Thursday, February 7, 2008

Need green?

Photo by Andif

Ladies and Gents, are you as low on green as I am at this time of year? Is your account just plain outa green? Are you in need of great, lush infusions of GREEN? Well, then, let's take our coffee/tea to the meadow where spring is always bursting out all over. Bring your blankets and lie on the grass, or grab a bench inside the shelter. Ahhh, it's warm, and it's cheerful, and it's pretty, and it's GREEN.


katiebird said...

Oh, that's lovely. Just Lovely. Thank you Andi & Nancy.

AndiF said...

kb, hi. Now go back to bed!

Ah Nancy, a world of green would be so nice. Right now the dominant color is muck brown (you remember that one from your crayola box, don't you).

katiebird said...

Good Morning Andi,
I would (go back to bed) but my left shoulder is killing me and it feels just a little better sitting up. I might stretch out on the couch though. I feel really bad for mister trying to sleep through my gyrations.

AndiF said...

I'm sorry about the pain, kb. I hope that stretch on the couch has stretched out into a nap.

olivia said...

Morning Nancy, katieb, Andi.

Green is so nice.

It's snowing again this morning.


Rick Bylina said...

Nice pic.

I have Mahoneys, stinking hellabores (lenten roses), and yes, the first of the daffidils and crocuses to keep the winter blues away. Of course, I've got about 5,000 or more daffidils planted in the yard/woods and a few are bound to be confused as to when to bloom. But I'm glad they are.

I feel your pain, KB. My lower back was crying uncle yesterday. I finished the chopping, splitting, and stacking of a big old oak. Final count: 2.3 cords of wood. Now on to the giant poplar that fell at the very edge of my back property. Don't know how old it is, but it is 26 inches across and fell last spring in a storm. The oak was 96 rings old, termite infested, and one good wind away from falling across my driveway based on the exaggerated lean.

Maria Lima said...

Mmmm, lovely!

We've got the relentless gray theme going now. The warm slid into a chillier 40s and I guess winter is back.

Thanks for all the congrats yesterday. I'm still riding the wave of glee. :)

Have a great Friday all!

FARfetched said...

Hey all! Outdoor picnic today? Sounds good. Nice pic there, Andi.

Things are starting to green up around FAR Manor. Not warm enough to hang around outside by any means, but the fireplace insert is cranking out some BTUs now that I opened it up for the day.

KB, my left shoulder is bothering me this morning too! Laying on my back was the only comfortable position for it.

Hey O: I was wondering if kids up your way do crazy stuff on ice skates like they do on rollerblades or skateboards.

Rick, its peonys and the crazy rhododendron bush (stop me before I bloom again!) here. That oak should keep you nice & warm next winter. 2.3 cords is a pretty impressive stack. Poplar burns like the teenager's idea of a perfect date: hot and fast. ;-)

FARfetched said...

Whoops, Maria and I crossed in the writing! Hey Maria, did you bring the champagne today?

Rick Bylina said...

Maria...Congrats on the book being a pick. Popped over to the website, the first I've heard of it. So many websites/blogs, so little time. I think when I started mine, I was the 25,000,000th one created...or there abouts.

Far...I've got four cords stacked, so I only need to do three more before March 1st when the bugs start flying for real.

Can't do the champagne this morning. Off in a few minutes to go for yet another interview and have the dermotologist scrap, burn, cut another spot of ugliness from my fair skin. Yippee, my day is complete. :-)

Later, gators...write on!

AndiF said...

Morning O, Rick, Maria, and Far.

Sorry about the snow, O. :(

Nancy, you really got my green addiction going. So ...


   more green

      even more green

Maria Lima said...

Far - the champagne is over there in the cooler chilling. Strawberries or orange juice to go with. :)

Salud! said...

Poplar burns like the teenager's idea of a perfect date: hot and fast.

LOL, Far. And you don't really have to cut them down, Rick, just bump 'em once with the farm truck and all the branches fall off.

They will anyway; but if you don't use the truck, they get to decide when.

Nancy P said...

Good morning to the halt and the lame and the spring-starved and all.

Rhododendrons, croci, daffs,peonies??? Far and Rick, you--as the lol cat site would say it--haz them??? I haz the green of jealousy.

Coffee first, Maria's champagne (YAY!) later.

Nancy P said...

Sympathies to you, kb, and to far's shoulder and to Rick's back.

Sympathies to Olivia for getting more snow. Ugh. Just think how much Family Man would love to have that! But he probably has daffodils, too, so we're not speaking to him, right, O?

GORGEOUS GREEN, Andi. I can't pick my fav. Maybe the top one.

Ghost, that sounds like the sort of activity it would be hard to do jut once. "Hmm, that tree came down easy. That was fun. I'll just bump that one more over there. . ."

Anonymous said...

Morning, all! Was out of town yesterday (stop laughing), so missed congratulating Maria - belated but hearty ones!

Sorry about the lack of green...keeping my mouth shut. We had rain this morning, which was wonderful. Our parched land is whispering, "More, please." Thanks for the beautiful pix, andi - makes me long for the woods.

Hope bad shoulders and backs heal over a long, relaxing weekend.

I'm looking for aspirin - drank too much wine with my friends yesterday...

Conda said...

Green, glorious green. Thank you for the pics, Andi & Nancy.

My road is so bad my car almost got stuck last night--20 feet from my front door. And for the first time in many years, they closed the road to Bogus Basin (ski mountain above Boise) and people who were up there had to follow a pilot car down.

Oh well, at least it's going to warm up to 36 degrees today!

Nancy P said...

Beth, I was just about to send out a Beth Alert to make sure you were okay. :)

Conda. . .Pilot Car. . .sounds like it could be a Will Ferrell movie.

