Monday, December 22, 2008

You called?

Weather. Is it really necessary?


Nancy P said...

My first full day of activity since getting sick. There's a world out there! Now, of course, I'm cold and pooped and ready for blankies. See ya in the a.m.

FARfetched said...

Whether it's cold, or whether it's hot,
We're gonna have weather… whether or not!

Thanks for the kind words, Nancy. I'm nerving myself up to send out a batch of shorts pretty soon. Been writing quite a bit today in fact, on FAR Future (#65 posted this morning) and lots of other stuff. I guess that’s the good thing about having several projects going at once; you can slip from one to the next when you get stuck.

Paul Lamb said...

Supposed to be better weather today, at least in terms of temps.

I'm over my head cold, but it's passing through the gathering family one at a time.

AndiF said...

Do not disrespect the weather gods, Nancy. They are even more powerful than the Great and Wonderful Oz.

We're warming up today too. It's 18 degrees warmer this morning than yesterday (from 2 to 20).

Morning all.

Jen said...

It is warmer today but there is still a SHEET OF ICE on my car and I've already had to email/call in late for Giftmas because I cannot get out and ship my packages. ::pouts:: On the upside, however, people have been able to ship their packages to me, so I still get presents, plus I spent yesterday baking sugar cookies so I think that's a net win for me. :)

Lisa M said...

Morning All.

31 but supposed to get up into 40s So will bow to weather gods and be grateful.
Stack of quilts here. Select your favorite color and snuggle up.

Jen, Ice on car so frustrating.
Freezing rain seems to have missed us.
Sugar cookies and presents--good.
Here's hoping you can get out to mail soon.

Andi--throw another log on the fire and find a dog or two to snuggle with.

Sonboy and hubby are off for deer hunting and son/dad bonding time.

Yesterday the difference in techno generations was clear. Sonboy carved his first turkey. I would have gotten a cookbook down to get suggestions on how. He gets his laptop and sets it on the counter with instruction, pictures included on
Nothing replaces knife and cutting board though.

Daughter coming in this afternoon with grandlizard.

Writing time for me this morning.

Movie with a friend later. Double yeah.

Terrific Tuesday to All.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great week, Lisa, grandlizard and all. :-)

My mom used to make tons of Christmas cookies - for some reason, I never have. I make candy, but I'm thinking the social aspect of gathering to make cookies sounds like a lot of fun. As long as the gatherees take said cookies WITH them!

Clear sunny skies today, yippee! 3 degrees right now - but calling for 41 and rain tomorrow. Weather gods are confused.

Up til 2am working on my WIP - looks like I'm baaaccckk!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone, whether you're shopping, cooking, or quilt snuggling.

Maria Lima said...

Happy Xmas Eve Eve, all!!

It's a balmy 18F this morning and sunny. Hope it's a quite work day.

I'm on round 3 of meds for the never-ending sinus infection/cough. Levaquin + Advair this time. ::sighs::

Wish I could just stay @ home and snuggle into warm blankies. But alas, it's off to the mimes I go today.

Lisa M said...

Beth---HOOOOORAAAAAYYYYYY. You're writing. Feels good to get back to it.
Don't belittle candy making. So few do it these days. Last week got my first taste of divinity in years. Heaven. Community cooking of any kind is good.

Maria--Sad you still must go to the mimes. Will hold a place by the fireplace for you this evening.

FARfetched said...

Hey all! Got a bit colder than expected last night, but the thermometer needle is moving clockwise fairly quickly. Some wood cutting & splitting is planned for later this morning & through the afternoon.

Hey Maria, have you been to an allergist?

Happy baking, snuggling, and writing to all… will be back as life allows.

maryb said...

It's 27 degrees on its way to 34. We're havin' a heat wave!

Have to work today but off tomorrow and thursday. Hopefully the emergencies today will be few.

Tomorrow ... I wrap.

Sorry about the ice Jen - ice is the suckiest thing about living in the midwest I think. But baking cookies is a good antidote to ice anxiety.

Nancy P said...

a net win for me

Funny, Jen.

Morning, all. You know who you are. You guys have got me seriously thinking that Cookie Baking With Friends might be fun to do next year. I envision us covered in flour and dotted with sprinkles, with icing in our hair. Music playing. Much laughing.

Kelly McCullough said...

Good morning, all. Saw Tale of Despereaux last night. Not bad, but I hope Kate got a big old chunk of cash for it and either didn't watch or understood that it was going to bear some but not much resemblance to her book.

My WTF moment came with the opening scene on a ship ... ship? There's no ship in the book. Laura's came at the end, when she turns to me and asks "Did that have anything in common with the book besides the names?"


Dina said...

Hi,all. Lurking but popped in to say that it is a beautiful winter day here. I love weather!

FARfetched said...

Wood is cut, or as much of it as we could: a) stand to do before dark; b) fit in the truck. That should get us through the end of January if I don't get a chance to do more before then. Much help and material was supplied by some friends of ours, including the best chainsaw I've ever used (a Stihl), a wood splitter, and a fine bucket brigade for the stacking.

Now for some rum to help relax my back, the first in a while.

Nancy P said...

Psst! Birthday party tomorrow!

boran2 said...

Love that photo! I'll have some of what that puppy is carrying.

bono said...

Yikes! Weather indeed! It was my late night. It's freezing rain here, car covered in ice needing scraping, roads a sheet of ice, driveway = scary! Walk like a duck time. AIIIEE!

Looking forward to some time off to spend with friends and family. Lisa, what movie did you see and was it any good?

Wishing you all sunny skies.Well, not at night, but you know...