Saturday, April 18, 2009

Deer watering hole at sunset

This is our neighbor's little stream in their back yard. The critters, especially the deer, love this fresh water. Soon, it will be surrounded by tall flowers.

Click on photo to enlarge.


Nancy P said...

Ha! I just saw that I've been putting "click on photo to enlarge" on MY pictures, and not on Andi's.


Nancy P said...

Of course, I feel guilty about that. Why do you ask?

Lisa M said...

Nancy, you OFTEN put click to enlarge with Andi's.
Besides, you're so excited at showing us YOUR beautiful pictures you want us to get all the glorious details.

Slept till almost 6--wonderful. When Hubby is out of town, the critters can be ignored a bit more.

The sun broke out yesterday and is supposed to stay around today. Gotta get the mowing done. Amazing how the grass and weeds(grrr)pop up with some rain and sun.

Today I rewrite outline to send to Independent Editor for round two. Round one went well. Got several ideas on some restructuring to strengthen story.

Relaxing Sunday for All.

AndiF said...

What a lovely spot and a perfect place to pull up a lounge chair and fall asleep to the sound of flowing water. So do you neighbors find your neighbors regularly find strange people napping on their lawn?

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your world, Nancy! I'm so glad you bought a camera. And that stream is yet another reason I need to buy a house and retire the traveling wand for a while. Then again, the grass and weeds thing is a reason not to... :-)

Thunderstorms here - might make for a wet drive home. But it's better than snow! It's been a great visit, and will be hard to leave my twin. Look for stories tomorrow at my place!

Enjoy your peaceful writing day, Lisa. And I hope everyone else has a wonderful Sunday.

Nancy P said...

Lisa, you're so nice. :D Btw, how'd you find your independent editor?

Andi, lol. "Critters" could include humans.

Beth, I don't know how you feel about driving on wet days, but I love it, partly because there's no glare on my eyes. Yesterday I drove through rolling landscape in a thick mist, and it was so pretty that way. Just so long as it isn't pouring down on you! Happy travels. do you listen to the radio or CD's?

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! Enjoying the lazy Sunday a.m.

Reading Jim Butcher's latest Harry Dresden (so far, his best yet!)

Spa day was wonderful yesterday. So worth the high price.

Lisa, best wishes for a great writing day!

Sending you all good mojo for a fabulous Sunday.

Nancy P said...

Maria, do you do spa day with a pal, or in blissful solitude?

FARfetched said...

Hey all… love the watering hole, Nancy.

Daughter Dearest has a concert this afternoon… she and about 60 of her fellow students will be singing backup for Phylicia Rashad. There will be pictures. They said, "no flash," but I have an f1.8 lens that will make such things unnecessary.

Nancy P said...

Far, is that the actress who played Bill Cosby's wife on his series? I didn't know she was a singer, too. Is there some particular reason she'd be there at that school? Yes, definitely want pictures, plz.

AndiF said...

Hey another great review [LINK] for Maria at SfSite!

Way to go Farf's daughter.

Keep up the good writing, Lisa.

Be careful driving, Beth.

(And my copyeditor just pointed out that my stuttered sentence was supposed to read So do you neighbors regularly find strange people napping on their lawn?)

bono said...

Wow, lovely pic, Nancy. I want those people for neighbors. Perfect napping spot as Andif pointed out.

Congrats on the wonderful review, Maria.

Sleep, glorious sleep. Glad you were able to catch some zzzz's, Lisa. And great news re: meeting w/ editor!

Safe travels, Beth. Looking forward to the pix, Farf.

Bluetit? Wonder if it's any relation to the blue booby (actually blue footed booby). Who names these things?! lol

Off to do Sunday chores. All inside today which is a good thing. Rain is in the forecast. Have a great day!

Nancy P said...

Blood Bargain is a terrific read. I anxiously await the release of Blood Kin this fall to see what happens next. AHHH, nice, Maria!

Nancy P said...

bono, lol! And a happy Sunday to you. . .and to all. I'm off to Porch Sally's, uh, porch.

Anonymous said...

I only mind when trucks throw roostertails of water on me as they pass, Nancy. Otherwise I don't mind driving in rain or sun or clouds...anything but snow and ice! (and traffic)

Turned out the storm hasn't arrived yet, so the drive home was dry and painless. The rain's supposed to be here tomorrow - yippee!

Hope everyone is having a peaceful Sunday. I'm doing laundry and packing for the next (and hopefully) last trip for a while. Had a really great time with the twin, and was sorry to leave this morning.

Back to work. Wish I was on the porch with y'all!

Lisa M said...

Sally's Porch-Ah the simple pleasures. Good friend, comfortable place.

Finished mowing since we have some sun and wind to dry things out a bit.

Got the outline done. Story sounds more lame than I'd like when you put it in that form. Next I'll do some brainstorming in areas that better illustrate the duality of my main character and give the reader some less predictable situations.

I met the independent editor, Lisa Rector in California. I don't know if you've met her Nancy, but know you'll be working with her when you work with Maass later in the year. Saw your name on a flier for I'm thinking Oregon session.

FARfetched said...

Nancy, that's the one. She's apparently extremely versatile, but I'm not sure what got her to visit little ol' Reinhardt. Got pix, thank God for f1.8 lenses, I will pull them off the camera and post them tomorrow.

I was teasing DD this evening that she already has a fairly impressive career as a singer at age 19: performances at the Governor's Mansion, Dizzy World, and Universal Studios, and now this.

Anonymous said...

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