Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sunday Bulletin Board

Let's get our coffee To Go this morning, and then go wandering around our Village to see what our friends are up to. (I wrote most of these on Saturday, so when you visit these blogs you may want to hit Refresh to make sure you're getting the latest news.)

Cathyc has stepped down from the throne and passed over the scepter as president of the New England Chapter of Sisters in Crime. She must have done an exceptionally good job, judging from what they gave her. Go read about the charm bracelet they presented to Cathy. It's the most amazing one I've ever heard of, and must have required hours of thought, love, and effort to make for her.

You have got to take a look at Boran2's most recent finished painting. But first, to fully appreciate his accomplishment, look at his first version. (Scroll down just a bit.) Then go see the final one here.

By now, Beth is either in the air or already returned from her vacation in Mexico. She caught a cold, dagnabit, so you can give her your best cold remedy. Why do I suspect most of them will involve some kind of spirits? ; } She also had an attack of the deadly Brain Fart, for which there is no known cure.

Conda has wise things to say about tradition and change.

Family Man's, er, family does it right. They manage to balance tradition with change in beautiful ways.

I do love You Tube. And bless Jen for posting a You Tube video of Buffalo Springfield singing, "For What It's Worth." It is, she says, probably her favorite protest song. It's definitely mine, although "Ohio" always gets to me, too. Until I saw that clip on her blog, I had never seen Buffalo Springfield perform! It takes me right back to my senior year at the University of Missouri, and the pride I felt that the "Springfield" in their name was--impossible to believe--the one in my own state.

Last I heard, Kimberly was taking a well-deserved break that involved down comforters, good books, and plenty of hot chocolate.

I'm pretty sure Man Eegee is out of town, but you can still catch up with the latest picture of The Noble Bud if you scroll down just a bit.

Rick Bylina is, as always, aMUSEing and observant. He's also generous. Do you know he regularly gives writing ideas away? I don't know how many potential best-seller plots he has offered to anybody who wants them, but I hope he'll get a percentage of sales, or at least a nice box of very good chocolate. Better yet, I hope he gets his own best-sellers.

Kelly and Mrs. Kelly have colds, poor babies, but that doesn't keep Wyrdsmiths from wyrding right along.

Over at Jungle Red, they've added another writing pal to the blog: Roberta Islieb who is the new national president of Sisters In Crime. When I was "tagged" by Man Eegee, I tagged five of my seven just by linking to them, and they were awfully good sports about responding. I haven't read the last few they wrote, but that's on my touring list of pleasures for today.

Katie's got a brand new blog. Well, not really, but Katiebird is going to have a "fresh, new look" soon. In the meantime, just by visiting there yesterday, I was reminded to drink more water. As many of you know, Eat4Today is the place to go if you need a nudge (and friendly support) to sustain good, healthy habits.

Okay, maybe this doesn't exactly fall under "good healthy habits," lol, but I'm putting up a link to something delicious at Far Manor. Hey, they've got milk, they've got wheat, they've got eggs!

Did somebody say, "bird butts"? Why, that makes me think of Olivia! Here's a link to one of my favorites of her recent shots: Widdle Bitty Bird Butt.

One of our new friends, Paul Lamb, has a blog about the agony and ecstasy of the writing life. The post to which I'm linking is one in which you will find both the A and the E, plus an example of sane and practical perseverance. God and The Flying Spaghetti Monster both know that it's not easy for a writer to remain sane and practical in this business.

Another new friend, Kathy McIntosh, also has a great blog about the writing and life, where she has strong words about "conversing fuel," (lol!), and even a recipe for hummus. Plus, she recently got "tagged" by Conda, so you can read all (okay, some) about her.

Ghostfolk and Andif don't have their own blogs, so I can't link to them. If they did, they might not be here so much. Therefore, you won't catch me doing any more than the bare polite minimum to encourage them to get their own blogs. I like things JUST FINE the way they are, where I get to make Andi my unofficial blog photographer, and I don't have to leave home to read Ghostie's posties. I guess I could say thanks, though, and tell them I love their presence and presents. :)

Another little bird told me you'll also enjoy Knucklehead's photo blog, and, of course, The Daily Coyote.

Oh, and as for me, on Saturday, I saw the movie "Charlie Wilson's War," and loved it. Best role for Tom Hanks in ages. Written by Aaron Sorkin ("The West Wing"). Directed by Mike Nichols. Also starring Philip Seymour Hoffman. What's not to like? Although. . .I might not have liked it nearly so well if it hadn't ended Just Right.


Nancy P said...

Enjoy! Let me know if I forgot anybody. Is there a blog you love that we might like, too?

AndiF said...

Wow, I am impressed. What a

This has nothing to do with anything or anyone here but I love copyranter. He's on hiatus till the 3rd but there's plenty of good stuff in the archives.

And like copyranter and Beth, I've got a cold (thanks, Jim) and will be spending most of the day surfing the couch. Move over Sniff.

Hope Beth is all tucked in at home.

Have a good Sunday all.

AndiF said...

Got up off the couch only to discover that I should have gone there before posting -- that way I might have realized I didn't complete one of my sentence.

Of course, the brain cells that knew what I was going to type have all been sloughed off by now which is just as well since I'm sure people's imaginations will construct a better sentence than I would have.

Back to the couch ...

Nancy P said...

That cold is moving around the village. Sniff is aptly named.

