Friday, December 14, 2007

Saturday Slacking



Nancy P said...

I'm starting early.

katiebird said...

(up from the couch)

What a funny picture! I thought that was a dog wrapped in a purple blanket.

Does slaking mean I've got the day off? Wow!

I guess I do. Our daughter's spending the weekend at her mother's house. AND she took her dog!

Is it too late (or too early) to party?

FARfetched said...

FM will be here at… well, whenever he gets here, to teach us all proper slacking technique.

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Rum and grapefruit juice. It might not taste that great, but it's good for what ails ya. BassDrive on the streamer is always good.

Just a little continuation of the mistletoe from the last post.

Current reading: The Collected Stories of Greg Bear. The first few stories are related to genetic engineering; "Sisters" is a bit sad but well done. I've just gotten started, and it's a big ol' book.

Our Christmas cantata is this weekend, with a big ol' lunch to follow, so I'll be starting some bread tomorrow. Not sure what-all else Mrs. Fetched has planned for me, but I'll find out when the time comes, I suppose.

Chance of rain for tomorrow has gone to 90%, with a cold front coming in behind it. They have the wind-farm graphic up for Sunday (wind gusts up to 25mph) and a high of 42F then. So, I'll probably be here.

katiebird said...

Hi FAR! I'm thinking about having a glass of wine. And I think I once read something by Greg Bear... I wonder what? Genetic Engineering sounds interesting.

We're supposedly getting 3-6 inches of snow tomorrow. Which could mean anything from nothing-at-all to 12 inches.

Are you going to tape your cantata?

boran2 said...

Hah, I'm finally an earlybird. (Not to be confused with katiebird.) We're bracing for the next big snowstorm, scheduled for tomorrow night. We're having my son's birthday party tomorrow but that will still leave time for our panic shopping when all bread and milk vanishes from store shelves for miles around.

katiebird said...

OO, I didn't wish Nancy's Nick a happy birthday but, I can wish your son a happy b' day Boran. "Happy Birthday young Boran2 jr. !

Please do your emergency shopping BEFORE the snow, though....

(Nancy, is it too late to wish your boy a happy birthday?

Beth said...

Morning, everyone! I know andi's up, but looks like she hasn't made it here yet. (I didn't say that I beat her today.)

Busy party weekend here. Two tiki bar functions with live music, and a Christmas lights canal cruise. We have a cold front arriving tonight/tomorrow - lows in the 30s, raging surf, small craft warnings, severe thunderstorms. Florida's version of a winter storm!

Hope everyone is safe and snug at home today, instead of battling crowds at the mall or snowblowing or driving on bad roads. Recliners for all!

Hippo birdie to both birthday boys.

AndiF said...

The radar says the precip (choose one from snow, sleet, or freezing rain) is about to arrive which means my satellite internet connection goes to shit and I have no reason to go drowse on the couch.

Have a good weekend all.

Here's a early birthday frost flower for Nick.

AndiF said...

Hey Beth, here I am right behind ya.

Oh and I missed the other birthday -- Happy Birthday to your son, b2.

AndiF said...

Serial posting frenzy.

Errata: that's "no reason not to go drowse on the couch."

Family Man said...

Morning Nancy and everyone.

Slacking, that's right down my alley, or couch I guess you could say.

No slacking today for me though. I'm still cleaning on the house, and have to go get groceries this morning. Arggg.

Kimberly Frost said...

Morning Nancy, Kb, Far, B2, Beth, Andif, Fam, and all those who show up later...

I love the way this is a slacking post and yet there are eleven entries before 6 am. That cracks me up. Shouldn't we all have strolled onto the blog around 1 in the afternoon, having just rolled out of bed with one sock on and an eye toward coffee?

Beth, your holiday parties sound fabulous. I've got one tonight too, but alas there are no tiki bars or cruises scheduled. Maybe I can convince everyone to jump in the bathtub after some hula dancing? Hmm. said...

Do not wake up the bear. Kiss the seal instead? Far, that must be what I look like and that snoozing bear too.

I remembered something I knew about Christmas and wanted to share because of The War and all.

