Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Charlie's fine!

Photo from: The Daily Coyote.

This photo of Charlie was taken of him recently. I think it's one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. And it's proof that he's FINE, which I'm telling you in case you got scared, as I did, when you saw blog posts this week that said he was desperately ill with parvo. While reading them with mounting anxiety, I finally noticed the date on those posts. They were written last September! Whew! As you can see, Charlie pulled through to grow into this gorgeous young male coyote.

Take care of yourselves, Charlie, Eli, and Shreve. A lot of strangers love you.


Nancy P said...

When I read the second parvo post, I was sure he was going to die. It was such a relief to realize they were old posts.

Off to bed. See you on Thursday.

AndiF said...

Speaking of fine, FM posted over at his place that they are fine -- the worst of the weather missed them.

And speaking of weather, I went out yesterday to see what changes high winds and over 5" of rain had wrought. Besides the usual limbs down and leaves pushed around, the rain had been busy changing the shape of the creek in the hollow ...

... widening a curve which will eventually change the course of the creek.

... collapsing a bank which will keep undermining the hillside.

Grand Canyon of Indiana, here we come! :D

Maria Lima said...

Morning, Andi! Thanks for letting us know about FM.

I'm actually up early today because the cleaners are coming early and I must away to work before they get here.

Nancy, great news about Charlie!

I spent yesterday in a content-mapping meeting with clients and felt so out of touch afterwards, as I normally spend the day checking in on you guys. :)

Wishing everyone a fabulous day.

Rick Bylina said...

Wow! What a picture. That needs to be sent to wildlife places to show up on a calendar or postcards or something. It almost looks 3D with Charlie nearly coming out of the picture.

Can I borrow Charlie to help with my squirrels? Free dinner.

FARfetched said...

Charlie looks happy. We've lost a dog or two to parvo, it's some nasty stuff.

Rick, if Charlie isn't available, you can borrow Buster.

Kelly McCullough said...

Good morning all. Cool pix, Andi. Just passing through again today. More promotion stuff. I'd much rather be home and writing, but you simply don't say no to any kind of media coverage if you want to sell books. Bleah*.

*That's a qualified bleah. I actually enjoy interviews, it's the anticipation that gets to me.

FARfetched said...

Ugh, interviews. I don't think on my feet too well. I can have a mental FAQ at the ready, but if I'm not ready for a question I could easily start stammering.

Kimberly Frost said...

That is one beautiful dog! I'm glad that he's recovering.

Family Man said...

Hi Nancy and everyone.

Yep we're fine down here. It was all well to the North of us.

That is a great picture. I'm glad those were old posts.

Been having computer problems, but it's working at the moment. Hope it keeps up.

Conda said...

Great photo. Coyotes are despised where I live and so hunted that they've gotten quite intelligent, natural selection at work. Charlie's obviously one of the brightest ones!

Nancy P said...

Hi, guys. I'm quiet today, too.

Andi, thanks for the good word about fm and for the lovely photos.

Maria? Is "content-mapping" a new buzzword? Should I get to know it?

Rick is squirrely.

Far, that dog actually sounds pretty darned smart!

Kelly, I hope the interview went well.

Kimber, that's a coyote! Pretty amazing, huh?

Family Man, I'm so glad you avoided storm damage. Now, I read over at your place, you just need to avoid the flu.

Conda, I wouldn't want to be a coyote in Idaho!

If anybody's waiting for me to say anything interesting, they will have a long day. :)

Maria Lima said...

Nancy, content-mapping is taking the content from an existing Web site and mapping it to the new structure. Boring, tedious but utterly necessary. (It's live moving to a new house, you need to figure out where all the furniture will go).

and OMG, you guys!! I just got an email from - my book is their pick of the day:
(Check upper right)

I'm so psyched!

Nancy P said...

MARIA!!! That's so cool! I'm going there right now to see.

Nancy P said...

Okay, that is just totally great! Great cover, too, Maria, and a quote from Charlaine on the front! Cheers and champagne all 'round!

boran2 said...

He is one beautiful animal.

Kelly McCullough said...

Both interviews went well. Thanks. I had fun but I'm glad they're past and I can mostly get back to writing (the exception being the library gig). Way to go Maria!

FARfetched said...

Woohoo, Maria!