Monday, April 13, 2009


Need yellow. Must have it. Now.

Invigorating photo by Andif.


AndiF said...

Yellow is good. Leafy green would be even better. But the trees are holding out on me, the meanies. Anybody got a green kitty?

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Andi--I so need to come hang out with you this summer and bring my camera. I am so IMPRESSED with the variety of your subjects and how well you capture them.

Yellow is FABULOUS.

How-to books tell us writers that anticipation is what keeps the reader turning the page.
Mother nature is just following suit making you wait for the green.

Kelly, love the cat pics.

Boran, Andi did do Tortoise earlier.

Waves to all to come.

Terrific Tuesday for All.

Anonymous said...

There's just something about flowers that makes you smile...

Woke to a stormy, wet, windy day - I'm very happy! Big storms last night - fell asleep to thunder and lightning. I'm happiest when Ma Nature is doing her thing - as long as it doesn't include anything frozen.

Driving to Pensacola (6 hours) to spend the rest of the week with my "twin" (we take turns being the evil one). Storms are south of I-10, so the drive will be easy. I'm really excited. Much-needed "me" time with one of my best friends. I'll check in as I can.

Hope everyone has a stellar week!

Maria Lima said...

Warm yellow SUN, please!! Rainy, cold and grey here, too--forecast for tomorrow, as well. ::pouts::

Of the good, since the edits are done and book in to Editor/Agent, I can *really* start on book 4, plus finish tweaking the 2 proposals I want to pitch. (this writing gig: seems to be contagious. The more I write, the more I want to write...too bad the day job keeps getting in the way. Unfortunately, there's that not-so-small matter of a paycheck.)

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

FARfetched said...

Andi caught a faraway nova in the act… now that's one looooooong lens!

Safe driving, Beth and all who commute to their mimes. I'll be joining y'all in a few minutes. Maria, I can so relate to day jobs getting in the way… hey, at least the taxes are done.

Nancy P said...

Andi gave us a tortoise photo? Where was I?? Want.

"my "twin" (we take turns being the evil one)." Beth, that sounds like a wonderful pair of sleuths for a series.

Morning, all. Andi, Lisa, Beth, Maria, Far, and all who arrive later.

Kelly McCullough said...

Good morning all. Playing on the web and being cat furniture for another half hour or so before I need to go do spring house stuff.

Lisa, Nancy, thanks for the kitty compliments. I'd pass them along the subjects, but they're already pretty full of themselves.

Waves to Andi, Beth, Maria, FarF, and the rest of the gang as they filter in.

Conda V. Douglas said...

The forsythia is blooming in Boise--a yellow herald of spring. Love it. Great pic, too, so cheerful.

Nicola Slade said...

Love that yellow. Green is bustin' out all over, round here, and primroses, tulips and all sorts of goodies. We even had some sunshine over Easter.

AndiF said...

Nancy, the comment with the tortoise picture is here [LINK]

Nancy P said...

Andi, that tortoise is gorgiose.

boran2 said...

Great photo, Andi!

Lisa, I must have missed that tortoise photo.

Oh, another opportunity to see it below. I'll have to link to a photo of our turtle Pablo.

Good evening all!