Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hump Day

Cracks me up.


Nancy P said...


Who's well?
Who's sick?
Who's here?
Who's gone?
Who's cheery?
Who's meh?

Me, I'm well, here, and happy, but I can't resist the Meh Cat.

AndiF said...

Feh, says (most of) the Pack. Feh to a life of always being on the wrong side of the door.

And we don't need no stinking cat.

Family Man said...

Good morning Nancy and Andi.

I'm here at least for awhile. Andi for (most of) the Pack, is that snow or just a bad case of dandruff. ;P

katiebird said...

Hugs to everyone! Hi Nancy & Andi & FamilyMan.

AndiF said...

Hi kb. Hi (again) FM.

Well, Fm decided for yourself:


is what it looked about 10 minutes after that picture was taken.

katiebird said...

(giggling) Andi -- very funny!

katiebird said...

Andi!! What? Are you kidding?

I sent the giggling message before I saw your second post. You got measurable snow within 10 minutes??


AndiF said...

It was an incredible little snow squall. But don't worry, kb, it only lasted about 30 minutes (but we got about 1/2" in that short time).

katiebird said...

(shaking head)

It's that kind of winter, isn't it?

Oh, My Gosh!! I just checked the temperature -- it's 6.5 outside!! What happened? I think it was in the 40s yesterday.

That's it. Next winter, I'm spending winter in Florida, with Beth.

FARfetched said...

Hey all! Greets to all who have already come in, and those who will drop by later!

Although the mornings are still cold, spring seems just around the corner. Baseball is cranking up in Florida, birds are coming around, I've seen a moth or two at night, the grass is greening up, etc. etc. The only thing to dampen my spirits this morning is the knowledge that I will shortly be going to work and facing that pylacrap. (Like I said at Jen's blog, I want Beth's life.) Being a perv at heart, I guess I just like the idea of a Hump Day, so on the whole it's cheery.

BTW, new FAR Future episode!

katiebird said...

Hi FAR!!

Rick Bylina said...

When I was in big corporation, we couldn't call it "hump" day because of the sexual overtones it created in the thought control police. Invite writers, we started calling Wednesday...dromedary.

I'll give you a moment. It's early.

The wood chopping and garden prep continues, so I guess it means I'm sick of being well enough to be here chopping would when I'd rather be cherry and gone fishing for catfish. Meh a like fishing.

Congrats on being literary enough to be mentioned on publinks. You be a trendsetting crossover writer.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all!

Nancy, I *love* the "meh" cat. Just about my mood this a.m. ::g::

Weather here is back to winter. We expect snow today.

Rick, you crack me up...dromedary, indeed!

I've got a long client phone call today (instead of an in person meeting, so that's good).

Off to the salt mines...you all behave! :)

Beth said...

Morning, everyone! Borrowing a signal again, on my way to play daughter for the day. Wish you all could spend the winter down here with me - it would have been a lot more fun!!

Is the meh cat gritting his teeth and playing nice behind those furry lips?

Off and running - have a good Dromedary Day (too funny, Rick!).


Kelly McCullough said...

7 below here, bleah. OTOH the book is moving and the end is in site and that always makes me cheerier. I'm going to shoot for another 3k today.

So that would be: well, here, and cheery with a side of bleah and an order of in-and-out to go.

Andi, cool snow pic.

KB, hugs back. Sounds like you're feeling cheerier. Yay!

And now, once more unto the book, dear friend.


Exits stage left.

katiebird said...

Hi Rick, Maria, Beth & Kelly.

I don't know if cheery is the appropriate word when it's not even 10 degrees outside. But I guess fighting the weather is better than fighting my emotions.

Oh, I never made it back to give Jen a hug yesterday. {{{Jen}}} even though I didn't make it back, I thought about you all day. Take care of yourself.

I DID stop by the gym for a morning walk for the first time in a month or more.

And I'm NOT going to any political blogs today. If you spot me breaking that promise, feel free to break my fingers. Seriously -- that would be way better than what some of those places do to my brain.

Jen said...


Thank you {{Katiebird}}.


katiebird said...

(smiling) Hi!

Conda V. Douglas said...

Oh, hilarious. Meh, indeed.

Hi all,

I'm here for a minute, then gone again. Didn't have time to mention yesterday that WRW is fabulous--and I'm certain that it'll be even greater with Nancy on board! I can't go this year--maybe next!

Kimberly Frost said...

Good morning, everyone!

Um, oops, it's afternoon. I totally slept in! I was out late at a party last night, but I can't believe how long I slept. (I'm actually very happy about it. I was sleep-deprived so much when I was younger (during residency) that getting enough sleep is still such a pleasure.

I'm sorry that I missed yesterday's discussion of WRW. It's a wonderful gathering of writers.

Andif, if you come to Cincy, I would LOVE to meet you, too! (The picture today was awesome, by the way.)

I have been writing like a fiend, so will continue to be a bit out of touch as I try to marathon along to the end of the new book.

Hugs to everyone. I'm thinking of you. :)

AndiF said...

Kimberly, I couldn't be happier to add you to my list of people who get to find out what a short, slobby, tactless person I am.

And glad you liked the pic.

Beth said...

Short? There's a problem with short? :-)

Hopefully you'll still have time for a fly-by visit when I pass through in April, andi - otherwise we'll get to meet in Cincy. It'll be a party! I can't wait.

Nancy P said...

Hi, everybody. I'm being sucked down the rabbit hole of writing, so I'm going to disappear for a while.

::Throws kisses as she vanishes from view::

AndiF said...

Beth, I'm still hoping/planning/expecting you on your way out west, Cincy notwithstanding (hmm, who does Cincy not stand with?).

And I just mention the short because everybody knows that I talk tall.

AndiF said...

Oh yeah ...

catches kisses, wipes lipstick off, waves bye-bye.

Beth said...

I'm still planning on stopping, andi. My head is spinning with logistics right now. I should have concrete plans in the next few days.

And we'll stand together in Cincy, too!

Bye Nancy - write pretty!

AndiF said...

Beth, notwithstanding my desire to have you come here, if it does get too complicated, knowing I'll see you in May means that I won't be crushed if you need to bypass me. Really.

Beth said...

Nope, no bypassing necessary. You're right on the way! But thanks for the offer, and if I have no choice, I'll remember it, andi.