Saturday, December 20, 2008

Deer sighting

There are certain Andif photos that I need to see again, and this is one of them.


Nancy P said...

I feel better. I think it was the soup from yesterday.

I went to dinner at the home of friends and among many delicious things they served, there was an hors d'oervre (sp?)I'd never had before and it was habit forming. Have you ever had a green olive baked inside a cheesy pastry crust? It may sound unlikely, but it was tangy and yummy.

Sunday, already? Jeepers.

AndiF said...

Don't mention food. It's our family Hanukkah feast today and I need every available space -- even mental ones -- for all that yummy, absolutely bad for you, wonderful goodies coming my way.

Good morning and (in advance) Happy Hanukkah.

Jen said...

Glad you're feeling better, Nancy, it is a drag to be sick around the holidays.

I made soup yesterday too, except it was beef vegetable, and it is amazing.

Happy Hanukkah, Andi! (And anyone else celebrating!)

Paul Lamb said...

Stay warm up there in Pickard Castle.

Maria Lima said...

Happy Hanukkah! Happy Solstice!!

Nancy, glad you're feeling better.

re: the olive - that sounds very yummy.

Hope everyone stays warm and snug today. I plan to watch movies and read.

Anonymous said...

Happy Hanukkah, andi and any others! Enjoy your feast - hope you don't have to drive too far on bad roads.

Glad you had a good meal with your friends, Nancy - somedays this group makes me vewwy vewwy hungry!

More snow here, egads. 8-14" predicted today, on top of the 6-8" we got Friday/Saturday. I don't know how you could live here and not be obsessed by the weather - it affects everything. I'll be curled around my laptop, seeking heat, watching football and working on my current WIP - finally.

Stay safe and warm - have a relaxing Sunday!

Lisa M said...

I finished a book this morning.
Not the fun Storm Front.
Outliers- The Story of Success
by Malcolm Gladwell (The Tipping Point and Blink)
I bought it for my daughter. She's the young business woman of the family. And isn't success what we want for our children and even ourselves.
Defining success is a bit trickier.
Two fascinating pieces that I relate to writing. First is that those that are really successful, be it music, writing, business or anything else PRACTICE. Many, many more hours than the average.
Bill Gates became so good at programing because of opportunities he seized to practice thoughout high school. Many other examples but I'm thinking--Heck am I already screwed in writing because I haven't been the prolific writer all my life.
Then I calmed myself with thoughts that I have been getting practice in these last 3 years. Just not enough so ABC, apply butt to chair more, more, more.
The second piece was describing success in math. Success is found in the willingness to analyze and try different solutions. Not giving up too quickly.
Now this is me and writing.
The first draft was a lot of crap.
With analyzing my work, others, and reading about how to write from many sources--my editing is creating a much tighter, richer, fully developed story.
Having the courage to keep teasing at the words to weave in another layer, pull out the strands that don't work, and keep my confidence is the trick.
So if persistence and willingness to find the right words are one road to writing success I think I have a chance.
Thank you cyberfriends and authors that have encouraged, suggested, enlightened me on this leg of the journey.

Andi--Happy Hanukkah--what a blessing to be together and enjoy the traditions of family and friends.

Nancy-glad you are better and can enjoy time with friends and family.
Anything with olives--Yum.

Jen--Vegetable Beef sounds wonderful. It's 21 and breezy here.

Maria, Solstice--shortest day means more well needed sunshine coming.

Beth--here's another quilt. Stay warm. Would love to see the snow but have to admit very glad to be sunny here even if it is cold.

Waves to Paul and all to come.

Savor the Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Yay, Lisa! That's one of the main lessons my writer buddies have taught me - practice, persistence, studying, writing, writing, and more writing. First drafts are supposed to be a mess. It's the rest of the process that turns it into a tight story. Persistence and believing in yourself might not guarantee success, but it will take you a long way toward it.

Thanks for the quilt!

Baklava is ready, Ghostie - I had an extra piece for you.