The positive Christmas Song we hear all the time, "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day... Of Peace on earth, Good Will To Men" was actually a War Loss poem.

Longfellow wrote it upon receiveng word that his son had died from wounds suffered in Battle. He received the news at Christmastime.

I won't repeat the whole thing. But the irony of listening to this Christmas hymn on Tv commercials, in the mall, gorcery store... in Church... always makes me pause. And now especially I wonder about families at Christmastime who have suffered losses in this War.

The most often omitted stanzas of Longfewllows work below:

And in despair I bowed my head
“There is no peace on earth,” I said,
“For hate is strong and mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good will to men.”

Then from each black, accursed mouth
The cannon thundered in the South,
And with the sound the carols drowned
Of peace on earth, good will to men.

It was as if an earthquake rent
The hearth-stones of a continent,
And made forlorn, the households born
Of peace on earth, good will to men. said...

Hey, that was a Cheerful morning thought, Randy! Thanks for dropping by with a Black Wreath from 1864 fo all things.

But wait! I have my hula skirt in the car and am bringing fancy drinks with umbrellas in them to Kimberly's bathtub.

What's for you, Katiebird, something with tomato juice and a stalk of celery (OMG, it's Red and Green!) so we can call it breakfast?

So are dyed pistachios and regular old watermelon Red and Green. Think I'll put a watermelon on the mantle for Christmas. Or just stick a straw in it and carry it to the bathtub.

Kimberly Frost said...

Far -

Grapefruit juice? Are you out of everything else? (Including your mind)

I was at a friend's a couple days ago, and he got a whole crate of grapefruit from a client who's involved somehow in the grapefruit-growing industry. (Poor guy)

So my friend cuts me a grapefruit for breakfast. My first response was, "Are we on a diet? And will it really last long enough to get through a whole crate of grapefruit?"

And he was like... "This is exceptional grapefruit. Just try it."

Which for some reason I did.

"Isn't that sweet?" he said.

"Compared to what? Lemons?"

Yeah, so it turns out that the best grapefruit in the world is still not an orange. And if you really feel the need to contaminate a perfectly good glass of rum with its juice couldn't you just lie and tell us you used pineapple juice? What's the point of being on the internet if we can't lie to each other? said...

What's the point of being on the internet if we can't lie to each other?

And to ourselves a little bit, too.

Kimberly, please tell me you did NOT eat grapefruit with sugar on it. Heaps of sugar on it. said...

w/o sugar, I meant. said...

P.S. Have you ever seen those little silver grapefruit utensils with serrated edges? It's kind of a wedge-like shape with an angled-in tip?

It's called a garpefruit sppon in some parts. When someone serves you grapefruit, you use the untensil to immediately scoop your eyes out so you don't have to eat any.

Beth said...

Save room for me in that bathtub, Kimberly! That sounds like it could turn into quite a party, given the right inspiration. And my mom used to have those spoons, ghost, complete with fake bamboo handles. All they did was squirt grapefruit juice in my eyes.

Here in the land of citrus, grapefruit fresh off the tree is a treat. Although I skip the sugar now. In fact, I think I'll sneak down the street to the neighbor's house and steal one off his tree...he'll never miss one.

If I disappear, will someone come bail me out?

Kimberly Frost said...

Ghost -
Re: the heaps of sugar. Ah ha! I knew there was something missing.

Beth -
Yes, I'll bring bail money, but only grudgingly since the theft involves grapefruit.

Kimberly Frost said...

All right, the bathtub is full of water and ready for visitors. See you all soon. :) said...

How big is that tub? :-)

Nancy P said...

You call this slacking? Lol! You guys are funny and lively this morning, even if you're only wearing one sock.

Snow here. Pretty, dry snow, the kind that shouldln't be much of a prob, although more's coming.

Far, I think you and Mrs. Fetched are incredible assets to your community. I hope they appreciate you!

Ghost, I'm glad you told that story, even if I will never be able to hear that song in the same way again.

Kimber, I'm with Beth--I LOVE sweet Florida grapefruit. Also love the spoons. :)

boran2, is that really you??? :)

kb, this snow's not going to stop us, right? And it's not too late. Nick's bday isn't until Monday.

