Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Nicola!

I don't actually know if there's anything edible in this, but if there isn't, then here, Nicola, have a nice corsage!


Nancy P said...

Is it still your birthday in your time zone? I forgot about that difference!

Nicola Slade said...

It is, Nancy, it's 10.00am as I type and thank you so much. What a lovely cake - I shall eat the roses, I'm sure they're nutritious!

AndiF said...

Happy birthday, Nicola, and many, many more.

Morning everybody.

Lisa M said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Nicola.
Beautiful cake, Nancy. I like how you personalize them.

Morning, Andi. Hope you and Jim are having some good relaxing time together. What's cooking today? I'm making Turkey Pot Pies.

It's 51 here and supposed to be in the 60's today and Christmas. This is why I live in Texas. There are moments to defrost. Hope to see the sun for the first time in days.

Bono--stay safe with all that ice.
Yes Man is really only Maybe Man. Movie had moments of great laughter but lameness interspersed. I hate it when I have the opportunity to go to the movies and all that's close by are the thumbs down ones. But enjoyed lunch and being with my best friend.

Daughter got safely into town. Rufus the grandlizard sulks in the corner in his terratium. Cold weather traveling is not his favorite. Although recognizing enthusiasm in a lizard is a skill that eludes me.

Farf, I wish I had a tenth of your energy. You are always going, doing, writing. Tip my hat at ya fellow.

Day is filled with more wrapping presents, cooking, and family coming into town. I'm in charge of dressing and am doing double layer pumpkin pie for the family Christmas at Brother-in-laws.

Happy Holidays to all.
Have a drink, eat something really good, and doze by the fire with a good book.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Nicola!

Maria Lima said...

Happy Birthday, Nicola! May the coming year bring you only the best.

Good morning and merry ho-ho-ho eve to the rest of you.

Unfortunately, I've got another day at the mimes ahead of me. I hope it goes by quickly and without incident.

Enjoy the day, all!

Nancy P said...

Nicola, do you have any special plans for your day?

Our day starts with fresh snow. I hope Katiebird--who is sick--can stay indoors and let Mr. Katiebird wait on her. As for me, I think I'm well enough to shovel. Darn!

Cat on lap. Hard to type.

Beth said...

Happy Christmas Eve Morning, y'all! And hippo birdie to Nicola across the pond!

Although recognizing enthusiasm in a lizard is a skill that eludes me.

Lisa, you are way too funny.

Andi, are you feasted out yet?

Wintry mix here - read: sleet. At least you don't have to shovel it.

Last-minute details around here today. Then over to the BIL's for seafood feast before midnight mass (not being Catholic doesn't seem to excuse me). Hopefully Santa will let us sleep in tomorrow!

Sending lots of love and wishes for a joyous holiday to all of my dear blog buddies.

Beth said...

PS - I forgot - Lisa, double layer pumpkin pie?

Lisa M said...

Double Layer Pumpkin Pie is one of my nephew's favorites:

Double Pumkin Pie

Although now that I'm seeing the double pumpkin cheesecake recipe link on that page I'm thinking that might be an interesting experiment.

Andi--Thanks for the link tutorial, I'm still needing prompts.

FARfetched said...

Morning all! Wow Nancy, what a cake! But Nicola deserves it, right? Bappy Hirthday, Nicola! I think roses actually are edible; you can toss the petals into a salad for example.

It's 40-something here, and I'm not talking about birthdays now… rain is forecast although there's nothing on the radar right now. It does look soupy outside, though.

Lisa, it's more about living in a free-range insane asylum… the inmates run me ragged. :-P Enjoy your grandlizard time!

Off to make some pancakes.

Nicola Slade said...

Lovely birthday greetings, thank you everyone.
Plans for the day include being dribbled on by my newest descendant and scrambled over by the rest of 'em! Have had Happy Birthday sung loudly and out of tune all the way from Australia and again when I bumped into a couple more of them in the local shop. And tomorrow it's a proper Christmas dinner complete with the most fattening gourmet delight ever - Christmas pudding, which we pour brandy and vodka over, and set light to! A dietitian's nightmare but yummy.

Kelly McCullough said...

Hippo Birdie!

maryb said...

Happy Birthday Nicola! That's a gorgeous picture of a cake (or flowers) - especially on such a gray, gloomy day as we have here.

No snow here, just rain. But at least it isn't ice. And at least it's in the 30s.

Lisa - homemade Turkey Pot Pies? yum.

I need to finish wrapping presents. Big family affair starts promptly at five. And promptly means promptly in my family.

Have a great day everyone.

Dina said...

Happy birthday, Nicola. Hope you have a great year.

Hi, all. Grey weather here but not too bad since I am planning on sitting by the fire and watching TV.

bono said...

Happy birthday, Nicola. Warm wishes for much happiness this coming year.

Thanks be for vacations that finally start! A few last minute shopping items to pick up then wrap, wrap, wrap. First family get together is tomorrow, there will be several over the next week. It's raining here and melting the snow and ice. :-D

I've never heard of double layer pumpkin pie, Lisa, but it looks delish. Save me a piece?

Safe traveling to all and warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas.

Maria Lima said...

Fa la la la la...::screeches to halt::

What? I'm still at work? Yes, indeedy. Although, we are leaving at 3:00 so yay!

Enjoying following the posts today as it's been fairly quiet in ye olde office.

katiebird said...

Happy birthday, Nicola! Says a feeling much better katiebird

Nancy P said...

So glad you're feeling better, kb!

I hope your birthday was happily memorable, Nicola!