Saturday, April 4, 2009

On the road again

My road won't look like this tomorrow, however. It will be I-70 to Salina, and probably with a bit of snow and--they're predicting--gusts up to 40 mph. Whee! If only it could be an east wind, I'd get there so much sooner.

This is the last of my multi-library treks, sob, and this one is only three towns. After this, there will only be the stray single library here and there. I'm going to miss this traveling from small town to small town, although I'll admit I'm also reaching the end of my stamina for it. For now. It has truly been great while it lasted and it's also been so nice to be able to share my photos and tales with you guys. Thanks so much for being so receptive.

I'll be back on Wednesday, but I'll see you here while I'm gone.


AndiF said...

Don't forgot your camera! Can't wait to see you pics and hear what stories you'll bring us from this trip.

Be careful out there!

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Saft trip, Nancy.
Windy here too so be careful of those wind gusts.

An image just flickered through my mind--a woman wearing a coat and a scarf.
Do women wear scarfs on their heads any more? When I was growing up my mom and grandmothers all had scarfs when it was windy or cold. That was in the day of weekly hair appointments at the beauty shop.
I miss those bright scarfs.
Men don't wear hats either much and I miss that too. In the old movies I love--Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart look so good in their hats.

Thanks for all the fabulous poetry!!! Such a wide variety this time.

Beautiful here yesterday and in the 80s. Supposed to only get in the 60s today--someone up there's sending their cold wind our way. I'll push it on and send back some Texas sun and warmth.

Farf I'm out doing yard work this weekend. Cleaning flower beds and mowing and weed eating and edging.
Just grateful we don't have chickens or other livestock.

Waves to Andi and all to come.

katiebird said...

(waving) You have an amazing level of stamina Nancy! I am in awe of what you've done this winter & spring.

Driving through wind can be more dangerous than people think -- so (I'll repeat it) be careful!

Anonymous said...

Nice to enjoy someone else's road trip for a change, Nancy. Have fun, don't get blown away, take pics! There will be more libraries in your future...

I was talking about head scarves with someone recently, Lisa. We were lamenting that no one wears them any more, and how functional they were.

Enjoy the yardwork - we're supposed to get nasty storms again this afternoon. And 20 degree temp drops by Tuesday.

Carolina won last night - yippee! And watch for my friend Roman White on the Country Music Awards tonight - he's a director, and up for Carrie Underwood's video. Yay Ro!!

Enjoy your Sunday, folks. (waving) I'm off to do laundry and clean house...

bono said...

Great poetry. I love being exposed to new (to me) poets here. Thank you.

My sister still wears scarves. She has very sensitive ears and is prone to earaches if she doesn't wear them if there's a teeny bit of wind. Me, I don't like anything on my head.

Safe travels, blog mistress. Looking forward to the virtual travel thru more of Kansas.

Yup, Sunday chores time. Have a good one, everyone.

Jen said...

Hope you have another great trip Nancy!

Lisa M said...

Beth--Thanks for reminding me about Roman!! Good chance of winning with such a hot vehicle as Carry Underwood.
Glad your glad about the Bball winners.

Jim, thanks for the book suggestion. I'll have to look that one up. I recognize the author and know she's an award winner.

Scarves or scarfs I had to ponder that. Both are correct so I can let it go now. Those kinds of things niggle at my brain. With this group I don't want to be sloppy with words.

Well I got the weedeating done and back flower bed and more of the side bed done but I'm thinking I may not be able to move so well tomorrow slinging that weedeater around and using the limb loppers to get rid of the tree and shrub suckers coming up. Chest and arm muscles are moaning a bit.
Hubby called dibs on the rest of the front so I'll let him have it.
WINDY.So glad to be inside again.

Andi--Pat the pups for me.

Nicky, I'm watching Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont. Love Joan Plowright and that young man--starving writer--is adorable. If you haven't seen it, quite enjoyable.

Waves to Jen--I liked Iowa thanks poem. Heart felt always makes great poetry.

FARfetched said...

Safe travel, Nancy!

It's getting a little windy here too. We might or might not get storms tonight… you think it was April or something. Was helping Daughter Dearest with algebra, but she's figured it out & I'm just on standby now. Speaking of scarves, she knitted me a short one for use on the motorcycle — short so it doesn't get wrapped up in the spokes while still around my neck. I've used it a few times, but in a few weeks it'll probably be put away for the season.

Hope everyone's having a nice Sunday…

Maria Lima said...

Safe trip, Nancy! I'm home again - much earlier than planned. Stupid work-related blow up yesterday afternoon, basically meant I had no fun con time and now I must go in to the mimes tomorrow. I am very much in need of new job.

The very tired and not happy Lima...who is still working on copy edits.

Hugs on you all.

JimF said...

I didn't realize that April is National Poetry Month until a few days after I started my poetry unit with my sixth graders. So you're all stuck with getting poems from me for the next few weeks. My kids are sharing new poems with me and making me see old poems with new eyes.

