Sunday, December 9, 2007

Updated: Sing like a coyote

I just had to add this photo to today's post, apropos of nothing. That's a coyote. It's from a wonderful blog I just discovered, about a young woman, her cat, and the coyote who lives with them. You'll love it, I promise. The blog is called The Daily Coyote.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But the blogs are so delightful,
And since we can't go outdoors,
Let it pour, let it pour, let it pour.

It doesn't show signs of stopping,
But we've got corn for popping,
We'll do as we darn well please--
Let it freeze, let it freeze, let it freeze!

When we finally say goodnight,
We won't have to go out in the storm,
When we finally turn out the light,
We can stay home and be warm.

The ice will start its melting,
The sleet will stop its pelting,
As long as we've here to go,
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!


Paul Lamb said...

Now, of course, that tune will be dancing through my head all day. Actually, I'm hoping the weather will stay clear since I pick up my son at the airport tonight.

Paul Lamb

Beth said...

I'll enjoy winter vicariously this year, thanks to your pictures and little song. :-)

Hopefully you can enjoy the beach vicariously with me!

All be safe on those icy roads.

Family Man said...

I'll take any snow you have left over. You could even shave some ice cubes and send them down. :) said...
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Beth said...

I talked to my aunt in High Point, and she told me there was black ice on Thursday - 150 accidents in the Triad - and 70's tomorrow. Get out your surfboard, ghost!

Crazy winter... said...

I knew it, Nancy, you're one of the Beach Boys:

When we finally say goodnight,
We won't have to go out in the storm,
When we finally turn out the light,
We can stay home and be warm.

That's the original lyric from Wouldn't It Be Nice?, isn't it?

Yeah, Fam Man, we were supposed to get some of that moisture. Nay but a wee sprinkle crossed our little mountains.

Beth, it's supposed to be a beach here tomorrow 71-degrees and sand.

Double-posted, sorry. :-) said...

When I die, I decided, I'll likely go back to high school rather than heaven. I think I forgot to hand in one of my assignments.

May I ask you all What was the most important thing you learned in high school?

Or didn't learn?

Beth said...

The Beach Boys would have been proud to have written those lyrics, ghost.

Then again, some people might think 'Let It Snow' is the perfect recipe for 'Wouldn't It Be Nice'?

My perfect recipe is 'Beach Baby Beach Baby' or 'Hula Girl at Heart.'

Nancy P said...

Paul, safe driving to you. I was just outside to feed the birds and felt an invisible mist on my hands.

Hey, family man, beth, and ghost, We Who Are Stuck Indoors Today hope you'll enjoy the sunshine for all of us!

I hope far and Mrs. fetched are feeling okay today.

Nancy P said...

Yesterday I sprinkled bread crumbs on the basement patio and within minutes three of the wild turkeys were pecking at them.

It is very amusing to see turkeys on one's patio.

Insert all Turkey Stuffing jokes here. :) I do have some old Pepperidge Farm croutons and some raisins I could add to the mix. Oysters might be going too far, though. said...


In a world that needs more dancing
She's still a hula girl at heart


Let's all be Hula girls today. :-)
Ice icickle skirts for Nancy and Katiebird and Cathy C. said...

Perfect Turkeys, Nancy, should be fed gravy, I think.

Nancy P said...

I love the Beach Boys, of course. Round, round, round, round, I getaround.

Lesson learned in high school?

Austin Healys can be driven backwards to remove added mileage.

Even teachers don't know why Holden Caulfield did that.

Don't get elected to offices just because you can.

For the Naturally Sallow, make-up is the greatest invention ever.

Parents will believe anything.

You can build a beehive hair-do too high.

Liquor is quicker.

Beth said...

They're playing Wouldn't It Be Nice on the radio right now!!

(Twilight Zone theme plays in the background)

Beth said...

Don't eat 15 Cadbury Creme Eggs at one sitting.

Being popular doesn't mean anyone will ask you to the prom.

London taxis DON'T stop for a group of Americans when the guys show a little leg.

If you take roll, you can mark yourself present and sneak out when the teacher isn't looking and get a cappucino at Luigi's. And he'll never have a clue, as long as it's Mr. BelleIsle.

The symbol for 'change' in chemistry is a triangle. So that class wasn't a total waste!

Beth said...

-->You can build a beehive hair-do too high.

LOVE the image of this one, Nancy!!

Okay, off to the beach. Toodles, everyone! said...

They're playing Wouldn't It Be Nice on the radio right now.

Of course they are, Beth. You haven't known me long, have you?

Nancy: Thank you!

Yes, yes, and yes. Wunnderful Important Things Learned in High School! May I steal these as needed in the afterlife? said...

Being popular doesn't mean anyone will ask you to the prom.

Yeah, Beth. :-) But, going steady means you only get to ask one person to the prom.

The problem was when you break up with someone so you can ask someone else to the prom and she says no. Then you have to get back real quick to the steady and say I dont know what I was thinking.

Beth said...

Beginning to appreciate your MANY talents, ghost... :-)

One lesson I apparently haven't learned yet: check your pockets before you do laundry. I'm washing my drivers license as we speak (type)...

