Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Photo by Andif


Nancy P said...

Just in case I get dopey and forget to do it tonight, here's tomorrow's blog post.

boran2 said...

Another nice seasonal photo!

We had more ice here but nothing like last week's huge storm. But Friday is supposed to be a return to the winter wonderland. Sigh.

Tomorrow the b2 boy is 10! It is just hard to believe how fast time has moved.

Nancy P said...

boran2, my boy was 25 today. My mother was funny. We called him to wish him HBD, and she heard me say, "I sure am glad you were born." She called out, "Tell him, he could have made it easier!"

Cracked us up. Did I mention my mom is 92?

Okay, taking my achey breaky body to beddie.

Nancy P said...

One more. . .is that tree the exact same color as the green letters on my front page? I think it is.

maryb said...

That's an exciting birthday b2 - double digits. But not yet a teen.

And 25 is a big birthday too for your baby N. I hope you told him it's all downhill from now on. Seriously. After 25 you can still do all the things you could do before 25 but it takes you longer and longer to recover.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Gorgeous, seasonal pic. I almost wish it was snowing here as it's now too cold to snow.


AndiF said...

Hippo Bird Day to your son, Nancy. And yes, I think there are greens in the picture that are pretty much the same at your banner.

Jim got a snow (actually ice) day yesterday and he was hoping school would just stay closed till next year but no luck -- the poor thing is just going to have to go back and eat all those Christmas goodies.

Morning all.

AndiF said...

Oh and missed that it was Boran Boy's birthday today! A big Hippo Bird Day to him too.

Lisa M said...

Morning All.

Up to 46--wet and mushy.

Andi, just the hint of day off got us all excited at school but no luck down here. We're having a breakfast this morning. I'm taking egg/ham/mushroom casserole and coffee.
Happy Birthday Boys!!!
B2 --10 is such a great age. Fun, can do many things yet not so sullen and snarky yet.

Nancy--25 is such a great age. They realize how smart we parents are again and appreciate what we have done for them. Fun and funny.

Terrific Thursday to All.

Maria Lima said...

Morning and a very happy birthday to Boran's boy and Nancy's boy.

Back to being coldish here (40s) with more rain and more of the same forecasted for a while.

Tonight, my project manager and I are treating one of my staff to a nice dinner that she well deserves.

I'm looking forward to being able to show her (in a small way) how much I appreciate her. I have a fabulous team and I thank my lucky stars.

Wishing everyone a great day!

Anonymous said...

Snowy morning, all. Hippo birdie to the BD boys! I remember being 25 - I think...

Breakfast sounds good, Lisa! And too bad for Jim, andi - a long vaca would have been nice.

Off to Maine today, since NH isn't cold and wintry enough. Back on Saturday, so if you don't hear from me, I'm NOT lost in a snowdrift. Hopefully...

Hope the rest of the week goes well for everyone - and that you're ready for the holidays, so you can sit back and sip some egg nog instead of rushing around madly.

Feel better, Nancy (and Kelly?)! said...

Nancy, 25 is such a marvelous age! It's only another 25 years from there till we have a good idea of what we want to do with our lives.

Birthday and Christmas in B2's house, too. :-) Tis the season. said...

I'm not sure that I've built in enough anticipation to keep those pages turning. I've had some thoughts about strengthening the suspense piece.

Look how smart you are, Lisa, to be considering such things.

We are on the exact same page. No kidding. I keep looking for this big shoe to throw at my story and let the characters see its shadow passing over head or something.

I'm at the end of Chapter 3 (8,000 words or so) and I just couldn't make the story go hard and fast yet. I gave up and went for an emotional twist at the end of Ch3 instead of a story twist.

I feel like I am begging the reader to have patience and I don't like that feeling.

I keep asking myself what would the writers of the Rockford Files do... and I know the answer. It's bring in the third element - the FBI or something - after he is already being chased by the Mob.

Have you read any of E. Lockhart's stuff? She uses the gimmick of her character(s) making a list to terrific advantage in a couple of hers I've read. It's sort of like having a clock in front of the story (anticipation) instead of pushing it from behind.

So I'm actually considering it. I have my protag sitting at her desk with a notebook in front of her already. I wonder if it would be out of place to have her make a list: Things I'm Going to Do Before This Book Ends.

Anyone who reads this post please feel free to send the Don't Write That Cops to my door and have me arrested immediately. It might save Christmas.

Dina said...

Hi,all. And happy birthday to the birthday boys.

Lisa, breakfast sounds wonderful. I wish - but there is Greek food on the horizon so I will settle.

They are predicting our first significant snowfall tomorrow and I am looking forward to it as I have no where I have to be.

Kelly McCullough said...

Mixed messages morning

-3 below (oh noes)
Feeling much better (yay)
Laura's got it (oh noes)
Classes are done (yay)

Happy B-day to da boyz!

Kelly McCullough said...


First thing out of Dr.Mc's mouth when I started coming down with the crud: "Have you started with the zinc drops yet."

First thing out of her mouth after she's come down with the crud and I ask her if she's started with the zinc drops: "Let me double check the research on that, I seem to remember it being inconclusive...(hops online)...Yep, inconclusive. I don't think I'll bother."

Anonymous said...

Didn't get to Maine - Amtrak screwed up my travel plans. Grrr. Really disappointed that I won't get to see my writer girlfriends.

On the other hand, 31" of snow have fallen in Coeur d'Alene in the last 18 hours, and it's still snowing. Can you say "Beth is glad to be out of Idaho"? I guess they're going to have a White Christmas after all!

bono said...

Well, big birthday wishes to the b-day boys. This is the season that birthday boys and girls get cheated with the "Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas" presents. An adult I know has a birthday on Xmas and never had a birthday cake until about 10 years ago when I freaked and ran out to get one Xmas eve to give the next day.

Sorry Jim and Lisa missed the extended vacation via snow days, but at least now they won't need to worry about extended school years. :-) Forecast here is for Winter Storm Warning with freezing rain, sleet and snow. :-p
Get well wishes to Nancy and everyone visited by the kiddie krud fairie. Sorry your holiday plans were interrupted, Beth.

Waves to all.

FARfetched said...

Long day here, mostly chicken house stuff. This was the part of staycation I was dreading. :-P

Oh well. Tomorrow I scrounge up some paint for the cold frame. At least it was warm, I ran around all day without a jacket. Felt like spring; it'll stop raining when it gets cold again.

Bappy Hirthday to all who have them! My bros have their birthdays on Dec27 and Jan2, so they both know the Christmas Effect. I don't think they ever didn't have cake though. Being the nominal smart one, I came a month early and get cake with my turkey.

G'night everyone!

maryb said...

I just got back from a one-man performance of "It's a Wonderful Life". Yes he did all the parts - although light bulbs played the angels. It was totally hokey, just like the movie, and of course it brought tears to my eyes.