football. Um. Oh yeah. Normal people get to watch that sometimes. Me, I got roped into chicken houses all yesterday afternoon & part of today (interrupting some wood cutting).

Dada, funny you mention that. I was treated to my first sighting of an FSM car emblem on my way home from work Friday.

Gotta little writing to do… I know how the epilogue to this detective story thing goes & need to get it down. Then I need to connect everything in between. Easy, huh? :-P

boran2 said...

Hi all. Back from our quest to Long Island for the birthday party. We're much the worse for the wear of the cutthroat traffic. I was pleased just to get the Toyota back here in one piece. Ahhh.

Beth said...

Evening, everyone. Watching football, of course. I turned the heat up since my sis and Daryll are gone for the evening (sssshhhh), so I'm comfy for the first time in days. Winter ain't so bad if it's warm inside...

Thanks for the good wishes on the column. I'll let you know if it actually happens. I'm also considering a ghostwriting project - when it rains, it pours. Somewhere in there I have to finish two novels, too. And I really wanted to try writing short stories...

Busy day, Rick! And YAY that someone besides me mentioned football, Nancy! :-)

I want one of those bumper stickers, far. Heard about the FSM yesterday, and think it's a scream. My Catholic relatives don't see the humor in it, though...

Glad you made it home safely, boran.

Congrats, Conda!!

All you can eat spaghetti - my dream come true, dada.

Are you out there, fam? Are you feeling any better? And kb, is your head healed?

Off to pack. Traveling most of tomorrow, but I'll check in in the am. Enjoy the rest of your evening, folks!

Nancy P said...

dada, recognition at last! I like to think that the FSM was born in Kansas. Without Kansas, bless its heart, there would be no FSM. (The similarity between the FSM site banner and the photo below is kind of uncanny.)

Nancy P said...

Far, do you eat chicken? Or are you and Mrs. Fetched so sick of chickens by the time you've taken care of them that you can't stand the sight of them for dinner?

Nancy P said...

Good, one of our flock is home safe (boran2). Now we wish safe and happy traveling to Beth.