Sigh. Guess I'll have to wait a big to go to the beach.

Beth said...

Or a bit. Or a big bit.

LOL, ghost. I never thought of it that way! Not that you're speaking from experience or anything. said...

Love the Austin Healy, Nancy! Karmann Ghia, too, btw.

Wait, Beth. You don't need a driver's license to go the beach. A little leg, remember?, and you got your ride.

I do wonder, though, if washing a driver's license will remove previous offenses. I should have my baptized.

Nancy P said...

There's high school in the afterlife???? Okay, that settles it. I'm not dying.

Beth, I wore that beehive to my senior prom. (Didn't get asked to the junior one.) I had a darling baby blue strapless, just to the knee-length dress, and high heels and a beehive so towering I almost couldn't get into my boyfriend's car. Even at the time, I knew the hairdresser had gotten a bit carried away. :) I looked like Marge on the Simpsons. Oh, how I wish I had a picture! said...

Oh, how I wish I had a picture!

Me too!

Beth said...

Me three!

Great idea, ghost. Except mine has now vanished. Do you think the police will believe me if I tell them my washing machine ate it? Like my homework in HS?

I think if I showed a little leg here, the taxi drivers would have a heart attack.

Going to the beach...driving under the speed limit...then hoping my license is at the wine bar. Otherwise it's going to be a PAIN to get another one from Idaho...grumble grumble.

Nancy P said...

I think if I showed a little leg here, the taxi drivers would have a heart attack.

lol! Then, for heaven's sake, don't show any cleavage, or there could be a 50-car pile-up. said...

I think if I showed a little leg here, the taxi drivers would have a heart attack.

Kill 'em all, darling. Kill 'em all.

Nancy P said...

lol, Ghost! The line of the day, I'll bet.

Jen said...

I didn't stay in high school for too long, but among the high points of what I learned there:

Being one of the popular kids is highly overrated. Being friends with the freaks & geeks brings more joy, less pain.

Being true to yourself is one of the most important things you can do for yourself in this life.

Yes, you can get drunk enough to throw up just drinking wine coolers.

I can maneuver a Chevy Chevette down off of a snow-covered mountain, in reverse.

I really, really suck at math.

People have a lot of weird, pointless hangups about sex; not only is there nothing wrong with being a slut, it's actually a lot of fun.

Don't keep an honest journal. It can be used to seriously damage your life. Related to that, I am capable of picking myself up from being a homeless kid in the street with nothing more than my wits, a little luck, and the kindness of strangers, and clawing my way back up to a functionally comfortable life.


Karmann Ghia, too, btw.

I learned how to drive on one of those! I was 10 at the time (the family circumstances made this more practical than reckless), and have had a great fondness for them ever since.

Rick Bylina said...

Branching out, NP? There's always room for another novelty winter song.

boran2 said...

When will the cd be available?

Beth said...

And you haven't even SEEN my cleavage, Nancy. In my case, 50 would be a minor fender-bender, I'm sad to say. Mother Nature was way too generous...

Slut is a relative term, Jen. And it sounds like you've had a really interesting life. Kudos for you to be where you are today.

Maybe you could teach me to drive a Solara forward on flat snow-covered roads! I tend to end up on my roof...

Jen said...

Slut is a relative term

I think most terms in that kind of category are, when you really get down to it. Language is inadequate and blurry and approximate, but ::shrugs:: it's what we got. :D

And it sounds like you've had a really interesting life.

Yes, "interesting" is usually the word I use, lol.

And I don't think I could teach driving, actually; for me a lot of it seems to come from a certain kind of instinct rather than intellect. Yikes on the rollover! At least you're in FL for the moment and thus unlikely to have to deal with snowy roads. Do watch out for the boat-driving tourists, though...scary!

Nancy P said...

Darting in to say, here's a blog to love, (via Wolcott's blog):

Jen said...

Great link, Nancy!

Beth said...

Um, two rollovers, Jen. That's when I switched from SUVs to low-slung cars. And learned what black ice looked like.

To some people, I'm a slut. To others, I'm adventurous and fun-loving. I can't help what people think of me. My friends know me, and like me for what I am, whatever they call it. And I like who I am. Who else matters?

Thanks for the warning about the boats!

Beth said...

Oh Nancy, thank you! You're right - I love it!

Nancy P said...

Ghost, that was a great question, to judge by the answers.

Jen and Beth, I knew you'd love it. :) Another blog addiction for me.

Kimberly Frost said...

It's so hot in Houston that I have my air conditioning on...again. I'd like a little naturally cool air, perhaps where I could open a window or two.

I'm working like mad these days. Wrote a ton last week, like 16 K. This week I've got a bunch of other work to do in the form of shifts, etc.

Hope you all have a wonderful, productive, and safe week!

Nancy P said...

Kimberly, I had a feeling you were working hard, but 16,000 words?? That's impressive. Thanks for stopping by to let us know what's up. Have a great week if we don't see you for a few days. And even if we do. :)