Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekend Edition

We get around a lot on this blog. We've spent a day in at a coffee shop in Paris, another day at a cafe in Florence, and guess where we are going this weekend? Greece! Enjoy the sunshine, the food, the wine, and the company. Oh, yes, and the coffee.


Nancy P said...

This is ridiculous. 9:45 and I'm so tired I have to go to bed. I'll see you tomorrow!

boran2 said...

Greece? Will there be dancing?

FARfetched said...

Accursed work followed me home, so just drop a bottle of ouzo on my table here in the corner. I'll be doing many things this weekend, but playing in the blogosphere isn't one of them. :-P

I went ahead and put up a new FAR Future episode though!

AndiF said...

Can we go to the Island of No-Dogs-Get-You-Up-to-Go-Bark-At-Air?

Morning all.

Anonymous said...

Poor andi. Go back to bed.

Poor far. Don't they know work is for weekdays?

Nancy, thanks for keeping us on the go!

Can we go to the "no-octopus-drying-on-a-clothesline" island, so I can go to the bathroom without having to duck under one? (My accommodations were - interesting - in Greece.)

Morning all, including dancing boran. Baklava all around!

Maria Lima said...

Kaliméra, all and Happy March!

::pulls over the plate of warm bread, olives and cheese::

I fell in love with the idea of Greece as a kid, first while reading the myths, then after reading Mary Stewart's This Rough Magic (though, technically, that was Corfu).

I'll be the one over here in the corner, madly typing on the laptop and surfacing only to replenish my wine and food.


::hunkers back down to write::

Kimberly Frost said...

Morning, everybody. :)

Far - sorry you have to work at home on the weekend. that sucks.

The Greek cafe is beautiful. Do they have good coffee in Greece? I've never been there.

Nancy P said...

lol, Kimberly, I wondered that about the coffee myself. You never near anybody ask for a Cafe au Crete.

I wonder if ouzo is as awfulzo as I've always suspected. Beth? :) I have this idea that it tastes like castor oil.

Boran2, where you are there is always dancing. :)

Damn work, far. I just read yesterday about your near-miss on the highway. That was some NASCAR driving, buddy. Whew.

Nancy P said...

Maria, oh, how I loved Mary Stewart's novels. Any romance there is my own books derives from her, I think. She was sooo good.

Andi, you had our sympathies, as we each rolled over in bed.

Anonymous said...

Morning, Nancy!

I love ouzo, but you can get drunk rather quickly on it. It tastes like anise. I've never had castor oil, so if castor oil tastes like liquorice....

I feel like Greek coffee is really strong. It's been years since I've been there, so I don't really remember. Wiki says it has grounds in the bottom of the if you like to chew your coffee...

AndiF said...

Been out for a walk and the word for today is melting [LINK].

Good late morning all.

Anonymous said...

andi, that picture leaves me You are an artist.

Family Man said...

Good morning everyone.

I'm starting out late today. Just getting my first cup of coffee now. We had our compressor in our heat pump go out so it a little chilly in the house, but thankfully the weather here has been nice, so it won't stay cold for long.

We're having a belated B'day lunch for FMom tomorrow, so I'm expecting the whole family in. From what I can see they'll all show up tomorrow and be here just for the lunch.

Hope everyone is having a good w/e.

AndiF said...

Aw shucks, Beth. ::looks uncharacteristically humble::

But, really, it's nature that's the artist; I'm just the opportunist.

AndiF said...

My, my, I have gotten started late today. I hope I haven't missed anything on the tour. Let's see, where are we today?. ::checks itinerary:: Of course, it's the Island of No-Dogs-Get-You-Up-to-Go-Bark-At-Air.

A late* good morning to all. :)

* Yeah, yeah, I know but sleeping late is a very relative term.

Maria Lima said...

Hola, Andi and morning to the rest of you.

I feel quite full of accomplishment today as I got 3000 words done yesterday. (whew!)

Today is lazy day. I've got my box set of Stargate: SG1 and season 5 episodes to watch.

Happy Sunday!

maryb said...

Ah, Greece ... Another place I've always wanted to go. Thanks Nancy!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. And Andi, I'm glad you got to sleep in. So did I, I got up at 8:30. lol!

I went to see The Savages yesterday. Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman were great. But the previews led me to expect it would be funny and ... it wasn't. It was sad. (And slow).

Next week - comedy.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Hi all,

Nancy, the photo brought back many memories--but what really brought it back was Beth's "octopus hanging on the line" line--OMG, how could I have forgotten that?!

And has anybody tried retsina?

Anonymous said...

the German could not and he did not answer eight times the Hogan's Heroes theme before the phone fell silent

his fitful sleep disturbed the tranquil night that encased him like the warmth of the womb while muffling warnings and events that crept into his life

he had killed before that was not the problem it was the apparent unnecessary nature of someone young dying long before their time -- he could die he was old not old old but old enough to have the words that he had lived a full life slide over him without snagging on deeds left undone

morning came late as he sluffed off the crust of sleep while a sliver of orange light leaked through the thin layer of clouds that had overlaid the sky above him during the night like a silent assassin

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the phone chimed and he answered it

the woman shrieked. where the hell are you

Hell he answered and closed the phone

-cormac mccarthy

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize the octopus was a common sight, Conda!! :-)

Yep, have tried retsina. Don't recall NOT liking it...but to be honest, the only drink I'm not fond of is a martini, so...

Sis and BIL arrived yesterday with no problems. Spent the afternoon at an old Florida bar, the Nav-A-Gator. They're off to see the Red Sox today, while I work on my word count and try not to catch this cold that's nudging me.

Peaceful Sunday, y'all!

boran2 said...

Ugh. I've been painting this weekend, walls not canvases. I hate painting walls.

On the upside, it's gotten up to the 40s and I drove my old car around for a bit. Woohoo.