Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'm still under the weather, and even the weather is under the weather, but nothing that breakfast in Paris wouldn't cure.


AndiF said...

Hope you feel better soon. Sending you get well thoughts and a nice bowl of chicken soup.

Looks like Jim is not going to get out school as real rain appears to now be melting the freezing rain that fell some time during the night.

Bon matin tout le monde.

Lisa M said...

Grace Dieu c'est Vendredi.
Pass the Cafe au Lait.

Nancy, feel better soon.
I'm wondering if cybergerms are contagious the way this group suffers colds so much.
I'm taking my vitamins and washing my hands.

Morning Andi. Tell Jim to hang on only one more day then RELAX.

We got 8 more students yesterday so total of 31 new this week.
Tantrums abound with so much change in the rooms. Toddler Tantrum by a teenager is Not a pretty sight.

Beth, sorry you didn't get to see the Maine ladies.

It's 62 this morning but supposed to be back in the 30's Sunday. Don't like the weather---Wait a minute.

Ghostie, I'm fascinated by your talk of suspense. Keep me posted on what you decide. Lists as a suspense device. Hmmm. Haven't read that author. Will have to check em out.

Fabulous Friday to ALL.

Maria Lima said...

Bonjour, mes amis! As Lisa said, TGIF and send over some of that coffee, please.

My project manager and I took one of my staffers to dinner last night and had a fabulous time. Sat and talked post-dessert and the next thing we knew it was nearly 11:00. Eep!

Tonight is our company holiday party, always fun as, unlike many of these events, it's laid back and relaxing.

Quite the social butterly I am. I think I'm going to need a HUGE dose of alone time this weekend.

Fantastic Friday to all.

olivia said...


Hope you feel better soon Nancy.

olivia said...

Oh, and hello everyone.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Maine ladies were Kathy and Cindy from WRW - and Janet Chapman, WRW fan but we didn't meet her in Marydale. And yes, Ghostie always has great ideas...we are blessed to have so many wonderful writers here to share their wisdom and experience with us newbies -

I was thinking the same thing re cybergerms...wash your hands after posting!

Enjoy your party, Maria - sounds like fun!!

We're expecting 6-12" this afternoon - I'm off to the mall to try and beat the weather. Stay inside and warm - and eat some of andi's chicken soup!

FARfetched said...

Ahh, coffee. With some chocolate truffle creamer I found in the back of the fridge.

Still lots warmer than usual, but they're predicting a low of 18F for Monday morning. Hooray, just in time to get chickens. But today… video shoot!

Everyone stay warm & healthy, will type later if I get a chance.

FARfetched said...

BTW, Olivia's shot of the little hole in the wall restaurant in France would have been the perfect pic for the day!

Lisa M said...

Maria, you are the extrovert for sure. This introvert gets warn out just listening to your adventures. I enjoy the energy. Need the energy really as I'm married to an extrovert. You are someone that loves life. That is so kewl.

Maria Lima said...

Lisa, I am SO not an extrovert. I'm what I like to term a "high-functioning" introvert. Which basically means, I can gear up for a party, event, etc. but I *must* recharge by being alone.

I truly think most writers are often introverts. We have to be able to be by ourselves a lot. Yet, once published, there's that whole book and self pimping thing we must do in public. It's definitely a dilemma!

Kelly McCullough said...

Extrovert here, but then I came to writing from theater. I think you're right that we're a rarity though. Pretty much recovered from the crud now which is good since Laura's got it. Am thinking I need to go shovel.

maryb said...

Maria - high functioning introvert here too.

Feel better N. Thanks for the trip to Paris! I'll take chocolat!

Dina said...

Hello to all. Nancy, hope you feel better soon.
I am just sitting here enjoying the snow. I think I will go sit in front of the fire and watch TV. said...

Lisa M, E. Lockhart's YaYas are usually fun reads. "The Boyfriend List," "The Boy Book," "The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks" are 3 I spent time with recently.

I don't know your tact on the YaYa front, Lisa, or whether you like to read at the same time you are composing (some writers don't).

I stumbled onto David Almond recently and find his writing fascinating, but honestly so unique that he likely isn't a model of the "genre" for anyone.

Lisa, is there a current YA author you admire and would recommend?

I think your ideas of suspense are likely superior to mine. I don't understand it at all. I just know I need something in my story to push or pull it along.

Richie Tankersly Cusick, who I used to know when I lived in KC, gave me a tip once. She probably mentioned several, but I only remember this one:

You can hook the reader early in a story by having a character tell or answer a question with an obvious lie for no good reason. Of course, this should be "out of character" for an otherwise reliable character. I've not tried to use this on purpose yet, but it might help turn a page at some point in a story when a page needs turning. :-)

Nancy, on the other hand, knows everything there is to know about suspense. You can't have lunch with her without wondering what she is really thinking. Oh, and in her writing too.

Nancy P said...

