Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eye witness

"Officer! I looked out my window and saw the shadow of a seahorse, plain as day! That's how I know the seahorse did it! I'd recognize that shape anywhere. Trust me. It was a seahorse."



Nancy P said...

I'm having too much Fun With Shadows. Hee.

katiebird said...

Those are pretty. -- Keep sharing!

Paul Lamb said...

Hey, has your website gone AWOL?

Janet said...

Merry Merry! And a Happy New Year Pickard Fans.

Been busy, snowed in, retail worker and all around TIRED mom. Finally snowed out and back on the road.

Hmmm now I have Cat Steven's I'm being followed by a mooooon shawdow --- in my brain.

Love and all that other happy fuzzy crap. :)

Nancy P said...

I'm glad you're enjoying them, kb!

Paul, it has gone awol. Pity poor katiebird who is dealing with it.

Hey, Janet, are you a fan of the movie Harold and Maude? (I adore it.) The Cat Stevens songs in it never fail to lift my spirits.

FARfetched said...

Hey, Janet's back!

That was pretty cute, Nancy.

katiebird said...

Oh, GOD.... I'm so lazy. (slapping face)

Nancy P said...

You, lazy? Are you kidding? This from the woman who has been devoting herself to her parents for months now? Puleeze. (I hope you don't mind that I said that,but honestly, credit where credit is overdue.) Hugs to katiebird.

Hey, far. I hope nobody minds if I leave this for manana's post.

katiebird said...

The part I hate is that I have to recreate the FTP accounts. I don't know why, I just hate setting up FTP accounts.

katiebird said...

This hasn’t been a very good day:

My mom’s urinary tract infections turns out to be a MRSA infection. Which I think is pretty bad news…….

It can take a long time to beat these infections. And she’s got a gigantic kidney stone that they won’t treat until the infection is gone. The last time this happened the infection spread to her bloodstream and infected one of her artificial knees. It took two replacement knees to get that cleared up. And she’s 84 and frail…..

Jen said...

Healing wishes to your mom, Katiebird, and all my best to you as well. I know running support can be a massive endeavor, and then there's the work of taking care of yourself emotionally, too. I hope the New Year finds a good turn on all fronts for you and your fam.

Lias M said...

Morning All.

Shadowy shapeshifter--good fun, Nancy.

Cat Stevens---Love his songs.
Welcome back Janet.

Paul, you're our detail man.

KB, appreciate your efforts with Nancy's websiite. Those are skills that are nonexistent for me.
Wishing Mom relief and recovery. Taking care of ailing parents is harder than parenting. So take care of yourself.

Have be getting at least 30 minutes a day on WiiFit and eating back on track so I'm ready for the new year.
Got another chapter done yesterday.

Wonderful Weds to All.
Hubby and I went out last night. Don't do crowds.

AndiF said...

Fun photos, Nancy.

Hi kb. I'm sorry for your bad day and hope the new year brings many more that are much better.

Hey DJ. So good to "see you.

Hi Jen, Lisa, and Paul.

Time to let the sun set on the picture posts for 2008. [LINK]

Happy New Year to everyone.

Maria Lima said...

The Shadow knows.....[cue grim laughter]

KB, sending you loads of hugs. It can't be easy having to worry/care/take care of yourself, too.

Morning to all of you and wishing everyone a safe, happy and most FABULOUS 2009!

(off to the mimes for a full day, then home to spend a quiet New Year's Eve)

Beth said...

Sorry about your mom, KB. I hope it all turns out much better than expected.

Off to Boston this afternoon to welcome in the new year - although truth be told, I'd be just as happy staying home. Predicting 6-9" of snow today, and below zero wind chills tonight.

No shadows here, although I love the Santa Moon, Nancy!

I'm anxious for 2008 to end; in spite of the good times, it hasn't ended on a great note. But I know there are more good times ahead.

May 2009 bring you all everything you could ever wish for, and more. Happy New Year, y'all!

Lisa M said...

I see my spelling needs work. Stumble fingers can bumble even a four letter name.

