Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Bulletin Board

What's new
with you?


katiebird said...

Funny you ask! I was just popping in to say that I've been house-hunting in Second Life.

Here's me looking at something affordable.

And here I am looking at something NOT affordable.

Even virtual house-hunting is exhausting!

Family Man said...

Morning Nancy and KB.

It has been going pretty smoothly around here. No rels and everything is quiet and slackerly.

KB don't get too exhausted hunting for places.

Anonymous said...

Kb, I thought you were going to bed when I did last night! :-)

Morning, all. Another gray one - yippee! Back to beach weather tomorrow, but this is a nice break.

Glad your weekends are going well. The Red Sox AND Syracuse won yesterday, so all is right in my world.

FARfetched said...

Heh, whoever designed that house wasn't too bright: you need a window overlooking the valley or whatever it is to the right!

Will post about what's going on this afternoon. Things are getting back to their usual pear-shape at FAR Manor. :-)

Nancy P said...

kb,oh dear, I can see that you're going to get me interested in exploring Second Life. What a weird century this is!

"pear-shaped" lol, far.

Happy slacking, fm, and happy sports watching, Beth.

I went to a formal ball last night. It has been so long since I've worn hose that I found I didn't own a pair and couldn't remember the last time I did. Had to shop for some and I discovered they have improved and are much more comfortable than I recall. Which isn't enough reason to wear them any sooner than, say, twenty-five years from now by which time with any luck I'll be dead and won't have to.

At the ball, I looked around at all the fol-de-rol and thought, "Human beings are very very strange." In which category I include myself. said...

Okay, Nancy, but please do remember you're suppose to lose a shoe at these things.

Kelly McCullough said...

I found I didn't own a pair and couldn't remember the last time I did.

Huge grin. I was off to a signing the other day and when I stopped by Laura's department, her chair wanted to see what I would wear for such an occasion.

"Not a suit I see", he said, chuckling.

I laughed too and noted that I own a suit but that I haven't put it on in something life 15 years. I really like the writing life.

Kimberly Frost said...

Hi everyone, Happy Sunday!

What was the ball for? Besides the recently acquired hose, what did you wear? I haven't been anywhere formal in a while, but I love seeing people dressed up. Did anyone take your picture? If so, I would love to see it posted.

Meanwhile, I was at Kb's site and want to know what is the affordable house sitting on? A waterfall? A sheet of ice? It looks like it would wash right away. Hence the affordability I guess.

I am envious of everyone's fascinating first and second lives. So far today, I've managed coffee and a 2-mile walk. Not exactly exciting yet, but some of Farscape Season 2 arrived via Netflix yesterday so after I do some work, things look promising. :)

Nancy P said...

lol, ghost. I don't think any prince would return it to me, though.

Ah, yes, Kelly, the t-shirt and blue jeans life is the life for us.

Kimberly, it was a local event my son was in, so I spend the evening at a table with my ex and his wife. Fortunately, we all get along well.

Anonymous said...

Hose (shudder) - I prefer tan legs to wearing those things! Sounds like an elegant evening, though, Nancy - glad you had fun.

Yay for a lifestyle that doesn't require high heels and stockings...or ties and suits, Kelly!

katiebird said...

Hi Everyone.

Regarding hose -- I wear them. I like the support and my legs don't tan; they freckle so if I didn't wear hose, I'd never wear dresses or skirts. Also, I love dresses and skirts.

That affordable house is sitting on an unlandscaped hill or something. In Second Life, everything has to be created or bought. And that house is cheap because no one's done anything with the land.

The people who know how to do landscaping have created some lovely terrains.

But, some of those places cost over $1000 in REAL money. Seriously, some people are spending a lot of REAL money on their clothes/avatars and space. I can't do that.

I did buy a membership, but only because you can't own land with the free membership. And if I find a great deal, I'll want to jump on it.

Wow, Nancy. You couldn't get either mister or me to spend a moment with our exs. I admire you.

Nancy P said...

That's just boggling that people are paying real money for virtual property, kb. Maybe even more boggling than getting along with an ex and his spouse. :)

boran2 said...

So I started reading this old book last night, Dead Crazy, by Nancy something or other. It's kinda interesting. ;-)

katiebird said...

Hi Boran2 -- I've read that, it's Very good!

But, right now I'm reading WebMage by some guy named Kelly something. Have you heard of him?

It's amazing too.

katiebird said...

Nancy, I think it's incredible. But, apparently a lot of businesses think they missed out on some of The Big Things recently and they don't intend to miss out this time. That means there's money going both ways. Some people are making a living selling that stuff.

Weird, I think.

boran2 said...

Hay, KB! I'll have to get that one too. ;-)

FARfetched said...

Like I said, I really need to get a first life before I start worrying about a second. :-)

Exes getting along... my parents actually got along better after they got divorced. They like each other OK, but they were both Type A and neither one could back off & let the other run the show.

katiebird said...

Well, I agree, FAR -- I've got a lot going on in THIS life to think of adding layers.

But, I do think it's worth experimenting with it's usability as a meeting space.

I stumbled across an area called Health Island there today. said...

Katiebird, can you put a lawyer on retainer in second life? Or a CPA?

Do people open shops?

katiebird said...

ghostfolk - I think the answer is yes to ALL of those questions.

I'm not totally sure about the Lawyer & CPA part -- the transactions probably move to the Real World once you find them.

But, the shops -- yes there are shops of all sorts.

If you buy land and decide to sell it off then you can auction it through eBay. And eBay/PayPal can make the switch between L$ (Lindon dollars) and US Dollars.

As a result of that relationship there are a lot of Second Life related auctions on eBay:

Business Guides and Land auctions for example.

Nancy P said...

Good grief, people around here will read anything! :)

katiebird said...

¿What? I'm just providing the links... said...

Fascinating stuff, Katiebird. PayPal will exchnage real dollars for 2nd Life dollars! Wow!

BTW, I think Nancy was referring to someone reading "Dead Crazy" -- not to your post.

If 2nd life doesn't have a haunted house yet? We could charge a very small fee to get in and lots of L bucks to get out. :-) Then leave town.

Nancy P said...

That's what I was referring to, kb. I think the Second Life stuff is fascinating.

katiebird said...

Ah, NOW you're thinking!

And if THAT's what Nancy was talking about -- she's WRONG. At least I don't read just anything.

In fact, I woke up this morning thinking about how wonderful it is to have friends with such talent. Which reminds me, Ghostfolk -- what are the names of your novels? Didn't I read at your website (is it down?) that you've won some awards?