Monday, February 11, 2008

Moody blues

Photo by Andif
Musical accompaniment: Tuesday Afternoon, 1970


katiebird said...

Ah Nancy, I can't wait to got to sleep so I can wake up and see it again!

Oh, Andi -- thank you. It's perfect.

AndiF said...

I wish it was foggy. Instead we've got snow, sleet, and freezing rain. And I've got to drive 70 miles to the airport in a few hours. Whine, whine.

Morning all.

Hey Beth, I'll be in California through Friday. Here's your chance to beat me up without breaking a sweat.

Family Man said...

Morning Nancy and Andi.

Nancy a lot of times a caption makes a picture. It's hard to beat Andi's picture, but your caption was icing on the cake. :)

Andi be careful on your drive to the airport, stay warm and then in CA stay cool, don't talk to strangers, look both ways before crossing the street, wash your hands often.......

I've got a hundred more, but that's enough father hening to get you started. :)

Hope everyone's day goes good today.

Rick Bylina said...

I love the Moody Blues. You can just barely see the unicorn in the background peeking out.

FARfetched said...

I love the Moodies too. I think they've got a song for just about every occasion.

We went to their concert in Atlanta in the 80s, when they were touring for the "Sur la Mer" album. We were sitting on like the 10th row, in front of one of those humongous speaker stacks, and they were rockin'!

We're going to get rain here, but not the freezing kind. Be safe on the roads, Andi!

Granola bars are in the kitchen (almond/honey). I'm thinking chicken soup for lunch.

Jen said...

Hope you have a safe trip Andi!

We've got the same rotten weather here, and I've got my fingers crossed that it doesn't forestall our return to the modern age. Last week the dishwasher broke and ever since we have been living like we are in the Little House on the Prairie (except for the muppet themed paper bowls) but a dude is supposed to come install a new one today. Hopefully Lowe's keeps Nanook of the North on payroll.

Maria Lima said...

I adore the Moody Blues and am totally jealous of Far for having seen them in concert.

Perfect photo for my mood today. I'm still sick, evidently, there is another symptom of the Office Death Cold (digestive). Seriously NOT FUN!

Crawling back to bed. Hope everyone's day is good.

Beth said...

Be safe on your way to the airport, andi. And hopefully the CA weather makes up for the icky part of traveling. I'll try to get up early and hold up your end of the posting.

No sweating here - 62 and gloomy, rain in the forecast. We're crossing our fingers. Too many fires burning.

Hope Nanook shows up today, Jen!

boran2 said...

Good morning all. We're getting ready for the storm to arrive here later today. Gotta go out and do some panic shopping. Fortunately us civil servants have the day off.

Nancy P said...

Morning, everybody. Did you notice,to the right of that video on YouTube, there's one for "In Your Wildest Dreams?" Did we really have music videos in 1986???

The 80's are a cultural blank to me. I spent them bringing up baby and starting my fiction career. I can't even remember what clothes we wore or what music we heard. My ex-husband had a really unfortunate cultural blank--the late sixties and early 70's! He was in the submarine service and missed so much that he couldn't even name the Beatles!! Maybe that should have been a sign. :)

(Wildest Dreams. Still listening. What an addictive song.)

Beth said...

MTV started in 1981, so we had music videos then, anyway. I used to watch Top of the Pops in London in the 70's...

The Moodies sure look young! What great songs...give me chills. Makes me think of my college days.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

Beth said...

Oops, Top of the Pops was a music show that combined videos and live performances by top artists. Came on every week at 7pm on Tuesday (or was it Thursday?)...we never missed it, being high schoolers. Tom Jones, the Beatles, Engelbert Humperdink, Cliff Richard, David Soul, the Stones - looking back, what a combination of music!

Nancy P said...


Did we have cable then?

See what I mean? I was totally out of it except for typing and diapers. I do, however, remember specific Sesame Street episodes. And my stories that got rejected. Self-Absorbed Was Me.

Kelly McCullough said...

Morning all.

Lovely pic, and appropos as I'm a little foggy myself this morning. The library talk went well, and the mile walk too and from was good exercise, especially considering the ~0 degree temps at the time.

Andi, take care on your trip.

Green tea this morning, a new blend that I'm not so sure about. The first half dozen sips had a fishy undertone that I didn't like much. It faded with time, though I'm not sure if that was getting used to it, or some function of flavor change as the temperature dropped.

I'm going to go hide and write now as I just found I get the CodeSpell galleys next week which takes a big bite out off the rest of February's writing time.

Conda said...

Great photo--and I appreciate it even more now that the sun is shining in Boise! And the Moody Blues, Nights of White Satin, what a great song.

FARfetched said...

Maria, I wish you could have been there too. One thing that stood out for me then and still does now, is the range of ages at that concert. People older than me were there with their kids, and everyone was groovin! In Your Wildest Dreams is still a great song; I have both the original and the live (at Red Rocks) versions on my iPod.

MTV, 1981? Sounds about right, but I'd have pegged it a year or two earlier. Of course there was cable, we had it when I was in junior high (1972-74), but the satellite channels like HBO and MTV came a little later. I remember watching MTV at a neighbor kid's house; we had the TV on playing Dungeons&Dragons. It was pretty much non-stop music videos back then ("remember when MTV actually played music videos?").

More Moodies: I was in Minneapolis at a summer job in 1981 (hi Kelly!) and heard "Gemini Dream" on the radio while riding with a co-worker. "Hey, that sounds like the Moody Blues," I said. "No way!" the co-worker said. "They were around when I was a kid!" (he was about 10 years older than moi)

maryb said...

Be safe Andi.

Jen ... if you were in Little House on the Prairie the dishwasher guy would come through a blinding snowstorm to deliver your dishwasher just like Pa came through a blinding snowstorm and over the creek to get home for Christmas.

Or not.

Nancy P said...

lol, Maryb!

Ooo, Far, lucky you!

That IS a great song, Conda.

Hey, Kelly, I'm drinking a lot more tea lately. I think it's your influence.

I hope I didn't miss anybody today. I'm been distracted by politics.