Monday, April 20, 2009

Bon jour

I believe Katiebird requested coffee yesterday? Hey, around here? We deliver.


AndiF said...

Too bad I can't reach through the monitor to get that cup but about 5 more minutes and I'll have my own.

bono, I really wished I had a toy raft or canoe to put down in that shot to complete the effect. :)

Bon matin, mes amis.

Lisa M said...

Beautiful coffee--Great way to start the day.

So I just went to Twitter for the first time. UBERGEEK be me. I hate blundering around in things I have no clue about. But I had this dream about a friend that lives in London and only can find an out of date email address. Googled her and got the Twitter thing. So I sign up and all my contacts come up and say I'll follow a few. Yeah Maria--a friendly face. But am really clueless about how to deal with that process. So wrote my first tweet. Wipes sweat from brow.

Andi, Forget the toys, Let's go canoeing.

Terrific Tuesday to All.

Anonymous said...

Morning! I tend to creep into new technology late - still haven't ventured into Twitterdom yet. But I'm sure it'll happen. Yay Lisa for taking the plunge, and finding a friend.

Dunkin Donuts has 50 cent iced coffee today, so I'll stop on my way to the airport for my daily (decaf) fix. Until then, have an extra one for me, andi.

Off to the Oregon Coast for the week - a late birthday present to myself. Really excited to explore familiar towns and new ones, walk on the beach, get rained on - and be back on the Correct Coast again. This is a week of sad anniversaries, so I'm looking forward to the distraction. I'll touch base as I can.

Have a glorious week, everyone!

Maria Lima said...

Bonjour, tous mes amis!

Lisa, welcome to Twitter. :) If anyone else joins the gang, I'm there as "chickwriter". I like it because I can more easily write 140 characters or less as opposed to a full blog post. At least this way, I don't vanish from the WWW. ::g::

Contracts arrived for Book 4, must review, sign and return. Eeek, the legalese!! This is why agents are worth every penny of their percentage. Whew.

Off to the mime on another grey and rainy day...

Dina said...

Been missing in action recently, but my order is for tea or possibly hot chocolate with a side order of friends.

Hi all. Thinking about you even when I haven't been here.

katiebird said...

Perfect! That's exactly the cup I was begging for. And I need it just as much today -- Thank you!

Andi, Do you live anywhere near Indianapolis (I guess this question proves I need some coffee) - I'm very likely to be going there for a few days with my dad sometime in the next couple of months.

Maybe we could meet-up?

FARfetched said...

Grumble. DIdn't get the pix off the camera last night. I'm working at home today, so it has to happen shortly… especially since I have to snap a few for work.

Lisa, I'm FARfetched58 on Twitter - gimme a follow & I'll follow you back. ;-)

maryb said...

mmm cafe. I'm drinking my starbucks latte that I got down on the first floor of my building and I'm starting to feel human.

I'm ambivalent about Twitter. I look at it but I don't really find it interesting most of the time. Most of the time I forget to check it.

AndiF said...

katiebird -- yes!! I am about 50 miles south of downtown Indy. Also, I'm originally from there so I should be able to help you out with info you need. BTW, it will be beautiful down here next month so if you and your Dad feel up to an excursion, I'd love to have you come visit (or we can meet in our little tourist town if you'd rather avoid the dogs).

FARfetched said...

Finally sorted through the pix.

Phylicia Rashad performance — Daughter Dearest is in the chorus, top row, all the way to the right (about the center of the pic).

Anonymous said...

Back home. United screwed up my flights today, so I'm leaving tomorrow now, instead. Wish I found out before I drove an hour to the airport, parked, went thru security, etc. etc. Sigh. Oh well, I'll try again in the morning!

maryb said...

Well that really sucks Beth. The actual flying part of flying never bother me (in fact as long as no one annoying is next to me I kind of enjoy flights - lots of time to myself to read.) But the part you went through is the part I don't like. Sorry you'll have to go through it twice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks maryb - I agree, I enjoy the flying/reading part. I'm just telling myself there's a reason for it, and not getting too bent out of shape. But I think United owes me some gas and parking money! :-)

Hopefully there won't be any screaming babies on the flights - I can handle anything else...

FARfetched said...

Heh, Beth, if you expected to get anything out of United, you should have done it before you left the airport!

I can understand the babies… the pressure changes are hurting their ears & they don't know how to make it stop. I dunno if sucking a plug would help that or not. I do know The Boy complained mightily on his pre-natal air trip — he started kicking a LOT during the descent.

Anonymous said...

Nah, I didn't expect anything. At least they didn't strand me on a runway somewhere for hours - or in an airport halfway across the country. I'm usually happy with their service - they just stumbled today, but made it right - so far, anyway!

At least The Boy didn't deafen his fellow passengers on THAT trip! :-)

JimF said...

I only have a few more days before my sixth graders end the poetry unit. Today one of my kids added this poem to her anthology. She'll probably have a Shel Silverstein and a Jack Prelutsky wrapping around it.

THE TRAP - William Beyer

"That red fox,
Back in the furthest field,
Caught in my hidden trap,
Was half mad with fear.
During the night
He must have ripped his foot
From the cold steel.
I saw him early this morning,
Dragging his hurt leg,
Bleeding a path across the gold
Whining with the pain;
His eyes like cracked marbles.
I followed as he moved,
His thin body pulled to one side
In a weird helplessness.
He hit the wire fence,
Pushing through it
Into the deep, morning corn,
And was gone.”
The old man looked around the
To see if anyone was listening.
“Crazy red fox,
Will kill my chickens no longer.
Will die somewhere in hiding.”
He lit the brown tobacco carefully,
Watching the blue smoke rise and
In the movement of the air.
Scratching his red nose slowly,
Thinking something grave for a long
He stared out of the bright window.
“He won’t last long with that leg,” he
The old man turned his head
To see if his wife was listening.
But she was deep in thought,
Her stained fingers
Pressing red berries in a pie.
He turned his white head
Toward the open window again.
“Guess I’ll ride into the back field,
first thing.
Some mighty big corn back there this
Mighty big corn.”
His wife looked up from her work,
Smiled almost secretly to herself,
And finished packing the ripe berries
Into the pale crust.

boran2 said...

Good evening all!

Too late for coffee, unless it's decaf.

I've never used twitter. There are already too many distractions.

Tomorrow is the big car inspection. Hopefully it will live up to its appearance.

FARfetched said...

Off to the mimes.