Saturday, December 6, 2008

Purple paradise

Just need a burst of COLOR today, how 'bout you?


AndiF said...

Well it opened my eyes at any rate because the brain keeps telling them to get the colors to adjust correctly.

Bebo discovered frozen water Friday. First she discovered how much fun it is to run and slide on. Then she discovered that if you run and slide on thin places, it makes a very big, very scary noise! [LINK]

Morning all. said...

Andif, love the shadow on the snow-covered ice. Too cute!! You made snow-coated ice somehow look warm.

Once again, Jen has stolen my incoherent thoughts and put them into words that make sense before I could:

I do think that this will lead to new models in publishing... This, imo, has needed to happen for quite some time now.

Exactly-oto, Quasimoto.

At least, let's hope, the torn economy leads to new models (and concessions) in distribution and return limits.

My other thoughts are more glum. What the big publishers admit and announce to the public is likely only the tip of the bad-sh*t iceburg. These are huge corporations at the top, the budgets and credit-lines of which are based on traded stock values... and...

The stock market (worldwide) appears to be painfully changing from being "earnings potential" based to something much scarier: stock prices based on actual assets. Sadly, most of these huge corps have minimal assets.

Thank you for the brilliant purple burst, Nancy. Much needed.

I read that a particular shade of purple was the fashion color for 2008. And that the fashion color for 2009 was going to be "mimosa". A creamy sort of softened orange more toward yellow. I only say this to get it out of my head so I can remember other things instead.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! That purple done warped mah brain, says the woman with sleep deprivation.

All those cough meds: bah, humbug. They don't work as well as advertised. Even the codeine laced syrup hasn't relieved the annoying dry cough. ::throws hand over eyes and exclaims: woe is me::

(at least I have a sense of humor about all of this...)

I think I shall spend the day reading, as I did yesterday. Yay for the Kindle and loads of books to choose from.

Super Sunday to everyone!

olivia said...

Morning all.

Back from an very speedy trip to the Boston area. I don't recommend driving 8hrs in back to back days. Ugh.

Thanks for the colour Nancy. Very much appreciated at this time of year.

LOL Andi, that is one of the funniest Bebo shots. Almost as good as the rope monster ... :-)

FARfetched said...


That's not a ski slope shot with the wrong color balance setting? I've had whites come out like that (and I don't mean in the wash). That kind of color occurring in (mineral) nature, in that quantity, is hard to comprehend.

The living room is bipolar this morning. The way I'm facing, toward the front, looks pretty well-ordered; only a few boxes along the periphery betray the utter chaos behind me. I posted the reason why last night.

Andi, animals on ice are always entertaining. What's funny is when the ice crust on top of the snow is not quite enough to support the critter. They look at you like it's your fault somehow, and that just makes it funnier.

Maria, a shot of Bacardi 141 has worked well for me in the past. It's a little less harsh than codeine, although you might not believe that when you toss it down!

O, hope you had time to get some pix! Good to hear you got home safely.

Off to yesterday's thread to catch up. See y'all later.

Lisa M said...

Morning All--
Nancy, thanks- need color.
Andi- appreciate Pup humor too.

It has been a week that went from bad to worse.
What I said was misunderstood.
What I did hurt not helped.
Hate when I blunder and thrash and implosion occurs no matter how hard I tried to turn things around.

Farf-- the tree is beautiful. Love the beer ornament.

Maria, snuggle under beautiful quilt and fluff pillow. Pick a fun book and enjoy your day as best as you can.

Ghostie--color consultant.Mimosa
orange? Blooms are more fuchia I was thinking. Must be drink.
I could use one.

Olivia, I need to visit your sight for beauty.

Sensational Sunday to All.

bono said...

I echo Farf re: the color in that photo. Is that natural? lol It looks unreal.

Cute pic of Bebo, Andi. Hard to believe it's been cold enough to freeze ponds already. Should be a good year for ice skaters if this keeps up. We're totally snow covered today. Snow plows and everything!

Time to get busy with Sunday get ready for the upcoming week chores. Have a good one everyone!

bono said...

Hey, Lisa. We must have passed as on the way in/out.

I'll have a mimosa, too. I'm in for the day, so no driving involved. :-D

maryb said...

< shielding her eyes from the bright colors >

Morning all. Olivia I hope you at least got a good shot or two of Boston for you B.

Nancy P said...

Woah! That photo is a little. . .bright. . .isn't it? Sorry if it made you run for shade!

Aw, Lisa, you are one of the kindest people on earth, and it sucks that your intentions went the way of awry. ((hugs))

And aww, Maria, too. Hands her a cup of hot tea made with fresh ginger root.

Ghostie. . .stock prices based on actual assets? shudder. Scary, yeah. Aww, Wall Street? Ew, that's an aw too far.

Nancy P said...

Bono, I think it's real. What I don't know is where it is--Japan, maybe?--or what the flowers are. Phlox?

Hey, Maryb, Olivia, and far (lol on the wash!)

Andi, I see my next post about writing is going to be something about leaving clues.

AndiF said...

Lisa, sorry about your bad week. I hope everything straightens out soon.

Glad everybody enjoyed the Bebo pic. Jim and I are beginning to think she's going to hold the title of the most entertaining dogs we've ever had.

Well Nancy, as Thoreau almost said, some circumstantial clues are very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk or the abrupt end to paw prints. :)

Greetings all.

Paul Lamb said...

That's not in Kansas, is it?

bono said...

"That's not in Kansas, is it?"

They are pretty, Nancy. Just so foreign looking compared to here. Thanks for the pic.

A trout in my milk??!! EWWWWWWWW!!!!! said...

Mimosa orange? Blooms are more fuchia I was thinking. Must be drink. I could use one.

Yes, the color of the drink. Not the tree or blossom.

Anonymous said...

Hi folks - sneaking in the middle of the day. I love purple, but that certainly does look man-made. I'm not going to touch the trout in the milk comment! Waving to all as I head back downstairs to spend the last day visiting with my friend. Drove through beach towns today - Ft Walton Beach, Destin, Navarre - nice places. Just wish it was warm enough to walk on the beach. In a couple of days -

Sending sunshine to all!

Lisa M said...

Nancy, Thanks for the hug and compliment. Both really appreciated.

It has been a LONG weekend. We are doing major cleaning and reorganization of house. Clutterbug be me so was a lot to sift though. Not done but did manage three trips to Half Price Books, several trips to school and the recycle bin with paper goods.
I had to face and throw away things from Dad who's been gone 21 years, Mom who's been gone 3 years, and my best friends who was killed in a hit and run a week after my 40th birthday.
So emotionally draining as well as the physical piece.

Andi and Bono--thanks for the good wishes and concern too.

Beth-- I loved Destin area when I went there. But that community they used for the Truman Show movie was creepy to me.

Good evening to all.

boran2 said...

Now I remember that photo. Even my partially color blind eyes can see the colors.