Andif, that photo looks like baby swaddling.

FamMan, you are Da Bear.

Nancy P said...

Did I run everybody off? :)

Rick Bylina said...

I'm slacking after a night of Christmas caroling at a retirement community. Boy those guys and gals can get rowdy, canes raised in glee, popping wheelies in wheelchairs, hording hard rolls to use as missiles across the room when Nurse Rachet wasn't looking, and after 14 times through "We Wish you a Merry Christmas", the old man in the corner let go of one of the alto's tushes. In all it was a wild time at the place until the cops came to restore order.

Whew...At least they didn't try to roast my chestnuts while I sang the song!

Double whew! No heart palpatations this year. I hate to give mouth-to-mouth to some joker who has false teeth and just likes to launch it at the unsuspecting.

Just cops were involved, but I'll never give out the sugar-rushed caramels BEFORE we sing again.

Y'all relax and enjoy the wicked weather. That's what I plan to do. Now where is my tape of "Scrooged"?

Beth said...

Nope, still here! Glad you're enjoying the snow. It's not bad from inside, with cocoa and a good book!

Ran out to mail my last packages. Now lunch, then off to the tiki bar...although the wind and big black clouds are looking rather nasty out there. So much for storms holding off until tonight...might be drier in Kimberly's tub!

Nancy P said...

I'll never give out the sugar-rushed caramels BEFORE we sing again.

lol, Rick. But t'was a nice thing you did anyhow.

Beth, I always feel sorry for the tourists during Florida's winter storms. They save up, they look forward, they can't wait, and then. . .cold as home. Stay cozy!

Kb and are meeting for bfast in a little while, lucky us. Or, lucky me, at least. Y'all come, too.

Beth said...

Yep, no beach today. Supposed to be warm again by Wed, but you're right - poor tourists.

Hug each other for us - lucky you both!!

katiebird said...

(Lucky Me, TOO!)

I can't wait.

And are we REALLY going to get more snow. That would be great!

Nancy P said...

I think we ARE getting more, kb. We're going out at the perfect--and maybe only possible--time today.

The three wild turkeys are huddled under my neighbor's second floor deck this morning. Imagine turkeys with their wings tight to their sides and their necks scrunched down into their bodies. I don't think they like winter.

I've really got to get a digital camera, don't I?

Beth said...

Yes, you do! Santa needs to bring you one for Christmas, even if you have to help him along a little bit... :-)

Nancy P said...

Oops! Time to motor! See ya later. Beth, you mailed your last package? Wow. You've earned a cozy party day, just for that.


FARfetched said...

All right, the bathtub is full of water and ready for visitors. See you all soon. :)


Finished the chicken houses just in time for the rain to start. HOLY $#!+ It's thundering! Will be back later...

katiebird said...

I'm pleased to report that Nancy and I had a lovely meal (she had breakfast, I had lunch) as we watched the snow fall.

My only sorrow was that it was just the two of us and not the whole gang!

Nancy P said...

Everything Katiebird said. :)

(Kb, once again, the weather got worse the further north and west I went. How was your drive home?)

Cannonball! So funny, far. Try it here and you'd have to crack the ice first.

katiebird said...

It was a little worse up here. I thought to test my control by slowing down a block or so before Antioch. And was glad I did. I slid a little sideways. But, I was OK going across after that.

I'm watching an Elvis/Ann Margaret movie (I think her name is Rusty in this one.)

Beth said...

Glad you had fun, and both made it home safe and sound. Wish the whole group had been there!

One big downpour at the tiki hut, then bright sunshine. Now it's really windy and clouds are forming again. Storm is supposed to hit tonight. At least I know we won't have snow, though! Stay warm...

Nancy P said...

Antioch would not be a good intersection to slide through.

I'm reading a mystery by a beloved writer whose books I used to love, too. This one is tedious, but his characters are nice people, so I keep reading. I'm not telling his name, because I don't want to speak ill of the Formerly Interesting.

Nancy P said...

Far, I only just now clicked on your seal. Eet took me a moe-ment to decode ze "French," and zen came ze hearty LOL from moi.