High-functioning introvert here, too. I have had a suspicious tendency since childhood to get sick on the eve of big parties so that then I can't go. Guess who was invited to a party this week? It's also suspicious that now and then I've been able to catch them coming and firmly tell myself, "you can't do that this time. Cut it out. You HAVE to go." That happens a lot when I'm going to a convention. I'll start to get sick right before and then I have to yell at myself really firmly. I totally believe this, btw. I didn't do that this time. Have any of you ever talked yourselves out of being sick?

Thanks for the warm soupy wishes, guys. I want to slurp that photo right off my computer.

If coughs could be converted to energy I could power a generator today.

My son's on his way home today, yay! said...

Have any of you ever talked yourselves out of being sick?

Good question. I've never cast a spell for my own self when feeling ill, Nancy. But I have for others.

I just ask my angels to get me through it and then wait it out. Kind of like Christmas. said...

Hey, Nancy, we posted at the exact same minute out of the foggy blue up there somewhere. Weird. I'll cough a few times on your behalf so you can take a break from feeding the energy grid.

Godspeed to Nicholas! and all others on/off the blog who are traveling this time of year.

Nancy P said...

Thanks for the cough relief, Ghost. :)

"Godspeed to Nicholas."

Reminds me, my 25-year-old son BELIEVES in Santa, because, he says, he saw Santa with his own eyes one Christmas Eve.

Big Mom Smile.

Lisa M said...

Maria, it is the energy and enthusiasm that your writing exudes that has faked me out.

High-functioning Introvert.
Interesting twist.
That make us low functioning introverts ???

Nancy, I have said no to sick.
Works sometimes too.
Interesting how you see how impending stress affects you.

Ghostie, you're observation of Nancy a queen of suspense is right on.
Casting spells--there's more to you than I've realized.

Waves to all introverts and extroverts.

Nicola Slade said...

I'm another high-functioning introvert - love that description! When I have to do the writer thing - talk/workshop/whatever - I turn into Nicola who seems to be both confident and competent and when it's over, back into Nicky I go, and slink quietly out of the back door and run home!

My fingers are crossed that the germs that have plagued me since early October seem to have left home - maybe they crossed the Atlantic? Oops.

Nancy P said...

Ghost, I just now saw your post about suspenseful me. Hee! (Cheshire cat grin). But those lunches? You knew *exactly* what I was thinking, and it mostly, WTF!?

Nancy P said...

I think I may be getting better. The inclination has come upon me to wash the sheets and the clothes I've been Wearing While Sick. That tends to be a sign that I'm willing to recover. :)

FARfetched said...

High-functioning introvert. I like that.

Video shoot was brief but went OK; Mrs. Fetched is editing stuff down now. They wanted a (really) quick turnaround, so we'll be zipping back over there then doing some Christmas shopping while we're in the area.

Anonymous said...

Made it home just as the snow started - whirling around like crazy out there now. Glad I'm inside for the duration.

Reformed social butterfly here - used to LOVE parties, now I'd rather just stay home, or have dinner/drinks with one/two friends. Too many years sitting alone writing, maybe?

I can talk myself INTO being sick - haven't tried the other direction, but that makes more sense, doesn't it? I'll wait for the next round of cybergerms, and try it.

Stay warm and dry, everyone - the storm has struck NH! I'm off to find a hot toddy...

AndiF said...

Not an introvert or an extrovert -- I refuse to vert, as is my right under the Constitution.

bono said...

Glad you're on the mend, Nancy. I can relate to getting sick before going somewhere, except mine is usually getting sick when I get home. Hmmm, maybe I wanted to stay longer? Ack, transatlantic cybergerms?! No thanks, it's difficult enough for me to stay well in the winter. I'll have some of Andif's soup as a preventative measure.

Maryb, it sounds like an interesting production of the play. Did he also do the female parts? Congrats to Lisa and Jim who successfully made it to winter vacation. Enjoy your well deserved time off. Have fun at the party, Maria. Were you videotaping the chickens, Farf? Good timing, Beth. I like the idea of Dina's fireside lounge. Big "Hello Weekend" wave to all.

boran2 said...

Ugh. We've got perhaps 10 inches of snow. Now the fun begins. ;-)

Lisa M said...

Andi rebels against labels. Why is it that doesn't surprise me. Independent spirit be her.

Hey Jim--Free at Last. At least for a couple of weeks.

Went to the library and got some suggestions for studying suspense.
Hubby's going camping with Scouts so will have some quiet time to read and WRITE.
Woo hoo.
Sonboy comes in town.
Double Woo Hoo.

Waves to Olivia --Need to recharge soul and visit your site for beauty and inspiration.

Waves to Nicky, Kelly, Bono, Farf, Dina and Beth.
A good evening to all that may come.

FARfetched said...

Actually, Beth, we were videotaping what I call "good" chickens… processed and very finely chopped, being fed into a series of machines that forms the moosh into chicken fingers, breads them, fries them, then sends them to an inspection line. Yup, can't get away from chickens even when videotaping, LOL!

Maria Lima said...

Just back from the party. too tired to think. Ended up with a box of Godiva choccies as part of the gift exchange thingie.

Nancy, with your cough and mine, we could probably power a small country.

Catch you all in the a.m.!