Friday, April 17, 2009

Cedar Waxwing/Flowering Crab

My neighbor says the magnificent tree in our front yard is a Flowering Crab, which I'm pretty sure is the same thing as a Crabapple Tree, which is what a couple of you said the other day. There seem to be several varieties. I just call it Pretty. The Cedar Waxwings call it yummy.

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Nancy P said...

I didn't take that wonderful bird photo.

It's a thrill when the waxwings arrive. They come in a flock and stay for about a week, which is about how long it takes them to strip the fruit.

AndiF said...

Flowering Crab or Crab Apple, it's just lovely and I'm still jealous -- though I hope not for long because the dogswoods and redbuds should be blossoming in a week or so.

The goldfinches arrived here about a week ago and if some scientists would just show up our feeder, I could give them proof that pigs can fly.

Morning all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that tree IS gorgeous, Nancy! Sure does look like spring has sprung in KS. Although I saw that CO and WY were getting dumped on yesterday....crazy!

One more day with the twin, then home tomorrow. Picture me kicking and screaming, hanging onto the door frame with my fingernails - I don't wanna go!! But that's not til tomorrow. Fun things planned for today first.

Have a great Saturday, everyone! Enjoy whatever weather Ma Nature is sending you.

Kelly McCullough said...

Lovely. Off to honor the jelly now. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

Too funny, Kelly! May the Red Currant Gods be pleased with your humble offering.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, peeps!! More sun today, hoorah and a spa day for moi. Off in a bit.

Kelly, loved the jelly story. One of my closest friends has a frozen cake that's been in her freezer for the last 25 years or so. Similar type of story.

I'm guest blogging today at Lori Devoti's blog - about werewolves, as part of her Full Moon of Werewolves event. Stop by--there's a prize, too!

Happy spring Saturday, all.

Lisa M said...

Beautiful Waxwings. Don't know that we get those around here. Fantabulous Flowering Crab Tree picture, Nancy.

Mourning Doves, BlueJays, Cardinals, Red Headed Woodpeckers and squirrels have run/flown in for the morning buffet out back. Just threw the seed out for the next couple of days.

Andi--We had a mutant dove a week or so ago that would give any of your pigs a run for their money.

Beth--ENJOY Twin time a little longer.
Survived my first session with Editor Lisa. Went well.

Kelly--Bows to the Jelly God.

Maria--you've had the sun for a few days. I think we get it tomorrow. SPA DAY--adjusting green tinted glasses--enjoy yourself.
Werewolves--they gotta be nicer than the kids these days.

Jim--Would really like to hear more about your field trip. 63 sixth graders--you are my hero.

Sensational Saturday to All.

FARfetched said...

Thanks for the story (and mental images), Kelly! I can imagine one day it's going to say "Ni!" and demand a shrubbery. I often start humming the soundtrack to "Weird Science" as I clean my fridge…

bono said...

Great pix, Nancy. I wonder if the cedar waxwing is related to the cardinal. Rather looks like a cousin to me with its eye mask. No trees near the flowering stage here.

Working in the yard was fantastic yesterday - just being in the sun after a long, hard winter. Waking up with a backache as a result or yardwork was not so great. This aging thing isn't fun, but it's better than the alternative my sis says.

Have a great weekend.

Nicola Slade said...

Never seen a waxwing before, what a handsome bird (see? I knew surfing the net was educational!) We now have eleven eggs in our nesting box and the female bluetit is sitting most of the time. Apparently they have two broods a year - not sure I can cope with the vicarious maternity twice in a row.

maryb said...

Beautiful tree Nancy!

Last year I took out all the old trees in my back yard (5 of them) because they were dropping limbs and were half dead and had become a hazard. My landscaper put in three new trees, one was some kind of flowering crab and the other was some kind of flowering cherry. The third was some kind of maple. It's wonderful. The crab flowered first and it's pretty much finished now. But now the cherry is in full flower with bright red flowers. And then in the fall the maple turns colors.

Nancy P said...

Goldfinches!! Send me some, Andi, 'k?

Aw, Beth, I wish you could stay there

Kelly's very currant, Beth.

Not everybody can say they guestblog about werewolves. That's our Maria!

Lisa, waxwings are sooo pretty. I was incredibly excited to get to watch them so closely last year, and I'm hoping for another big flock this time.

Far, you are a mad scientist of life, lol.

Nicola, I'm off to google the bluetit. God only knows what I'll get.

bono, "just being in the sun." What beautiful words.

Maryb, what beautious planning on your part. I love cherry blossom trees.