Saturday, April 11, 2009


May I introduce Porch Sally and Mr. PS? He's crouching down, because I whined that he was too tall for my camera. She's holding an early copy of her new mystery novel, Patterns in the Sand, the second of her new Seaside Knitters series. It will be available in bookstores in May, and the paperback of the first book in the series, Death by Cashmere, is in stores this month. And that's not even all the good news. Maybe the best news of all is that Friday was Sally's last day at her full-time job as an editor. She had just arrived home from work--FOR THE LAST TIME--a little while before this photo was taken. Now she can WRITE fulltime. On her screened-in porch. With ME.

Congratulations, Sally Goldenbaum, and congratulations to Sally's fans, too!


Nancy P said...

Tomorrow, Sally & I will go to a signing for another friend's new mystery novel. He's having his event in the Starbucks where he writes. If I get a photo, I'll put him up in the rogue's gallery tomorrow.

Happy whatever you're observing, everybody!

Lisa M said...

Porch Sally--free at last and new books to boot.
I was just thinking we hadn't heard anything about or from Sally in a while.
Serious Porch Time coming up.
You'll be able to leisurely wander over and visit more now.

The Easter Bunny'll be wearing a rain coat this year in Dallas. Slow drizzle right now. And boy do we need it.
No kids home so no hiding those plastic eggs under the furniture or in the bookcase or out in the flower bed or in the crook of a tree. Rests cheek on palm and sighs.

Spring--time of renewal.
Hope all can find a lift in their spirits this Sunday.

AndiF said...

A good Easter to all those who celebrate it.

Lisa, what are you doing up! Go back to sleep now! (Teachers always follow instructions.)

Congrats to Sally on both the book and her escape from wage slavery.

Morning all.

FARfetched said...

Yay Sally!!!

Sunrise service shortly. Up way too early. Lisa, hide a few eggs in the classroom tomorrow....

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Sally on many fronts!! Thanks for introducing us face to face (sorta), Nancy. (waving to Sally)

I'm off to Gainesville to spend the day with a college girlfriend - haven't seen her in a few years, so am excited. She promises Easter doings, too. High 70's and sunny here - send that rain this way when you're through with it, Lisa. Maybe next year you can volunteer at a local egg hunt...

Happy Easter, everyone!

Jen said...

Sorry I missed Nancy mooning everyone yesterday. ;) Congratulations to Sally of the Porch!

katiebird said...

:) That's so great - Congratulations Sally!

Maria Lima said...

Congrats to Sally!!

I'm spending another lazy day. It's brilliant.

Happy whatever celebration to all!

maryb said...

Congratulations Sally! And Happy Easter to all who celebrate. Everyone - have a good day no matter who you are or what you are doing or what the weather's like. :)

Sally said...

Thank you all so much for the nice wishes (and Nancy for the wonderful PR! She is a woman of many many talents!) You are all so gracious and nice....and I hope I CAN drop in more often. You have interesting things to say and the photos make me feel I have gotten in a good dose of meditation for the day.
Thank you, thank you!
(The booksigning for our friend Joel Goldman's new book was held at his writing office--a Starbucks, where he is very clearly the favorite customer. It was fun and he sold lots and lots of books!)
Happy Easter/Passover everyone. We've been eating a combo of chocolate eggs and Matzah here.

Kelly McCullough said...

Big congratulations to Sally! Writing full time is the best gig ever.

Anonymous said...

I was there around this time last year for a Joel book signing at the mystery bookstore. Nancy introduced me as her writer friend, and I was SO flattered! And Joel was entertaining, and the bookstore lovely, and his book was really good. Fond memories -

Guess I should be doing more writing at Starbucks!

Hope the Easter Bunny left lots o' chocolate for everyone, and none of those little icky peep things. :-) I had a great day with my friend, and a new teddy bear (dressed in a duck suit) to add to my collection. Anyway, have a good night, all.

bono said...

Congrats, Sally! I enjoyed the first Seaside Knitters book and look forward to reading the second.

Is there such a thing as too much chocolate? If so, I think I had too much. Peeps, Beth? Did you see this research re: peeps? I especially enjoyed the section on peep health. lol

Monday's almost here. Everyone get ready to start your engines!

Nancy P said...

Beth, was it really a year ago??? Wow, tempus fugit, and all that jazz.

I forgot to take my camera to Joel's signing, dagnabit.

Sally, I think I am nearly as happy about your change of life as you are. :D

"Rests cheek on palm and sighs." Aw, Lisa, that's cute.

Andif, there's a challenge coming up for you in the next post.

Far, nice Easter service?

I used to love dying Easter eggs and hiding them. Practically my favorite thing, although what I really liked best was being a kid and searching for them.

Jen, if that had been me mooning, there wouldn't have been so much sky to see.

Hey, Kb, Maria, and Maryb, I hopw you all had lovely days, rain or shine.

Nancy P said...

Bono, I'm calling the SPCP, lol.

FARfetched said...

Hi Nancy, the service went well. Everyone seemed to enjoy the cantata, although ending on a high G for three measures can be taxing!

Hi Sally!

Teacher Maricel said...

Dear Nancy: I am a teacher of English from Chile. My students read one of your short stories "Lazy Susan" for a reading test they have. I was so shocked when I found this blog, It's incredible the way in which you are close to ur readers in this way. Maybe it's one of the mysteries of life.

Lisa M said...

Maricel--How wonderful you found us. I am a teacher in Dallas, Texas. Curious thing is I now have a writer friend that lives in Chile. She's American but has lived in Chile many years now. So technology is a wonderful thing.

Come back and visit. Let us know how we can help you with that English teaching.

Why Nancy is so close with her readers is NOT a mystery.
She is a FANTASTIC LADY. She has spent much of this year traveling to meet with and talk to readers all over her state of Kansas.

Nancy P said...

Dear Teacher Maricel, how wonderful of you to stop by and say hello. Please give your students my best regards.

"Maybe it's one of the mysteries of life."

That^^^ made me really smile!

And Lisa, you're pretty dear, too. :)