Here's one that seems appropriate for you, Nancy. Have a great trip.

Crossing Kansas by Train
by Donald Justice

The telephone poles
have been holding their
arms out
a long time now
to birds
that will not
settle there
but pass with
strange cawings
westward to
where dark trees
gather about
a waterhole. This
is Kansas. The
mountains start here
just behind
the closed eyes
of a farmer's
sons asleep
in their workclothes.

AndiF said...

Perfect poem, Jim. :)

Hope your travels are going well, Nancy and that you'll be bringing us some us photos soon.

Meanwhile I'll bring pictures for the Still Looking Down Monday Picture Post.

We hates cold weather, we does [LINK]

Look how gorgeous the elves keep their front uh moss [LINK]

Going with the flow -- very, very fast [LINK]

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Elf Lawns--I love it Andi.

We have a freeze warning for tonight. BAH. Had a fire in the fireplace yesterday evening. WINDY day made it seem much colder than it was.

Just a bit stiff this morning from all the lawn work. Yeah--maybe I'm not as big a wimp as I felt yesterday.

Four day week for me--Friday off!!!

Maria--big hug for disappointment and having to come home early.

Jim--Keep those fantastic poems coming!!

Marvelous Monday to All.

Anonymous said...

Monday already? Morning, all.

Big hugs to Maria.

Temps are falling here today, too. 80 yesterday - 73 today - 50's tomorrow. But we missed the latest rash of tornado and severe storm warnings last night - they were a little north of here. Can April come in like a lion, as well?

Roman didn't win last night (sob), but he says he's having a great time in Vegas anyway. Gotta love his attitude.

Thanks for the pix, andi. And the poem, Jim!

Off and running - have a good day, all.

maryb said...

Opening Day here in St. Louis and it is snowing up a storm. Not sticking (the ground is too warm) but it looks like a blizzard outside my 16th floor office window.

Loved both poems that Jim posted - yesterday's baseball poem and today's kansas poem.

Have a good day everyone.

FARfetched said...

Morning! hugs Maria back

We also dodged the worst of the storms, although Mrs. Fetched and DD got soaked while taking hay to the cows yesterday. To hear the wife talk, the rain looked much like Andi's third picture there. Of course, the rain stopped when they got to the truck. Me? I'd been tagged to help The Boy get the rest of the stuff out of the place he was renting. We got nothing worse than a little sprinkle.

Andi's moss picture reminds me of the moss that's taking over parts of my yard. I tried getting it out once (running a rake back & forth over it works for that), but it came right back. Then I thought, WWFMD (What Would FM Do)? Of course, he'd let the moss take over! It doesn't need mowing! Nice & green year-round, doesn't require fertilizer or much of anything else, soft to walk on… win all around! I was happy to see it also talking over a steep bank near the road that I also hate mowing.

Off to a meeting. Later!

Nancy P said...


Too tired to post last night, slept too late to do it today. Ahhh. . .rested.

See you later.


Family Man said...

Morning Nancy and everyone.

Nancy I hope you have a good and safe trip.

Hope everyone's Monday is going well and that the weather doesn't affect opening days for everyone.

Lisa M said...

Nancy--let me adjust my green tinted glasses. Wait my glasses aren't tinted.
You said--Slept late--rested.
Just color this insomniac jealous.

Kelly McCullough said...

Lisa, my wife keeps a scarf in the car for windy days with the windows open, and I virtually always wear a hat.

Maria, hugs for copyedit misery.

Nancy, have a lovely and safe trip.

Andi, love the elf lawn.

Everybody else, best wishes for an UnManic Monday.

boran2 said...

Happy continuing travels, Nancy!

Unlike Lisa, I'm a bit stiff from throwing the football (with the b2 boy) on our lawn. The lawnwork can wait a while.

Good evening to all.

Lisa M said...

Morning 3 all. Hope Nancy is enjoying her last short tour.
It only went down to 39--well it will likely drop a few more degress--so we missed the big freeze.
I'm missing spring temps.

Kelly, I'd love to see a picture of you in hat and wife in scarf. A dapper couple I'm sure.

Boran--Playing with B2 over yardwork--What a great daddy you are!! Ah if the body just cooperated better these days.

MaryB--SNOW!! Brings chills to my Winter Wimp heart. Hope you thaw out soon.

Andi--Pat the pups for me.

Jim--You are my hero. Teaching 6th graders poetry.

Waves to Beth, FM, Jen, KB, Farf, Nicky and all others lurking out there.
Maria hope you solve the work crisis and can breathe and relax soon.

Terrific Tuesday to All.

AndiF said...

Wah, wah. Nancy's traveling and she didn't take any pictures for us. ::stamps feet::

A pouting Good Morning to all.

Anonymous said...

Morning all! Windy and 50 here - not sure what the wind chill is, but for FL, that's cold! I'm going to wear JEANS today (but no socks - I refuse)! Hopefully Nancy has pictures, just no time to post them.

