Sunday, October 14, 2007

A good time was had by me

That's me on the left, with Tonka, the Noble Beast, and his talented "mom," mystery writer Roberta Isleib. Roberta and her husband John were my hosts this weekend when I taught at a Sisters In Crime workshop in Connecticut. They fed me sooo well, put me in the world's most comfortable guest room, and gave me gorgeous views of Long Island Sound. Here's a link to Roberta's blog, if you're interested in reading more about the workshop. And here's what I've stolen off her website to tell you more about Roberta who is the new international president of Sisters in Crime:

New Jersey born clinical psychologist Roberta Isleib took up writing golf mysteries to justify time spent on the links. Her first series, featuring a neurotic professional golfer and a sports psychologist, was nominated for both Agatha and Anthony awards. Roberta's new series starring a Connecticut psychologist and advice columnist debuted in 2007 with Deadly Advice. She says the work of the detective in a mystery has quite a bit in common with long-term psychotherapy: Start with a problem, follow the threads looking for clues, and gradually fill in the big picture.

And, yep, she's as nice as she looks. Plus, she bakes one heck of a great peach pie!


Anonymous said...

Morning, Nancy - welcome back! As always, we missed you. But are glad you had a fun weekend, with such wonderful hosts. Great picture, by the way!

And thank you for the link to Roberta's blog. The class you taught sounds fascinating. What a GREAT way to make sure we have those elements in our writing!! I'm going to think about that for a while...and wish I had some peach pie. :-)

AndiF said...

Welcome back, Nancy. It looks and sounds like you had a fine time. How was the fall color?

Monday picture post: I wonder if Lakoff approve of how I framed this.

Family Man said...

Morning Nancy, Beth and Andi.

I'm glad you had a good time and such wonderful hosts. Didn't bring back any peach pie did ya. :)

katiebird said...

Good Morning and Good Week!

Hi Nancy, Beth, Andi & FamilyMan...

Anonymous said...

Hi andif - beautiful picture!! I'm envious of your walk in the woods.

Hi kb! Hope you had a good weekend.

And I said hi to fam already at my place, but hi again anyway.

I'm off to take my friend to the airport - hope I don't miss the pie!

olivia said...

Welcome home Nancy and good morning all.

Good to hear/read you had such a fine time!

Kelly McCullough said...

Howdy Everyone. Back on the treadmill after almost two weeks off for colds and other distractions-yay. Sounds like a lovely trip, Nancy.

For those who wondered, Lear was incredible and I talk about a little over at Wyrdsmiths.

FARfetched said...

It occurs to me, Nancy, that you work a lot on weekends! But the perks… peach pie, yum… bring some to virtual lunch?

Andi, I got the impression of something really tall, getting ready to jump. "Eeek, a human!"

Nancy P said...

Jeez louise, I got up at 10:30 this morning! Well, I think I am now officially caught up on any sleep I've missed in four weekends of travel. They say we can't really do that--catch up--but I think "they're" wrong about that.

G'morning, beth, andif, family man, katiebird, olivia, farfetched! I haven't checked in at anybody else's blog yet. I'll give myself until noon to wander the Village, and then start writing.

Nancy P said...

Oh, that pie, yessssss. I wish I could have brought it back for you

Andi, what a cool picture. Those two trees look to me as if they're having a conversation. Funny how they bow out. I wonder what would do that on both trees. And as for "I wonder if Lakoff approves of how I framed this"--snort.

I'm glad you're feeling healthier, Kelly. My mom was sick all night and I didn't even know it!

AndiF said...

Thanks Far -- it's fun to know what other people see.

Beth, I'd be delighted to have your company on one of my walks. I'm sure you can just swing by southern Indiana on one of your many journeys. :)

Nancy P said...

andi, there was almost no fall color. I mean, it was beautiful anyway, of course, but there were only little bits of red in the trees.

AndiF said...

Nancy, I thought they looked like they were doing a dance move together. ;)

What probably caused it was a large tree branch (or even a small tree) that fell across both trees when they were fairly young. Eventually the fallen branch would have rotted but not before the two trees started growing around it.

Sorry about the lack of color. CT can be really gorgeous in the fall.

Nancy P said...

They really do look as if they're dancing. A salsa, I think.

Roberta said...

Thanks for the lovely comments Nancy! sounds like I will have to send more than one peach pie to cover your blog readers!


Nancy P said...

Hi, Roberta! Yes, indeedy, they are a ravenous bunch.

Any pie left?

Man Eegee said...

mmmmmmm pie mmmmmm

I was thinking of you yesterday at a bookstore when I flipped all the covers of TVOSP to make sure plenty of eyeballs saw it O:-)

Nancy P said...

lol, Manny! My kinda pie pal.

Cathy said...

Hi Nancy,

It was such a pleasure to meet you at Roberta's this past weekend. And your seminar was wonderful, so many great tips to employ in my writing. Thanks for sharing your writing secrets and for your encouragement!

I finished reading THE VIRGIN OF SMALL PLAINS this morning. I couldn't put it down! What an amazing story and so beautifully written. A real treasure!

I agree, Roberta's pie is the best!

Cathy Cairns

Nancy P said...

Cathy! Welcome to da blog!

Thank you very kindly for those nice words.

I am so glad that you, Ruth, and Hallie stayed over, too. It was really nice to hang out(and EAT) with you guys.

Kimberly Frost said...

Welcome back, Nancy!

I've never actually had peach pie, but I like peaches and I have rarely met a pie that I didn't enjoy so your trip sounds heavenly. I suppose the writing workshop was a good thing too... ;)

P.S. I don't know why Victoria Beckham never smiles. Perhaps because no one feeds her peach pie.

Nancy P said...


(If you want to know how Victoria Beckham came into the conversation, you'll have to go to Kimberly's blog, linked in my blogroll. She has Very Important Questions today.)