Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Bulletin Board



Nancy P said...

News. I can report that I saw the movie Lars and the Real Girl and loved it. People in the audience were laughing and crying. I said to the friends I went with, "It's so sweet it could be British." Said one of the friends, "It's so long it could be Swedish."

lol. Okay, it isss a little long at one point, but it's still adorable. Ryan Gosling is amazingly good, but all the actors are.

Beth said...

Looks like everyone is busy doing something real-world-ish today.

News? Passed the 50K word mark on my current project. The Red Sox might win the World Series tonight. And I head to Key West on Wednesday for four days of Parrothead craziness. Although I WILL bring my laptop and try to meet my word count - or something close to it.

Sounds like a good movie, Nancy - I'll put it on the list.

Happy Sunday!

katiebird said...

Hi Nancy and Beth,
I've been hanging out in Second Life. Now I'm heading outside to read Kelly's book for a while.

The work never ends!

katiebird said...

That does sound like a good movie Nancy. I've written it on our DVD list.

Beth -- Have fun on your trip.

Nancy P said...

Hi, Beth and KB. Quiet day around the ol' blog watering hole today.

Beth, that's IMPRESSIVCE!

I'm off to another movie! The George Clooney one, "Michael Clayton," this time with my mom. She has a new back pain that really hurts, so I'm hoping she can sit that long. Maybe yummy George can take her mind off the pain.

See ya later.

Beth said...

Let us know how it is, Nancy - I want to see that one. Poor Mom - virtual hugs to her. I wish I was outside reading with kb - my Kelly books came this past week so I can start them, too.

Thanks Nancy - so far, so good. I'm wishing I had a huge whiteboard to keep track of everything that's supposed to be going on, though! :-)

FARfetched said...

Boinging from one thing to another all day long. Moonshine Festival (photos & text from two years ago, but it doesn't change *that* much), shopping, chow, more shopping. It wasn't rock hunting, anyway.

Beth, congrats on the 50K words! I wrapped up my "Crash & Burn" adaptation last night... now to give it an edit & maybe find some 3rd parties who would like to critique it. I wonder where I could find such folk?

Beth said...

Moonshine festival?? Sounds great!! Well, except for the NASCAR part... :-)

And I'd be happy to volunteer, though I'm much better at line editing than catching other things.

I edited my cousin's mss and now she's not speaking to me, though...maybe I better wait til after Thanksgiving!! :-)

boran2 said...

Hi all. Heavy duty slacking during yesterday's rainy day, cleaning and running errands today. Nothing too much.

Beth said...

Fam would be proud of you, boran!