Thursday, December 25, 2008

Icy silk scarf

Photo by Andif


Nancy P said...

It's still Christmas and I'm watching a House marathon, which is funny because I didn't like the show. Turns out I only have to watch five of them in a row to change my mind.

FARfetched said...

Busy busy day. Always, right? At least it was sunny and shirt-sleeve weather out there — around 60F. More rain tonight tomorrow and the foreseeable future. At least I didn't overeat… well, I had five rolls (the ones I made) but I made 'em small.

Funny you mention scarves… Daughter Dearest has been a knitting machine the last few weeks, making them for her boyfriend & several cousins.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Christmas is almost over here, but more snow and cold still coming.

Still--Happy rest of the holidays!

Nancy P said...

Far, your influence must be rubbing off. Today I made my first-ever yeast rolls. I should have taken a photo! I've made bread before, but never the rolls that my mom always made for special dinners. This time she didn't feel up to doing it, so she passed the torch to me. My mom and Good'ol Betty Crocker. And, yeah, when it comes to homemade rolls, nobody can eat just one!

Nancy P said...

eep, Conda, I'll hope for sunshine for you. And enough warmth to melt that stuff.

katiebird said...


Merry Christmas! For the first time ever we had kids over all day long. It's been a lot of fun.

Nancy, the rolls sound great.

AndiF said...

Congrats on your rolls, Nancy. I can smell their yeast goodness from here. :)

Happy hope-you're-still-feeling-the-holiday-glow to everyone.

Jen said...

Turns out I only have to watch five of them in a row to change my mind.

E digs that show. I think I will never make it through 5 episodes in a row. But knowing that it takes 5 is a little like knowing how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie-Pop.

I've been immersing in Deadwood DVDs the past week or so. Such stark brutality, and such well written characters! Naturally my favorite is the constantly drunk and foulmouthed Calamity Jane Cannary, although I remain intrigued and mystified by what, exactly, motivates Sheriff Seth Bullock (one more season to go, please no one spoil me!).

I will have a roll, though, thanks muchly. :)

Beth said...

You know I'm not a TV person, but I can watch House for hours on end. Sorry I missed the marathon!

Writing planned for today - and NOT eating, egads. Going to turn on the lights on the tree, turn up the heat (my sis and BIL think 65 is toasty), and hope that Sirius is still playing carols for a few days longer.

Glad everyone had a good day - and Happy Boxing Day - and shopping day, if you're so inclined!

Nancy P said...

Oh, I loved Calamity Jane.
She was my favorite character. I just saw that actress in an episode of ER and she was so much better than their average guest actor.

Hey, kb, I'm so glad you're feeling better and that Christmas was a joy.

Lisa M said...

Morning all.

Nancy and Farf--homemade rolls, FANTASTIC.

It's 67 here and I had to turn the fan on this morning. Cold front coming and thunderstorms predicted for tonight.
So offers warmth to anyone in need.

One more day of family.
Plenty of holiday afterglow, Andi.

Fantastic Friday to All.

Nancy P said...

Hi, Beth, I've got to buckle down post-holiday and write like a fiend today, too.

Lisa, even with so little time spent living in Texas, my son was feeling weather-shock when he got home. It's mild now, though.

FARfetched said...

Hooray, Nancy lost her roll-virginity!

Different people gave us "Horton Hears a Who" and "Wall-E" on DVD. We watched Horton last night because I missed that one at the theater.

Had an unbalanced spell last night… pretty much all evening. I was fine as long as I was sitting or lying down. Probably related to this on&off ear blockage I've been having… need to see the doc about a possible ear infection, I guess.

45 & raining here. Someone must have bumped the temp on the furnace, 'cause it's *warm* in the house.

Dina said...

Hi, all. Lovely scarf, Andi. Nancy, I could use some of those rolls but will pass on House. I love the actors, could never watch the show.

Kelly McCullough said...

Good morning all. I've survived another holiday season, hooray. New Year's (Hogmanay) doesn't count toward the total is it's not and never has been a family holiday for me. Soon, I shall return to the book.

Nancy P said...

Far, no motorcycle riding today, k?

Hi, Dina, I couldn't stand that show, but now I can, sigh.

Kelly, congrats on surviving!

Maria Lima said...

Hi, all! ::waves at everyone::

Went into work this a.m. and after about an hour, decided that this was for the birds and came home to nurse my ongoing cough.

Tried to call the doc, but alas, they are closed.

I think I shall spend today watching Pride & Prejudice (the Colin Firth version).

Nancy, I adore the House/Wilson relationship on the show.

Hope everyone had a great Xmas day!

Maria Lima said...

Oops, hit the button too soon.

I meant to wish you all a good Boxing Day!

Nancy P said...

Maria, I love Wilson, and I did even when I disliked the show. I always thought he was the only real human on it. I must have changed my mind yesterday. :D Who is that actor? I should know, but I can't remember. My fav male friendship on tv, though, was James Spader and William Shatner on Boston Legal.

Good move, going home!

Lisa M said...

Tree and decorations back in attic.
Bring on the New Year.
Only daughter is left.

Got Wii and WiiFit.
Have done 35 minutes today and can feel it in my core.
Balance only okay today. Yesterday my WiiAge was 45 but today it was 60 so better keep working out.
Fun though. Let's just say there is plenty of room for improvement.
During the summer I walk every day. School doesn't lend itself to being free during sunlight hours this time of year.
So I'm challenging myself to use the WiiFit.
We'll so how it goes.

Maria Lima said...

Nancy, Wilson is played by Robert Sean Leonard. You may perhaps remember him from Dead Poet's Society (he was rather young then).

::goes back to medicating self and watching Pride & Prejudice::

Beth said...

Maria, my sis swoons over Colin Firth in that series. Insisted I watch it - and indeed, it's wonderful. Not sure I'm as enamored with it as she is, but still - good way to spend a sick day at home. Feel better!

Lisa, Sis also got a Wii and WiiFit, and is excited at your description. She hasn't broken it out of the box yet, though. A few more eggnogs and I'll be needing one!