Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wedding bouquet

The tree in our front yard looks so pretty now.

Click on photo to enlarge to maximum pretty.


Nancy P said...

I just couldn't wait to post that photo, because I love that tree so much. You probably wonder what it is. So do I. Anybody recognize it?

Anonymous said...

I wondered why you were posting so early! My sister has one in her yard, too, but I have no clue what it is. Sure is purdy, though! Thanks for sharing!

Maria Lima said...

Uhm, flowers? (my stock answer to "what kind is it" questions having to do with flora--Mom got the green thumb and kept it!)

Thanks to everyone for their kind wishes. Dina didn't post, but Sandy was a friend of hers, also.

Today was better at the mimes, things getting done. I'm actually home at a decent hour.

It's been a rainy 3 days, but I hope for sun soon!

katiebird said...

(waving) I'm digging out from doing taxes and helping parents pick out a refrigerator.

Nancy -- that's LOVELY. If I were you I would spend my days sitting around staring at that tree all day.

{{Maria}} I'm so sorry

boran2 said...

Flowers! We have a few sprouts breaking ground now but nothing even close to this. That's a nice shot, Nancy.

We've begun shopping to replace our old Mazda, now showing 108,000 on the odometer. I hate car shopping.

Good evening all!

Did I say that I hate car shopping?

katiebird said...

And hugs to Nancy & Beth too. Just 'cause I want to. (it has nothing to do with forgetting to check the email box)

FARfetched said...

Nancy, it's a flower tree! Maybe IVG will come along & make a suggestion?

{{{Maria}}} been wrapped up on my own world here, but it's always said to lose a friend. Mark "The Bird" Fidrych died in an apparent farming accident this week too… and the name probably wouldn't mean anything to you unless you're a Tigers fan. But Jen was talking about goofy yesterday; The Bird personified goofy, talking to the ball on the mound and just wide-eyed enjoying every minute of his glorious opportunity to pitch in the Big Leagues. His second love, as it turned out, was farming — I knew someone who died in a farming accident, and another who almost died. I've been in situations where the wrong move could have taken me out too.

Ah well. Off to bed.

Nancy P said...

The photo's a little fuzzy, cause the wind kept swaying the branches.

Far, lol about the flower tree. Yes, it is.

hugs back to ya, kb!

AndiF said...

Oh Nancy, that's absolutely lovely. Nothing is blooming around here yet. I am so jealous.

Wow, I'm not used to such a big crowd here when I arrive in the morning. Hi Beth, Maria, kb, b2, and Farf.

Morning to everyone yet to arrive.

Lisa M said...

Magnificient blossoms, Nancy!!!

Maria, The only plants I consider are perennials that keep on truckin' on their own. Black thumb be me. The last indoor plant I bought was silk. Glad work is easing back into tolerable.

Boran--BIG HUG. Car shopping is the WORST.

KB--you are a good daughter.

Farf--as they said on Hill Street Blues--Let's Be Careful Out There.

Waves to Beth and others to come.

Andi, pat the pups for me.

Nicola Slade said...

Looks like an apple tree to me.(Goes and checks in our garden - yup, apple.)

Nancy P said...

Apple tree,
could be,
except never an apple
did I see.

It produces small, hard red bobbles that are beloved by Cedar Waxwings.

Kelly McCullough said...

Yo. Tendonitis here from a couple of weeks of mad spring cleaning and general housey stuff. Going to be spending a some time not doing anything with my arms. Bleah. Hope everyone else is having a thuper Thursday.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Crabapple tree? Whatever, gorgeous! And wonderful that the birds love the fruit.

bono said...

Hi, y'all.

Nashville, Indiana, Andif??? Hmmm, must place it on my to visit list. I love your pix. I'll let you know when I'm ready for that trip so you can give me more specific directions.

Maria and Dina, I am sorry about your loss. Kind thoughts sent your way.

It looks like apple or crab apple tree to me. ?

I love the turtle/tortoise? pic where the bottom one is hiding in the shell. "Headache" tonight, hon?

Good luck car shopping, Farf. There must be some good deals out there. Two people at work have purchased new Fords lately because of it.

Day off tomorrow. :-D

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the tendonitis, Kelly. I THOUGHT you were being awfully need to take some lessons from Family Man, and spend your non-writing time in a more slackerly fashion. :-)

Friday ahead - wahoo! Although my week in Pensacola has been stellar with the twin. Wish you all could be here with us - I haven't had this much fun in - oh, 6 months. Now if I can just bring this levity home with me this weekend...

See you tomorrow! Night, all!