Monday, October 29, 2007

Cable interruptus

Photo by Andif
A late good morning to you! I've spent mine getting our internet and phone service to work again, and now I'm going to fix our television remotes. I hope. I love Time-Warner's phone and store reps. Seriously. They're so efficient, courteous, and patient.


Conda said...

Ah, the joys of technology...but delightful that you have been speaking to real people who are nice...

Beth said...

The joys and trials of our newfangled world. Good luck, Nancy! Glad the people are helping you, instead of making it worse.

Nancy P said...

Our T-W hardware goes out with some regularity, so I know these kids well. :)

Okay, now to work! Catching up on blogs and news will have to wait, sigh.

FARfetched said...

*snort* Not too many people love their cable support!

Kelly McCullough said...

Morning, everyone. (waves). Hot tea and oatmeal today–hooray! Starting to dig out from all the little stuff that's piled up while teaching and book-launching. Commentary will continue spotty for the next week or two at which point life and blogging will return to non-emergency services.

Man Eegee said...

Hellooooo! I'd give anything to be beside a lake like that instead of the windowless hole where my desk sits. Trying to catch up on reading, hope you're all doing good. paz

Rick Bylina said...

"Hi!. I'm Rick."

"Hi, Rick," everyone in the room says in an unsure manner as though they didn't want to be there.

Rick clears his throat. "I live the woods away from civilization and have used dial-up for ten years now. This is my first time to dial-up anonymous."

Rick hangs his head in shame. A large, burly man with cable for a tail lays a have hand on Rick's shoulder.

"Get satellite. You moron."

Everyone laughs at Rick and he slinks back into his chair. He sulks thinking sarcasticly, some support group.


Beth said...

LOL Rick! Think of all the hassles you're Time Warner to cable to miss....

There's always a bright side!

FARfetched said...


Seriously bored.

I am soooo bored —

"How bored ARE you?"

I edited my story at lunch.
I cleaned a bunch of stuff out of my Gmail inbox.
I requested a Jaiku invite from Google.
I'm seriously considering getting a Twitter account & adding the Twitter display to TFM, because the Jaiku invite didn't come instantly.

I'm emailing a PDF from the PC to my Mac because the internal network is being a not-work at the moment.

Mrs. Fetched will be overseeing the Great Chicken Roundup tonight, all night. I am probably going to do some very strange things to amuse myself this evening.

Beth said...

Oh Far, I don't remember what it's like to be bored! Oh wait, yes I do. I went to a new church yesterday, and the pastor spent an hour talking about George Carlin, and how he thought the Bible was science fiction. Considering the sermon was supposed to be about the Fourth Horse of the Apocalypse, I'm not sure how George Carlin got in there. When he started telling us how rats killed more people than lions and bears and eagles, and then somehow tied it to Revelation, I was looking for the door.

Whatever you do this evening, be sure to take notes and share tomorrow! Go look for more flat rocks. :-)

Kelly McCullough said...

"Hi Rick,

My name is Kelly. I used to be a dial-up networker too. Sometimes I even miss it, like when the online distractions get to be too much."

Gasps of horror, thrown sponges, etc.

Sprints for the exit and the work he's supposed to be doing.

"Hey man, I tried."

Nancy, I hope your system is back in order now.

Beth, Conda, Far, Man E, Hi! Hope y'all are having a more productive and relative free day than I've had thus far.

Beth said...

Hi Kelly! I'm trying to join the ranks of those who can turn off the time-sucking internet monster, but so far I remain firmly in the grasp of said addiction. I've written 1000 words, done countless tasks, and wandered through Blogdom way too much. But Conda gave me a great tidbit for my story, and Rick made me laugh, so it's not a complete waste of a day. Yours will get better, once you dig out a little. At least you're getting things done!!

boran2 said...

Glad to see you've got your internet back, Nancy. (Writing as I am on my slow but fairly reliable dialup. Hay, at least it's cheap!)

katiebird said...

Hi Everyone! (throwing kisses)