Ooo, a funny new blog to explore. Thanks, Af.

I can't wait to see how others complete your sentence. "What a. . .brilliant way to avoid working on your novel yesterday, Nancy." There's my entry.

paul lamb said...

Hey neighbor, thanks for the link to my blog.

I had a good session of writing this a.m., but we have a party this afternoon, so I have to tear myself away from the computer. Too bad, I hate interrupting the productive times.

Nancy P said...

You're welcome, Paul. I hope you have plenty of food and drink on hand, because we're all dropping by to say, "So, Paul, how's the writing coming along?"

Then you can kill us.

Family Man said...

Thanks for the tour Nancy. I would say I am impressed like Andi, but I don't know what comes after What a.

Hope you get to feeling better Andi.

katiebird said...

Good Morning Nancy, Andif, Paul & FamilyMan.

That's a fantastic tour, Nancy -- really wonderful. And I'm actually making progress on my new site. It's not ready for primetime. But if anyone wants to visit, it's open for business: New Eat4Today.

That's the place to go if you want to make a comment that lasts -- I managed to get everything imported last night before I went to bed. At 2am.

The Other Eat4Today could disappear at anytime. But don't panic, the new site will have the same-old-name as soon as everything gets connected.

Kimberly Frost said...

Morning, all:

Happy Sunday and almost New Year. :) I'm just home from visiting friends. While there, I worked a shift that went smoothly. People were in good form on Christmas.

I also managed to proofread 30,000 words of my new novel. That's as far as I've written, and it's gratifying to see it take shape.

Last night I worked on business stuff. Jump-started my taxes by tallying receipts. Arg. At least I had movies playing in the background to halfway entertain me. I like the dueling with wands scene in the last Harry Potter movie.


maryb (St.L) said...

Poor Sniff. Just because Andi has a cold doesn't mean Sniff should suffer the loss of the couch. Where is the fairness in life?

Nancy, I saw Charlie Wilson's War last week and thought it was great. I'm a huge Aaron Sorkin fan - why do people think movies write themselves and the actors just make up words when the director says "Action!".

I also went to see Sweeney Todd which was bloody brilliant. People talk about Sondheim's music (which I do love) but his lyrics are amazing too.

Yesterday I went to see Juno. And I loved it too! The story was pretty basic but the actress playing Juno took that script and character and made it hers.

Beth said...

I'm home, and on the couch with andi and Sniff and the Kellys and whoever else caught it. Hopefully it's a short-lived one. The brain fart is here to stay, though, I'm afraid. :-)

Trip was long, and thankfully over. Can't decide if I should take a shower or a nap.

Thanks for the tour, Nancy!

Nancy P said...

Lookin' good, kb, but 2 a.m., yikes! I hope you were having fun. :)

Maryb, you and I seem to have identical movie tastes. Okay, I haven't actually seen Juno yet, but I know I'm going to love it. I tagged along with a friend to babysit her grandbaby last night while the "kids" went to see Juno. They both love it, cried through the whole thing and couldn't wait to get home to see their own baby. Must be a powerful movie. Either that, or they didn't trust us as babysitters. :)

Nancy P said...

Okay, this couch thing is getting unseemly. :) Beth, get your elbow out of Andi's ear.

Welcome home!

Beth said...

Thanks, Nancy! It's good to be back, though I bet Fam is going to battle us for couch room, too. And kb SHOULD be on the couch, after staying up til 2am.

Sounds like there are a lot of movies out there I need to see...
thanks for the recommendations.

katiebird said...

With Beth and Andi hogging the couch -- there's no room for me :(

I just got back from a very energetic walk though. So I might kick them off for a while.

Shove OVER girls...

Beth said...

An energetic walk? You earned your spot, kb! We'll try not to cough on you. :-)

Family Man said...

Beth you Andi and KB keep the couch. Remember I have my recliner. Hah!

boran2 said...

Nancy, Thanks for the link to my blog! This was a great and very complete tour of the neighborhood.

AndiF said...

Sniff is confused about why everybody is worried about space on the couch -- everything is just fine.

(Welcome home, Beth.)

Beth said...

Thanks, andi - looks like Sniff understand the fine art of sharing. And that more bodies means warmer!

Hope you're feeling better. Give Sniff a rub for me.

Conda said...

Me too, with the impressed, and thank you for mentioning my blog. Seems like we're all struggling a bit today with good to get into the new year.

FARfetched said...

I seem to have hosed my knee at the chicken houses. I'm pretty sure I whacked it on something & it's bruised inside… it's swollen up for sure. I have an ice pack and maybe two days of not having to deal with the chickens. I'm not so sure whether the pain is worth it.

Oh well, I have a FAR Future episode about 90% completed. I guess I'll finally have time to finish it, now that Olga has gotten the two other stories out of me that had to get written.

katiebird said...

Oh, FAR, that's terrible! Are you sure it's not serious? Have you got it wrapped? Are you keeping it elevated?

I think you should stay away from chickens for the rest of the week. They sound vicious.

boran2 said...

Feel better, Far.

Nancy P said...

Yikes, far. I'm so sorry. You're the second friend whose knee attacked them today. If I could get the two of you together, you'd have a working set. Depending on the right/left thing.

Hi, boran and conda. The tour was my pleasure! I'll probably do one once a month.

Today's motto: Stay Out of Chicken Houses.