Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Help, help!

This is one scary photo by Andif! Nooo, poplar leaf! Don't make me eat a potato bug!!!


Nancy P said...

So potato bugs taste sweet? Lol, who knew? Besides farfetched, that is.

Click on that photo to enlarge it if you really want to see something scary. I was also going to post a a photo of a potato bug, but ew ew ew too gross gross gross!!!!! Really gross bug, really really gross bug! Did I mention EW and GROSS?

katiebird said...


Or snoring. I can't tell.

FARfetched said...


Potato bug? Lord only know what the thing actually was. Probably some kind of caterpillar. It was juicy, whatever it was. :-P

gag gag gag ptoo ptoo accckkkkkkkkk

AndiF said...

Hey kb! (Waves back, blows big kiss)

And Nancy, you wrongly malign that poor poplar leaf -- it was an innocent victim and it paid the ultimate price.

So the actual caption for that picture is (said by the leaf in Mr. Bill's voice) is "ooooooh nooooooo".

Morning all.

Jen said...

::hugs Andi with sheer childlike glee over the Mr. Bill reference::

Lisa M said...

No comment on Gross and EW.
I have too good an imagination.

Threshold of the Weekend.

Andi Save us with a pretty picture.

Waves to all to come.
Happy Thursday to All.

Maria Lima said...



Nancy, you evil woman, to start off our day like this. ::g::

Morning, all! Up early, because evidently sleep is eluding me all week, but I'm at least being a bit productive (doing a bit of book research before I head off to the workplace).

Hope everyone has a stupendous Thursday!!

Oh, and btw, book 3 now has an official title: Blood Kin.

AndiF said...

Jen, that you would hug me for liking Mr. Bill is one more sign of your greatness of mind and character. :)

Lisa, how could I resist that request. Here's a couple of hopeful spring shots for ya.

New dawn, new day [LINK]

Coming to life [LINK]

(ah thank you preview) Hi Maria.

Lisa M said...

Thanks Andi--I'll have to anticipate the pictures. School filters WAYYYY too much and your photos are a view at home pleasure.

Maria--A friend gave your book 1 a thumbs up and wants book 2 so I've put it in my Amazon cart. She reads faster than I so loaned it to her until I could finish Sally's book and move on to your book over the Christmas holidays.

I try to do my share of word of mouth and buying the books are my gifts to myself.
Having cyberfriend authors is neat.

Anonymous said...

I have a whole shelf in my bookcase reserved for my friends' books - am hoping to add Maria's to it at Christmas! It IS a blast, isn't it, Lisa?

POURING in SWFL - thunder, lightning, wind. Very exciting. I'm enjoying it from inside in my jammies, determined to kick this bug before I fly north on Tuesday.

The friends I'm staying with pesonify Christmas, so if I don't get in the spirit over the next few days, it ain't gonna happen. Consider this the southern branch of the North Pole.

Thanks for the spring pix, andi.

Funny story, Farf - you'll excuse me if I DON'T have any salad at your house next time...

Back to bed. Have a good Thursday, everyone!

maryb said...

bleh. bugs. I'm not clicking anything.

Why isn't it Friday? If it were Friday we'd have a happy picture. If it were Friday ... it would be Friday. < /whine >

(waves at katiebird

Kelly McCullough said...

Morning all. Busy day ahead, and long with a drive into the Cities for writers group. Got my new cover and I am totally in love with it. Back to the salt mimes now. Like regular mimes only worse for your health.

Janet said...

Not only Mr. Bill... But I recalled a cartoon cut scene from Python's The Holy Grail" with the tree changing through the seasons and the last leaf "jumping" due to dispair at the loss of everyone else.

Was an interesting day at work, the economy is hitting people hard here. We are basically known as the Silicon Forest here. Intel has several campuses here. If Intel cuts jobs... the entire area is hit and everyone knows it.

So at my work at a local grocery store that is atually doing WELL even though hard times because of our policies and committment to local charities and local growers... we still can't breathe a sigh of relief due to this whole Whole Foods mess.

But... even elderly old grandmas on Oregon Trail Cards (food stamps) are coming in because they are enraged by Whole Foods tactics. Several people came in just to hug us and tell us to hang on. People coming in to ask what they can do. It was really hard holding back the tears at times.

Anonymous said...

Coming to Life--That was the one I needed. Thanks Andi.

Kelly--Great cover. I'm going to have to put your books on my to get list. I'm not a Sci-Fi Fantasy expert. But I'm can appreciate good stories of all kinds.

MaryB--I second the can't it be Friday already chant/whine.

FARfetched said...

emerges from the mimes

Beth, don't worry about the salad… we don't pull leaves off the trees to put in it.

Kelly, congrats on the cover! impatiently waits for the REST of the book

Janet, if we had a grocery like that here, I'd probably buy chow there too!

jerked back into mimes

bono said...

This place is such a kick. First a sugar coated leaf and today protein enriched leaves. LOL

Andif, great pix as always. Lisa, when it snows down there, do the schools close?

Feel better, Beth. Congrats, Kelly. I'm with Maryb, I want Friday. Oh, wait, today's work day is over. :-D Greetings to all.

Lisa M said...

Blunder fingers here was Anon earlier.So Thanks again Andi.

Bono--we rarely close school, but usually for ice. Never that much snow.

Beth--drink plenty of juice and get some rest to let your body repair and be ready for the trip north.

Cuddle up and stay warm to All.

boran2 said...

Wonderful photo!

I like that cover, Kelly. I'm looking forward to the next book!

We're getting deluged here tonight. It is supposed to turn over to snow later on. Ugh.