Yesterday, Andi talked about comfortable friends.
Made me think about characters we love to read and can't wait to get the lastest book.
Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon and C.J. Box's Joe Pickett are two characters I enjoy every time.
But I'm also drawn to Sally's Death by Cashmere--Nell. A great character, close to my age, and with a fantastic deck and wonderful friends. Friday nights with Nell are comforting. Keeps bring me back to the book to spend time with her.
Then there's Maria's Keira Kelly. Dynamite character that I knew right away I wanted to spend time with.
Characters we care about and want to spend time with--Author magic.

I'm going to show my ignorance here but I'm thinking Nancy created at least a couple of characters that became a series. Yet, Virgin was a total departure. That takes guts to reach beyond the comfortable, the known.

Comfortable is something we seek in troubled times. Yet growth comes when we go outside that. So here's to a year balanced with comfort and new experiences for us all.

boran2 said...

Seahorses? Do they have those in Kansas?

Right now we're having a snowstorm. I actually turned around on my way to work. It was only gonna be a half day anyway.

boran2 said...

I hope that you're mom is okay, KB.

Beth said...

Glad you turned around instead of playing in that mess, boran. Snowing like crazy here in NH, too. Stay inside and warm!

Nancy P said...

Aw, Kb, I'm so sorry. If healing wishes from this group could improve things, your mom wouldn't even need medicine!

Boston, Beth? I know you'd rather stay home--and so would I--but that does sound pretty cook for NYE.

I'm hoping to find a coffee shop that's open tonight so I can keep rewriting. It's going great, but nearly impossible to do at home.

What are the rest of you up to--or down to--tonight?

Kelly McCullough said...

See horse. See horse swim. Swim horse, swim. See horse Santa. Santa horse, Santa...glip. Reboot.

Nicola Slade said...

Bliss! For the first time in about 20 years we're home alone for New Year's Eve: no dressing up, no going out, no fighting over who drives, no drinking/eating too much, no kissing people you'd rather not, at midnight. Just a nice meal on our own and going to bed when we feel like it. (I think I'm turning into Scrooge but there's no Bah Humbug about it!)

Happy New Year to all of you here, especially Nancy. It's been fun getting to know you and I hope we all get what we hope for in 2009.

Paul Lamb said...

Glad your website is back up and fabulous!

Nancy P said...

Thanks go to Katiebird!

See Kelly swim with the seafish.

Enjoy, Nicky!

Conda V. Douglas said...

Whoop! What fun to end the year with a laugh! Thank you, Nancy.

Happy New Years to everyone!

Nancy P said...

Happy New Year, Conda.

And katiebird, Paul, Janet, farfetched, Jen, Lisa, Nicky, Bono (where are you?), Manny, Olivia Family Man, Maria, Ghostie, PorchSally, Mary & Richard Kelly, Andi and Jim, Boran2, Beth, Kimber, Knucklehead, Rick (I know you're out there), and you shy babies lurking out there. I appreciate and value every one of you. Did I leave any of our regulars out? I would hate to do that, so tell me if I did, k? Thanks!

Janet said...

Happy New Year! Tomorrow I get double overtime LOL as I work

Not sure what the new year will bring. Still much to do and much healing to be done. and... much much much more "marching" on. One thing it will be is exciting!

No resolutions really. Just I will try to remember to be safe so my loved ones don't blame all their worry wrinkles on me. And as my daughter firmly tells me "know your exits". :) I just hope I can continue to make the daily choices that need to be made. That's really what peace is about.... how we live our daily lives and the constant choices we must make.

But I want to take a look back for a moment. Many of you read of my fear and worries before particular activities for several years ... I almost laugh now thinking how scared I'd get. Has it been that long?? Because nowadays I don't have that fear. I'm only free when I'm standing up. And no one can ever take that away. They can't pepper spray it away. They can't legislate it away. They can't even jail it away. And they sure as hell aren't going to scare it away. :)

But here's why I am no longer afraid. I learned that some of the people I admired so much were also afraid. They didn't have all the answers they sometimes can't even explain the problem. They are just there doing it.

I also just recently heard a friend do an interview with a woman I truly admire and one of the few in the peace movement I've never actually met. She said she never really planned anything. She'd just go out and do it. Kinda like how I first started out with my son's fight re" special education abuses in Calif. I didn't need a law or lawyer to tell me what they were doing was wrong. I was called names for fighting for my son's right to be called a "student". Didn't really know what I was doing but something, anything was better than doing nothing.