House cleaning day. It's the weirdest thing. Once a week I make everything nice and tidy. But invariably by the time Friday rolls around again, my working/living space looks as if five people have moved in and left all their belongings all around me. How do I do that?

katiebird said...


Anonymous said...

I'm here, Nancy! Just cursing Bacchus...

Jen, I was in Dade City yesterday. What a great little town! Old architecture, lots of gifty shops and restaurants - quite a surprise. I hear Mount Dora is equally as quaint...

FARfetched said...

Beth, Bacchus is a little easier to deal with if you drink plenty of water with your beverage-of-choice. That night I put away half a bottle of rum, I also drank a ton of water & wasn't hungover the next morning. I still had a buzz on, though. Not the best feeling, but better than feeling sick.

KB, are you going to put up a J4T this morning or do you want me to do it? I would have done it yesterday if I'd thought about it before 3pm. :-P

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what's going on, far. I only had 3 glasses of wine in a 5+ hour period, plus TONS of water. I ate fish and chicken and salad and fruit and one piece of bread - and not huge quantities - yet I feel like the Michelin Man with a whopper of a headache. Who knows. I'll be fine tomorrow! But thanks for the advice... :-)

katiebird said...

FAR that would be wonderful. Fantastic. THANK YOU!

Kelly McCullough said...

Morning all,

Mimosas for Maria, yum. Hi KB, Andi, Olivia, Rick, Maria, Far, Ghost, Nancy, Beth, Conda, and anyone who showed up while I was typing this.

The WPR interview went well enough that I've been invited back for another, possibly longer chat sometime in August to promote CodeSpell and talk about writers groups. The TV gig was my second appearance with this particular cable access program which I found out is now up to 100,000 viewers in Western Wisconsin. I'm kind of glad that I found that out after rather than before since it would have added to my pre-interview nerves. Oh and it might lead to teaching a seminar of some sort too. Good fun.

I broke 70,000 words on the 4th WebMage yesterday which puts me into the home stretch (less than 20,000 to go) and leaves me feeling lighter and calmer.

I still have to write a library talk and I'm still not sure what the balance on that should be, but I'm going to bring my portable office with me so I can show them a writer in his natural habitat.

Lovely green, Andi. I miss it. It's snowing here and we won't see real green for at least another month.

I'm apparently completely chatty today, but I should probably run off and get some work done on the book. Back in a while.

TTFN and hopes for recovery of backs, shoulders, and hangovers as appropriate.

maryb said...

Morning everyone. Sorry about the morning after feeling Beth, but at least you enjoyed yourself in the lead-up.

I love the picture - especially the dogwood. And is that a redbud over on the left? I want spring.

Sorry about your shoulder kb. There's nothing worse than not being able to lay down without makeing the pain worse.

Jen said...

Jen, I was in Dade City yesterday. What a great little town! Old architecture, lots of gifty shops and restaurants - quite a surprise. I hear Mount Dora is equally as quaint...

Never been either place -- I usually stuck to the coasts in FL, venturing into the middle mostly just for Gainesville (college parties) and DisneyWorld (theme park rides). :) Glad you had fun and were pleasantly surprised.

Big ups to KMc on all of his writerly production!

FARfetched said...

Beth, sorry to hear that. Maybe the fish didn't agree with you?

KB, I've rambled something together for a Friday J4T. Hope it suits!

Kelly, sounds like it all went well! 100K viewers on a cable access channel? Wow… with videoblogs and the like, I wouldn't have expected something like that to even exist anymore, let alone thrive like that. But you're in the home stretch now… that's when you start the 3000 word days, right? Sounds like you'll be done in a week, then.

Hi Jen! Could you perhaps explain why a town in Florida would be named "Mount" anything??? ;-)

AndiF said...

Afternoon to all the later arrivals.

Mary, yep that's a redbud.

Heh, Nancy -- that top picture is one I took to show that the grass really is greener over the septic field.

Kimberly Frost said...

So beautiful. Thanks for sharing it!

Waves to everyone. :)

Kelly McCullough said...

Far, yeah, barring misfortune one to two more weeks. This book has gone slower and with more stops and starts than I'd like so I can't be sure. But if I can get it done by the end of February it'll still be under 6 months and I won't be allowed to complain.

Jen said...

Hi Jen! Could you perhaps explain why a town in Florida would be named "Mount" anything??? ;-)

Perverts, the only possible answer is perverts.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Jen! Very short, very deluded perverts. :-)

There's a town in Iowa named Mt. Pleasant. I was there for work once, and we decided that they got a deal on the water tower, which already had the name painted on it...

Anonymous said...

pipe gurgles water on the air-brushed foundation overhung by broken limbs decorated with shredded necessities of life fronting a landscape dotted by appliances strewn like boulders as the smell of rotten cabbage lingers hissing its discontentment

sirens wail teeth gnash vinyl flaps tin crinkles and crashes in the gusty aftermath cacophony that swirls the taste of death in my mouth as a coyote cries in the distance his world shattered as completely or more

Marla hands me a doughnut chocolate little jimmies on top custard inside I don’t ask where she got it but cradle it

Fluffy appears matted with mud confused whine but tail awagging I scratch a bent ear

a stranger hands me sweet muddy coffee I swish my mouth the steam clears my nostrils

my craggy features droop before the angelic voice

itll be okay

little girl smiles lower tooth missing clutching half-naked dolly

i smile back showing my space

nature restores most our memories fill the gaps

hope rules

-cormac mccarthy

boran2 said...

Psst, Nancy. It should be titled Got Green. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

That green sure is nice. Thanks, Andi!

Nancy P said...

Hi, everybody I missed earlier.

Good news about the interview, Kelly. You'll be a tv pro in no time.

Conda, Maryb, Jen, Kimberly, boran2 (ha!), and. . .

Nice, Cormac, especially the matching smiles.