Enjoy the soup...would be a great lunch, if I had some.

bono said...

Happy Hanukkah, Andif and Boran2. How appropriate that the Festival of Lights begins on the darkest day of the year.

Hurray! Nancy and all are on the mend. Interesting takes from your reading, Lisa. I love when I can find life lessons where I'm not looking, just as you found writing lessons in a business book.

Do you have pix of your amazing soup to share, Jen? Enjoy your football, Beth. Happy Solstice, Maria. You stay warm, too, Paul. The temp here this morning was 28. It's currently 20 and dropping fast with winds of 25-30 MPH and gusts to 50 MPH forecasted. Hot cocoa, anyone?

Kelly McCullough said...

Lisa, I didn't really start writing until my twenties (first short story when I was 23) and sold in my thirties. Don't sweat it.

Dina said...

Happy Hanukkah and Happy Solstice to all.

maryb said...

Nancy, so glad you are feeling better. Isn't it true that you appreciate feeling about average after you've felt terrible?

It's COLD here! It was 7 degrees when I woke up with a windchill of minus 10. I was just going through my list of books I've read in 2008 (yeah I keep lists) and I realized that when I re-read your "Truth" series this fall - I should have saved it for the dead of winter when I could have lived the Florida warmth vicariously!

Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate (eat lots for me). Happy solstice everyone.

I'm going over to my sister's to bake christmas cookies today - she has a bigger kitchen. And a nice warm puppy dog. While I'm out, all of you writerly people PRACTICE your writing since it's too cold out to do anything else (heh - I sound like my mom did back when I took piano.)

Jen, now that you mention beef vegetable soup it sounds exactly like the perfect thing for a day like today.

Kelly McCullough said...

I just got back from spending quality and quantity time with my beloved snowblower in the 4 below sunshine and the 15 below windchill. I are very punchy.

Anonymous said...

(Desperately searching for a silver lining) At least it's sunny!!

(Am I helping?)

BRRR, Kelly! Go find a hot toddy and a blankie.

boran2 said...

Hi all.

It snowed several time here today, on top of the 10 inches we already had. Ugh.

Happy Hanukkah all!

bono said...

Limited snow, so far, but really cold. Currently 5 with overnight low projected = 0 with gusting winds creating wind chill advisory. First day of Winter means we start the countdown to Spring, right??

What was on the table today, Andif?

Lisa M said...

Down to 29 here in Dallas.
My fingers, toes, and nose have been cold all day.

Kelly--thanks for the reminder.
Note to self--avoid living where a snowblower is needed.

Brrrr Bono. Hope you have some relaxation/celebration time during the holidays.

Grab a quilt and snuggle up guys/gals. It's a two cat and one dog night for sure down here.

FARfetched said...

Free at last. Deer sighting? I can go out to the freezer and see one any time I like. :-D

Happy Christmahanukwanzikah to all! Bottom of the year, a perfect day to begin Winter #2 on Planet Georgia. But it sounds like it will be a short winter (like 2-3 days) and Spring #2 will quickly follow, just in time for Christmas.

Spent the entire freeking afternoon in the chicken houses, getting ready for a morning delivery tomorrow (yeah, they pick a really cold day to bring 'em). I am drinking Bacardi neat and scarfing far too salty party mix.

Kelly McCullough said...

Actually, I had a lot of fun playing out in the snow. My only regret about snowblowing is that the big blower's a two stroke which means I end up stinking of poorly burned hydrocarbons after a bit. I will admit that I get a little bummed out much below 10 above because it makes skiing and sledding and skating a bit more problematic. Twenty with a good snowpack is fabulous.

Jen said...

Twenty with a good snowpack is fabulous.

Yeah it is! Oh how I used to love to ski.

Do you have pix of your amazing soup to share, Jen?

Next time, Bono. :)

Also, I forgot the Happy Solstice wishes, so let me sneak them in now to all who are/were celebrating that, blessed be.