Then hearing this "unreasonable woman" speak about how she, too, just winged it...and did something, anything, instead of doing nothing gave me - I can't call it courage - but FREEDOM from fear. Her son is also autistic. And she, too, believes it's not how long have we've been marching, but how we walk through our days.

Nowadays I realize I'm one of those "old timers" that some new, scared newbie is gonna come up and ask me where they should or can stand. I tell them, "right next to me if you'd like". :)

I do hope that the new year makes it possible to actually meet a few more of the friends and family I've met on the "net". I'd like to stand next to you.

I wish my friends the gift of peace. The strength to share it and the soft moments to enjoy it.

Well... the bridge demonstrations and fed buildings... do still frazzle me. I'd be stupid and a liar if they didn't :) I'll be an old, grey haird woman I think before I don't tense up each time I hear a helicopter or the clip clop of horses hooves on city streets ROFL.

Love, Janet

Nancy P said...

Happy New Year, dear old-timer.

Love to you, too, Janet.

Janet said...

I met one of your "biggest fans" a week before the storms here. "Biggest Fans" always reminds me of Stephen King's Misery LOL..

She was in our store and she had one of your Twilight books. So I said something along the lines of "oh! My friend wrote that!" She got all excited and started to tell me how much she loved you. Then she asked me what you were like "in person".


I had to explain how we "met".

She wasn't thrilled LOL. "oh an internet friend" type of comment. Like it was somehow less than. Gave me the chuckles all day. :)

Gotta go connect with some peace stuff and then I'm gonna settle down and watch some good hockey fights. :)

Whoot! xoxo

Janet said...

I'll see your mysterious footie prints in the snow and raise you a video of our encounter last night.


No. We're not feeding the raccoons. The kids threw out peanuts for the squirrels a bit too late and something bigger came to dinner.

Nancy P said...

Too funny, Janet. But, hmmph, you just tell her we *are* friends.

Another funny thing just happened. As I went over my blog and web list on the front page, looking for names to be sure I got everyone who comes here, I saw Nanette's name. Several of you remember Nanette and what a wonderful, smart, kind, reasonable person she is. I hadn't "talked" to her in many months and I saw her name and hoped she was well.

Well. . .shortly after that I sent an email to myself about something. Or, at least I thought I did. But I actually sent it to that other "Nan". . .Nanette! And promptly heard from her. The subconscious is a wonderful thing, hee.

(Those of you who remember Nanette, will also remember Ductape. Have you seen the diary at Kos that quotes him at length? Thanks to ManE for alerting me.)

Nancy P said...

What a beautiful raccoon! He looks like a tiny bear. Do you think he's tagged by some wildlife agency?

Your deep NOOO cracked me up!

Janet said...


Nope, Danni was right. She's always right when it comes to critters. It's an old injury. The neighbors had him/her over for dinner the other night, too. He/she seems fit though.

Our kitties are INDOOR kitties so they'll be okay. Just been a rough winter for all and I'm sure many animals are scrambling for scraps. Even squirrel food.

Didja know we had an encounter with a WHITE coyote. He's a big old guy and we've seen him twice on our street.

Janet said...

I recently heard from BostonJoe the same way :)

Ducttape?!?! Is he around still? I've been worried he'd passed on. The last thing I read from him was an email I got from him. The one and only email ever from him. Telling me ... well it was wonderful.

I'll go search now. I haven't been to Kos in like forever.

Tell Nanetter I waved hello! :)

And of course I told your "fan" we were friends regardless... :)

Nancy P said...

Janet, as far as I know nobody knows what happened to Ductape, though I think most of us sadly think he has gone to the Great Blog in the Sky. What a character, what a writer, what a mischievous and serious mind!

I sent you the link.

White coyote!? Okay, that's cool.

Janet said...

I would love the link! Thank you Nancy!!! Awaiting link because sometimes my email is wicked SLOW... I zink zee homeland zecurity must read it furrrst! LOL

It's nice ringing in the New Year with him in my thoughts...

Kelly McCullough said...

Happy Hogmanay!

FARfetched said...

Five minutes to go in EST-land! If I type all y'all's* names, I'll go past midnight, so I just want to say I've really enjoyed your company this year & looking to more of it in 2009!

*"All y'all" is the plural for "y'all."

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