Driving south to visit my adopted parents this am - Mr. D ended up in the hospital with shingles this weekend. He's 87, and just can't get a break. So I'll follow comments on my phone, and be home tomorrow sometime.

Carolina won last night - whoopee! Not a great game - I felt sorry for Michigan State. They were overwhelmed in so many ways, but kept trying.

Hope your spring flowers don't freeze - have a safe Tuesday!

Jen said...

Thanks Lisa! ::waves and smiles::

I don't know about y'all, but cold weather gives me an appetite, and I cannot believe it is presently snowing outside in April like I'm back in Alaska again. So I thought I'd share an amazing slacker pot roast recipe that is cooking on my stove right now:

1. Salt & pepper a ~3lb boneless chuck roast, then brown it on all sides, about 2 mins per side, in a large sauce pot (or small stock pot) over medium heat in some olive oil. Set aside on a plate.

2. Thickly slice two large onions and saute, covered, in the same olive oil just until they start to sweat, couplefew minutes. Add a handful of crushed garlic cloves, sweat another minute or two, then set the roast with all juices from the plate back on top. Pour 1/2 cup your fave red wine (I use Kendall Jackson Merlot, which is conveniently sold in half bottles) over top, cover and simmer over low heat for ~6 hours. Check every hour and flip the roast once about halfway through cooking. (You can use only 1/4 cup wine if you want, it will still make plenty of gravy, just will have a lighter flavor.)

This sounds so simple that it cannot possibly be so delicious, but it is the best pot roast I have ever had, hands down. Best wishes all around!

Maria Lima said...

Jen, I'm coming to your house - that sounds yummy!!

It got a lot colder here, too - down in the 40s. Beautiful day, though.

Work is Just trying to get through this week. My wonderful editor gave me a 1 week extension on the copy edits, so I'm breathing a wee bit easier.

Thanks to all of you for the virtual hugs & wishes.

FARfetched said...

Snow. In April. On Planet Georgia. That does not compute. At least it's melted now, even if there are still flakes coming out of the sky.

Working at home today. Tomorrow is probably the last day we'll use the firebox until November or so.

Here's hoping most of you are having a warmer day than me!

Nancy P said...

Waving again!

This has been a weird trip in terms of internet access and time I have available to use it.

Another gig tonight, then home tomorrow.

maryb said...

oh Jen, that sounds yummy. You have the snow we had yesterday. It was practically a white out. Then ... it stopped. Today the sky is blue.

AndiF said...

That recipe sounds great Jen. I think we should cook up a huge pot and send it to the Vermont legislature 'cause they've got some fine folks there. Way to go Vermont!

FARfetched said...

Oh hey, check this out. A writing contest: based on a fortune cookie fortune, <=500 words, cash prizes. Hmmmm.

I forgot the "yay Iowa!" the other day, so "yay Iowa and Vermont!" Dominoes are falling…

FARfetched said...

Ah scrog, there's a $20 entry fee. Never mind.

bono said...

Andif, your daffodils look like mine. I heard there's an old wives tale that it always snows on the daffodils - maybe it's only an Ohio old wives tale. lol How cute is the elf lawn! I especially like the waterfall pic. Is that time lapsed photography? Very cool.

Farf, your yard looks like mine. Well, maybe just a tad more snow here.

Dinner sounds delish, Jen. I love easy recipes.

Congrats to VT and IA! If only Ohio could be so liberal. Well, there may be a chance now that we've turned the state blue.

Hi, Nancy. Hope you're too busy having fun to post.

Hey to everyone. Crazy times here. Hope your week is going better.

AndiF said...

bono, it's not time lapse. I used the G9's (was it your sister that had one?) neutral density filter to get that effect.

Welcome home Nancy!

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Andi--I just finished creating my lesson for today. I'm being evaluated and found the greatest tool. Tell
I created my lesson on one page of paper that folds to make a 8 page pocket sized book.
So many possibilites for the students. When I get to school I'll scan the page and email to you.
I used the picture with the pups under and around the porch as my cover picture.
Used a poem-Layers on one page.

You guys/gals are an inspiration for me everyday so hope I can pass a bit of it on.

Wonderful Weds. to All

bono said...

Lisa, that is a cool organizer for anyone! :-)

Thanks, Andif. Yes, it's my s-i-l who has the G9 that she loves. (I still haven't saved up the money for one. :-( )

The sun is out, the snow is melted/ing, the flowers are still in bloom, it's in the high 40''s a great day!! Hope it is for you, too!

Waves to everyone!

Happy Passover.

Anonymous said...

Evening, all. Made it home safely - it's hard watching someone you love slowly fade away. I'll go back in a few weeks.

Thanks for the recipe, Jen. I don't cook much any more, but I think I could manage that!

I weally weally hope y'all don't get any more cold weather out there!

A couple of days at home ahead of me, and I'm determined to tackle that to-do list that's been lounging on my desk forever. Wish me luck!

Night all. Big spring hugs!